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Ron Paul Camp Dispels all Ron Paul Myths (Radio Show)

Written by Subject: Eugenics
Listen to the interview by clicking the link below
Radio talk show host, Dale Williams, interviewed Jeff Greenspan, the Western Coordinator of the Ron Paul campaign.  During the interview, Greenspan dispelled the accusations of racism in the Ron Paul camp.  He spoke about his own Jewish heritage and stated that Dr. Paul's campaign is comprised of people from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds.  Also discussed was the huge crowd that recently attended the Ron Paul Philadelphia rally.  Greenspan said that while other candidates may draw a few hundred people to their events, Ron Paul's Philadelphia Rally attracted as many as 5,000 people. 
Greenspan affirmed that Ron Paul is the most popular candidate among military service men and women.  On Veteran's Day, Dr. Paul received more than $250,000 in donations.
Listen to the interview by clicking the link below -

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