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So you want something larger than a Ron Paul Bumper Sticker on your car????

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To Apply the screen:
1) Trim to fit with a few inches extra around the edges that will be trimmed later with a razor blade.
2) 16 ounce spray bottle only needs a couple drops of detergent to be sprayed onto the cleaned window so the screen can be repositioned during installation. 
3) Squeegee in place.
4) Trim 
Here's Peter & Tonye-Marie's Caddy in Las Vegas :) 
Inside view through sun screen is amazingly clear.
And if this isn't big enough for you....

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Comment by Jefferson Paine (1009)
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I really like the sunscreen. Where can you get it or the materials to make it?

Comment by Jerry Alexander (10403)
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The Revolution is growing,not doubt!

Comment by Ken Whelan (11494)
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Check out what a friend of mine and I did a few weeks ago. We made the vinyl cutouts by hand.

Comment by Powell Gammill (1004)
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Makes for a heck of a rear window sunscreen as well.