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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno & Ron Paul and Tom Cruise and The Sex Pistols

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I'll have video and an article after the show taping this afternoon. Please come back to this article for an update on what happened and links to video tape of the people that were standing in line for tickets since 2am.
I'll get everything up as soon as I can with a deadline immediately after the airing of the show for full commentary of what was happening behind the scenes.
Saying too much now will spoil the fun of waiting for the show :) 

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Comment by Brock
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I have it on good authority that the Sex Pistols reaffirmed my love of that band immediately following the Ron Paul segment. I've got tears in my eyes.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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I wonder if the network will break in with a "special report" like they did when the Loose Change people were supposed to be on The View?