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Ron Paul r3VOLution goes to Tidewater, VA and exports to Philadelphia Freedom

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Ernie is alive and well somewhere out there in the 48-contiguously caged states.  We just got proof from the  Tidewater, Virginia Ron Paul Meetup Group photos of their sign making:
They made some signs -- some really big signs -- and then went to the Philadelphia Ron Paul Rally
(where I read in an AP posting that over 5,000 people were present!!!! Is that true?).  We are hoping for a written report from one of the attendees soon.  [Here is another video showing the size of the croud, but explicit language is present.]
A Youtube  video of the rally which featured some of the signs made above:
and the ginormous banner
can also be spotted in this video:
The beauty of what I am seeing with both the sign making activity by the Tidewater, VA meetup group and the video camera---> post it to Youtube is the inspiration other groups will have to do their own, top the Tidewater effort and come up with their own ideas.  The sky is the limit (maybe), but time is running out. 

Here are some more video links to that incredible Philadelphia rally:
It starts off with these domestic terrorist Paulistas singing America the Beautiful and the National Anthem.  Those bastards!  They are singing OUR patriotic songs.  OK, OK.  I was just putting myself in Glenn Beck's shoes:

Ron Paul Rally - Philadelphia 11/10 Part I through V (by Trajan265) -- and in response to the Bay Area Rally: [stage right]
Ron Paul Philadelphia Part 1 - 6 (from  heidp):  [stage left]
Rally images:

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