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National Libertarian Party Convention News

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This ain't no butterfly.

I have no idea what happened to a couple of my postings, including this one. Webmaster will have to try and figure out after holiday.

In the mean time, I will repost, as best I can remember:

Synopsis: Dixon dropped out of the Chairman race, I am guessing, to avoid splitting vote with Redpath. Ernie got butt kicked by Bill Redpath, who probably would have won even if Dixon stayed in the race. This bodes well for those reform "big L" Libertarians who want the NLP to centralize authority over the States, County and local affiliates, and concentrate on getting Libertarians elected above all else.

Well, they are completely in control – now let us see what they produce over the next two years.

The LP's Platform has been gutted. Only a dozen or so planks remain. Firearms and the Drug War positions just made it back in on the second round of voting, so you know it is bad.

Glad I left.

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Comment by David McElroy
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Sounds like a sad occasion for Libertarians to see the party centralize when we all know that a headless grassroots movement would provide a
stronger and less vulnerable mechanism. Headship
is the precursor of so many problems. Many examples abpund of institutions founded on good and noble principles that eventually came to be self-serving, corrupt, and oppressive. Political parties feature largely among those examples. It
is the adaptive little single-celled creatures of this world that routinely bring down the highly complex many-celled **QQ**higher**QQ** organisms. We could learn the values of grassroots, but big machines always capture our attentions. Too bad. So sad. Ernie had it right.

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