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Ernest goes over the headline news on Freedom's Phoenix - Bill Bullard (CEO of R-Calf USA) on the Livestock/Cattle/Agriculture Industry - Davi Barker comes on the show to re-cap of Jekyll Island Comic Con

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claims Larry King groped her twice - once sliding his hand down the back of her dress and again squeezing her butt so hard it left a bruise...Terry Richard, an ex-wife of singer Eddie Fisher, claims that former CNN talk show host Larry King groped he

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On Monday, HSBC announced its deferred prosecution agreement with the US Department of Justice (DoJ) had expired, removing the threat of criminal prosecution for money laundering which had been hanging over the company for five years. From the Financ

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In what looks to be another embarrassing blow to the FBI's (already dubious) credibility, Fox News reported Monday night that the senior DOJ official who was demoted last week after allegedly trying to conceal his contacts with the firm that compil

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Following the 'successful' launch of Bitcoin futures overnight, Interactive Brokers - whose founder had been adamantly against the CME/CBOE product over risk concerns - has enabled clients to trade the crypto-craziness on its platform... but with som

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