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When Did The American Revolution End? - by Barry Hess

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When Did The American Revolution End?
By Barry Hess
We celebrate the 4th of July each year with hotdogs on the grill and fireworks in the air, but what exactly are we celebrating?
Most Americans I ask robotically blurt out that we are celebrating the date in 1776 when “we” declared our independence from England. And they would be right of course, at least in the sense that this was the day in the chronological history of Man when a formal declaration was made by a small group of mere men that the new colonies would no longer allow themselves to be subject to the cruel and oppressive rule of the tyrannical King George.
But wait; could there be more to it than just that? Could there be maybe a little more to it than that?
The answer is, yes. If only the welfare school system would teach real history and critical thinking skills, it is highly likely that the welfare school system itself wouldn’t exist today, and America might still have the highest literacy rate the world has ever known—instead of the lowest among the “developed” nations.
I submit that a more than cursive perusal of 18th century thought would reveal that the ‘real’ declaration of independence that was made wasn’t just about politics. It was a declaration of resolve clearly stating that the inhabitants of this land weren’t just declaring their freedom, as a group, from England, but as individuals, from government rule altogether.
It was this underlying thought that was ‘revolutionary’. The very notion that individuals could literally rule themselves---and their own government was and is what set the moment apart from all other separatist movements in the sordid history of this world.
The welfare schools, set up by government, falsely teach that Americans were declaring their freedom to be ruled by their own cruel and oppressive government. The truth is that the Americans were declaring their individual freedom from government rule altogether. Why do you think the government schools ‘require’ attendance?
While you’re thinking, might I encourage you to also consider a few simple questions?
When do you think the actual independence from England and government rule took place? Was it when that small band of men signed the document? Was it when they took it out in public? Was it when they sent a copy to King George? Or, was it when King George was forced in military defeat to acknowledge his lack of control over the colonies?
There should be no doubt that the independence of the colonies was won by military rebuff. There is an actual time and date stamp we can put on it, but our freedom, as individuals—that’s a completely different story.
Our freedom as individuals is constantly being won at the very moment we as individuals resolve that it is, and not a moment before. See, those extraordinarily well-reasoned and educated men who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor knew full well that all of those things were and would always be the targets of oppression. They knew full well that gaining independence from England was the easy part and it could be defined as having occurred at a specific time. We know when the war for independence ended.
The hard part was the “revolution” as it applied to the inherent rights of the individual. “That” revolution would never end, and it never has.
When Frederick Douglas uttered words to the effect of the limits of tyranny being defined by the endurance of the oppressed, he was speaking of the individual revolution as an on-going process.
We are fortunate that the oppressors we face today from within our own government are so callous and removed. They have stolen our sustenance. They have stolen our family bonds and values. They have stolen our property and the value of our currency. They have unwittingly pushed us to the limits of our endurance, encroaching on each of our lives, fortunes and sacred honor.
This is the fuel that has ignited a new fire in the hearts of all true Americans to revive the smoldering embers of freedom. So let this day of remembrance give us the courage and resolve to continue to rise up and again cast off a cruel and oppressive government.

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