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The Battle of Milford, The Second American Revolution

Written by Subject: Eugenics
I nearly deleted my invitation, my finger poised for a nanosecond over the key. I never go to events, I thought, why even open it.

Then my son called wistfully for lunch. My poised finger paused as I experienced a surge of Motherly Guilt. Arthur is 29 now, but he suffered two severe brain injuries when he was in his first year of college, the first a motorcycle accident the second a bullet through his brain in a failed suicide attempt. Sometimes we get miracles. Arthur is very patient, he learned to be during the long rehabilitation. He can walk now but he still needs help. I am his full time caretaker. I try not to make him wait.

Back upstairs in front of my computer I read my invitation to a very special Log Cabin Event. In case you did not know it, the Log Cabin Club is the Republican Club for Gay Persons. I am not gay myself. I joined as a matter of solidarity. Gay people are very marginalized in the Republican Party. That annoyed me so I joined.

I understood why the writer was so excited about being asked. This is like the crippled kid being asked to play on the baseball team. Then he finds out he gets to be second base. Gay persons are generally as welcome as pigs at the wedding for Republican Events. So why was their participation being solicited?

This is what my invitation said,

“Next week, the eyes of the nation will focus on the state of New Hampshire , as Granite State voters are the first to cast votes for the office of President of the United States . On Sunday, January 6th, the national media will follow the candidates for president as they attend the New Hampshire Republican Party’s “First in the Nation Presidential Primary Brunch”. Every Republican candidate for President has been invited to speak, so this event will be THE place to be just two days before the New Hampshire primary – AND YOU CAN BE THERE!

Log Cabin Republicans has signed on as a sponsor of this high profile event. The benefits of the sponsorship entitle Log Cabin to tickets to the brunch and a reception before the event. You are invited to join Log Cabin Republicans at the center of the political universe next weekend in New Hampshire .

Please click here to see how you can join us for this important event! 
We realize the lead time is very limited. Moreover, the holiday season makes it even more difficult to sign up for some travel. That said, we are lucky that the event falls completely over the
weekend, and it's very feasible to fly into Boston on Saturday and then fly back home on Sunday afternoon. Log Cabin has arranged for everything once you arrive in Boston, including lodging, Saturday night dinner, transportation to New Hampshire and then a return trip back to Boston Logan Airport. All you need to do is get to Boston!

This is such a 
special and unique opportunity for Log Cabin. Please give it
 every consideration as you make your decision.

If you have any questions about the event, please email”

Now, this letter is interesting for several reasons. First, the Log Cabin Folks evidently think all the candidates were invited. They are wrong, as we all know. That is sort of ugly, don't you think? It is a direct lie. Maybe they would not care; maybe they really are that delighted be included, but maybe they would want to know that this will not be exactly what they have been told.

That happy burble of enthusiasm over being INCLUDED demonstrates what I said above.

Now, if Ron were to attend there would be standing room only. But Ron is speaking at the Liberty Forum at just that moment. That is in Nashua, around 11 miles down the road.

Did you know that Ron Paul Activists outnumber the opposition around 50 to 1 on the ground in New Hampshire? The activists did that with Operation Live Free or Die.

Roxie Collinson, one of the activists who quit her job to work full time as a volunteer, told me she will be going on to Nevada after this. She is not going to quit; she is a soldier for freedom and Ron Paul. Right now we are fighting the 2nd American Revolution.

You see it every where you look.

The only candidate that elicits any enthusiasm is Ron Paul. Otherwise this election is one pathetic show of electoral enthusiasm. This is mirrored around the country at places where campaign signs are usually thick upon the poles this many days before the primaries. Those signs are curiously absent, all but those for Ron Paul. And very few of those signs are designed, printed, paid for, and placed by volunteers.

My friend, Donna Volatile, noted no signs on her drive to Santa Fe except those for Paul and two hopeful signs for Hillary. The area is very liberal. Donna was a liberal like I was once an Objectivist. Lots of us have changed things we thought worked because they don't.

Back to the Log Cabin Club.

Since I was curious about the Fox New Hampshire GOP event I linked over to the Log Cabin Website. There was a schedule and instructions. That included this.

Please join Log Cabin Republicans at the

First in the Nation

Presidential Brunch

hosted by the State Republican Party of New Hampshire

Hampshire Mills   ---   Milford, New Hampshire

Sunday, January 6, 2008 11:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m.

Log Cabin Republicans has signed on as a sponsor of this high profile event. The benefits of the sponsorship entitle Log Cabin to tickets to the brunch and a reception before the event. You are invited to join Log Cabin Republicans at the center of the political universe next weekend in New Hampshire. Click here to sign up! Questions?”

