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R0n P4ul_ still doing well in political polls even though they spell his name funny - ?????

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(I really expect more from DailyKos,... maybe they are just trying to keep their readers insulated from the Ron Paul supporters. But what I think they are starting to find out is just how many of their readers are Ron Paul supporters. DailyKos has been a resource for FreedomsPhoenix and in my radio talk show career for over 2 years. But becoming a tool for the political machine rather than for the people is a mistake that will be the reason for their demise,... IMNSHO) 
If the Iowa Caucuses were held TONIGHT, who would be in the best position to take the Republican nomination?

Thompson (Fred)
10%1207 votes

2%176 votes

31%3598 votes

25%2890 votes

6%690 votes

What about TOMMY Thompson?
2%177 votes

R0n P4u|_
25%2981 votes
| 11719 votes | Vote | Results

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Comment by John Michael
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It seems clear, the reason for the "funny" spelling is the search engines won't detect the article. Plasuible Denial?

Comment by Fascist Nation
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I suspect this is their way of gaging how fast Ron Paul
supporters are finding online polls by disguising the name. [Or trying to claim "see, Paul supporters are cheating - though this shows no such thing]. Seems to have worked.

Early on it was search engines detecting the other candidates that were finding this poll for their supporters.

Now, word is spreading through the Paul online community and his supporters are starting to overwhelm the poll. But all this demonstrates is Paul has MANY more supporters online than the other candidates. Contrary to claims that somehow Paul's supporters are rigging the outcome, this shows that his supporters under normal circumstances (i.e., Ron Paul instead of R0n P4u|_) detect the poll at the same time as the other candidate's supporters and begin casting their vote along with the rest.

Comment by Hawkeye
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Demise? Why not "Delete"?

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