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John Stuart is INNOCENT<br> March for Liberty II May 7th

Written by Subject: Criminal Justice System
John Stuart is INNOCENT, Several witnesses watched as a drunken madman physically attacked John Stuart and tried to drag him from his vehicle. He defended himself and his wife. The phoenix police department in collusion with the Maricopa county district attorney's office, violated several Arizona laws to charge him with second degree murder.
The case was sealed at one time but the rumor is that this altercation happened minutes after this madman witnessed John and his wife putting up a Ron Paul sign.

People often claim they are patriots, well John lives it. He is the real deal, honest and helpful to his fellow man. I ask John for help the very night I met him and he went way beyond what I would call help. He did not know me from Adam and he helped me with hour and hours of his time.

We the People of Arizona have to let the Maricopa County Attorneys and the media aware that we will not sit around and watch them as they falsely accuse and/or imprison our people. Furthermore, We the People of Arizona will not tolerate unethical and illegal acts committed by city officials against a fellow Ron Paul Revolutionary.

This is really a big deal I pray that you will help...
They are holding an INNOCENT revolutionary against his will in shackles and chains!

We are having a 2nd march on 7th and we need everyone's participation.
201 West Jefferson in front of the Superior Court
and in front of the 4th ave Jail
for more info on dates and exact times
Announcing a new meeting for Ron Paul for President - Phoenix!


When: Wednesday, May 7, 3:30 PM

Where: Click the link below to find out!

Who should come: All Members of the R3VOLUTION need to come and get behind their Brother who was attacked while putting up Ron Paul banners and signs! What if it had been YOU!?!

Why: You KNOW we are doing the right thing when the very system we are trying to affect demonizes us to the public. What if had been your loved one this happened to!?!

Meeting Description: ATTENTION MEMBERS,
John Stuart is a Member of our Group and he and his Wife Cindy have been core Patriots in the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION from the very start, and are good, upstanding members of their community. THESE ARE GOOD PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND I, FIGHTING AGAINST EVIL IN AN ATTEMPT TO GET OUR COUNTRY BACK!
It seems that they were putting up signs and banners one night not too ong ago, and were confronted by an EXTREMELY drunk motorist who said he was going to kill John and Cindy, and John PROTECTED HIMSELF AND HIS FAMILY (a big no-no around here - we have a gubberment that is protecting us). There was a struggle over a weapon, and the attacker was killed, but now they are holding John for MURDER. We don't know the Establishments motivations (but we can sure guess) for it's desire to hold and prosecute a victim. There is much more to the story that I know of I'm sure, as bits and pieces come in making the picture clearer that there is a sinister agenda at work here, and we need to get VOCAL and keep their feet to the fire.

This is the second of a series of support rallys for John. More info HERE:

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