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City of LOVEolution needs our help ( a plea from Philly Dave )

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An update from Philly.
Philly is currently neck and neck in the official campaign's contest for fund raising which ends Aug. 31. The winner of this contest will get a visit from Ron Pual which as you know is a huge boost for getting more folks on board.
In the mean time it has been confirmed that Sat. 10 from 1 to 4 pm there will be an event taking place at Philadelphia's Independence hall. This is to be a national or regional event not just local to Philadelphia.
Current estimates are 5000 people or more. This event required permits and insurance and all that jazz as it is parks department, whatever...
New Philadelphia Banner & sign-making project:
The philly folks are currently focused on a test production run in the new sign shop for a banner blitz labor day weekend throughout Philly.
A 3-person crew at the banner and sign shop can now produce one 3' x 7.3' Ron Paul R3volution banner in less than 5 minutes.
That entails:
1. laying a previously-cut sheet of Tyvec material onto a work table
2. 2 persons shooting black and red paint, from paint guns, onto the Tyvec through a stencil
3. removing the Tyvec to a drying area
4. Taking a slug of beer
The work table has a hinged, hard stencil that can be lifted via a counter-weight to place and remove the Tyvek sheet. (We're working on upgrading them to the used billboard vinyl material)
In any event, that's 12 banners per hour. That includes fixing grommets to the banners via a new grommet hand press, provided that a crew of two people is available to operate it concurrently with the banner crew's work. Basically, one shop table alone can now produce, say over eight-hours ( comprised of however many shifts) on a Sat., at least 100 banners if the crew(s) keep moving. Moreover, Jay Parker, our gracious banner-making facility architect and engineer (it's also his shop), contemplates eventually having stencils cut for 1 or more additional banner-making tables. The one that he is presently working on will produce larger 4' x 7.3' banners.
In other words, it is a factory.
Once the results of the laborday deal are seen, the guys expect to see the addition of sign making volunteers particularly as the focus is put on the November event.
I will be getting some pics and /or video of the sautomated stencil placement set-up shortly.
I believe once the Philly sign production get's rolling it will be a huge resource for supporting other states as the campaign increaingly goes national. I will be in Philly for half the month of September and will be working with them including sign making, video taping etc. As we did with the Anti War Rally back in march, I plan to make a video with the November Independence Hall event being the Climax.
Current problem... Jay has personally funded most of the construction and equipment costs and has been slow recovering them. I gave him a few bucks when I was back and some buttons which he sold to raise a few more bucks. The core group of volunteers has also contributed so the workshop is ready to go and they have materials enough for the labor day weekend project.
With the push for official campaign donations the past 2 weeks it has become more difficult to extract donations for banner supplies etc.
Currently, funds have been exhausted. If you know of anyone seeking to make an investment in freedom, I have one... the results will be noticeable and dramatic. Once it is rolling, the Philly team should be able to maintain adequate cashflow to keep material inventory etc. but they would greatly bennefit form some seeding
I am hoping we can discuss.
(Dave's Blog entry about this project -  Please help at least a little bit,... Dave really has this thing for Philly and he has done so much to get the RonPaulRevolution up and running for everyone to make use of)
(Please send Philly some LOVE in the form of money . To find out more please e-mail Dave via FreedomsPhoenix here

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Comment by Philly Dave
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Thanks for posting this Ernie.

BTW, the new Philly banner "machine" has been named NeoCon Slayer ;)

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