You can imagine the conversation at the GOP HQ, New Hampshire before the invitation was issued.

“What do you mean no one will come?”

“Well, Fartus, these Ron Paul people just, I mean, well, we can get the people at the Derry Retirement Home to come. If you pay for their tickets.”

But...they will get to meet the candidates for President!?”

“Yah, but they will come anyway if there is a free lunch.”

“Well, we have to get some bodies! Make it happen.”

And so Log Cabin gets its invite.

Ron Paul would tell them that it is an economic principle that there is no such thing as a free lunch. But he will not be there.

But that does not mean that his presence could not be felt.

While the Corporatized Candidates are sitting huddled with Chris Wallace in their smoke filled room at Hampshire Hills Sports & Fitness Club in Milford, probably playing Paper, Stone, Scissors to decide who will get to play president and vice-president and who will relegated to serving on a corporate board, we can change the rules on them. Not just an event but a call to America for Ron and Freedom all will hear.

We need to stop asking to be included so that we can show America how they have been enslaved and change directions.

To this moment the corporations have driven the dialogue;they have said, “out of our charity we will include you.” Now, we need to let them know that is over. Now we show them that it is not they who govern us but the people who govern themselves.

The Republican Party was a vehicle for upholding the Constitution. It could be so again, if we can pry their fear-ridden fingers from control. But it was never the political parties that mattered; those are just tools. What matters is our rights and the vision of a people who govern themselves from their own homes and communities. That is the revolution, what we have been doing without even realizing it.

That is what makes us Revolutionaries.

In Milford we will show them what it means to stand on a record that contains the whole, unvarnished, unedited, truth. Theirs are riddled with spin, they are flawed, ugly; they are funded by the greed that wishes always to consume others using the tools intended to secure freedom for all of us. Let that be seen.

We will show America what they really are. Then America can become the vision to the world it was meant to be.

Our questions will be answered. These are the questions that are never asked in their 'debates.'

Their actions will finally speak for them. That afternoon in Milford we can hold a Forum for Truth. We can broadcast it on line; America will listen.

Ron's presence and voice has already transformed the debate on many issues. But there is much more he needs to say. At the same time we must show Americans how they can regain control of their own communities.

In the next week we can produce the record on each of them. We can ask America to help, and they will. Let all secrets about the Corporate Candidates finally be known.

Their 'visions,' their dreams of power are our nightmares. America needs to make an informed choice next November. We will cut down through the meaningless rhetoric to the facts.

Our nation faces unimaginable challenges, problems never that have never before confronted any nation in history. Americans see this and all are worried.

Our country faces a complete economic meltdown; Banks are being subsidized at the rate of billions every day. Instead of bringing our troops home each corporate candidate has committed himself to continuing the failed policies of George Bush and those who preceded him. It has been a very long time since America had a non-corporate administration.

All of these disasters have profited the ugly alliance of government and corporations.

It is time for Americans to understand what those visions would mean to our families and to us. We can do that in Milford.

Will we have homes left to live in? Will we have food to eat? Jobs?

Will we watch those we love die, untreated because we can no longer afford medical care? Will we see on the television that our pension fund is gone, sucked dry through investments that were high risk when no such investments were to be permitted?

Will our children be able to get an education? Will we see them go off to college or off to endless wars that send them home in coffins or mangled and without hope?

I look at my son and wonder what the world holds for him every day. Arthur wants to go to Disneyland. I tell him we need to wait just a little longer. When you look at your own children you ask yourself the same questions.

Each of these candidates stands by a government that has canceled rights granted not by government but by God. Therefore they stand by a government that has made itself God.

Milford is a charming little town with lots of local shops, wonderful restaurants, charming old homes. There, we can give Americans a Forum for Truth.

Our event will give America the understanding needed to survive and take America back.

Come and sign the Declaration of Independence, it will be there with the causes that make our actions necessary. They need to know we mean it.

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Comment by mary
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Ms. Pillsbury-Foster has voiced a lot of the exact same feelings that I have. I am not as politically savvy as a lot of people are and the fact that the Republican party is excluding Dr. Paul with all the support that he has is completely stunning. Don't they want a Republican to win? It's disgusting that they will pay people to show up. Ron Paul supporters are willing to spend and allocate time and anything else we can for the rEVOLution!
Ms. Pillsbury-Foster makes me feel even more hopeful that Americans are about to wake up to the political stranglehold we're under. Thank you for putting so much hope into words!
Mary Hoppes
Shelby, NC

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