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2008-10-08 S&P 500, Dow Post Worst Retreats Since 1937 -- Retirement accounts have lost $2 trillion
2008-10-07 Stock markets' plunge pressures Fed to cut rates -- Fed to Inject Billions into Economy
2008-10-06 Job Losses Pushing US Economy Into Significant Recession -- US threatens to steal Iraq oil money
2008-10-04 Traitors pass bailout, Bush signs, stock market falls -- Treasury to Hire Asset Management Firms
2008-10-03 Economic Bailout Passes - The SlaveUprising - October 4th
2008-10-03 House girds for second try on bailout today -- $150 billion in addition pork to buy bailout vote
2008-10-02 Rep. Shadegg to switch vote on bailout? -- Bailout passes Senate
2008-10-02 Bailout Activism in Arizona (TODAY)
2008-10-01 Senate Revives Billionaire Bailout Bill Today --Financial Crisis All About Control - by Howard Blitz
2008-09-30 House nixes $700B bailout bill in stunning defeat -- Stocks tumble as bailout plan fails in House
2008-09-29 Lawmakers Reach Accord on Huge Bailout; Vote Today -- Is the Federal Reserve Illiquid?
2008-09-27 Bailout Bill has gone from 3 to 102 pages long-- McDonald's has better credit rating than US gov'
2008-09-26 Talks Implode During Day of Chaos; Fate of Bailout Plan Remains Unresolved
2008-09-25 Financial Bailout Agreement Reached - Unsevered Ties? (who's really running McCain's campaign?) -
2008-09-24 $5 Trillion needed to stop bank crisis -- Robert Gates ready to commit US troops to Pakistan
2008-09-23 Ron Paul Endorses Chuck Baldwin -- Oil spikes $25 a barrel on anxiety over US bailout
2008-09-22 Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Converted to Commercial Banks -- Who/What Has Real Stock OWNERSHIP?
2008-09-20 Historic Market Bailout Set in Motion -- Congressional Leaders Stunned by Warnings; Need Vacation
2008-09-19 Biden: Paying higher taxes a patriotic act-- Ron Paul delivers State of the Union message: Ouch!
2008-09-18 WTP Brings Federal Lawsuit to Stop AIG Bailout
2008-09-18 Asian Market continues to fall -- Car companies bailout coming -- Gold posts historic gains
2008-09-17 Fed repaid JPMorgan $87 billion for Lehman financing -- AIG Gets $85 Billion to Cede Control to US
2008-09-16 Wall Street in Worst Loss Since 2001 -- Nouriel Roubini: Americans worry about your bank deposits
2008-09-15 Lehman Will File for Bankruptcy -- Israel asks U.S. for arms, air corridor to attack Iran
2008-09-13 Fanny and Freddie to be kept off budget -- Emergency meeting to discuss Lehman Brothers' future
2008-09-12 Kennedy to introduce sweeping national service bill -- Lehman Brothers (the end is near)
2008-09-11 Bush Gave Orders Invading Pakistan -- Interior Dept. Officials Embroiled in Energy Sex Scandal
2008-09-10 Wall Street plummets on concerns over Lehman -- Ron Paul: Reject the major parties, go for a third
2008-09-09 Video shows dead Afghan children "terrorists" after US raid -- Ron Paul Delegates' inactions noti
2008-09-08 MASSIVE taxpayer funded bailout announced ... on Sunday -- US military trained Georgian commandos
2008-09-08 Sign Promotion for Jesse Ventura event 9/11
2008-09-06 Government may soon "repurchase" troubled mortgage giants -- Silver State Bank Fails
2008-09-05 Stocks Plummet After Retail, Unemployment Data -- US says its arms exports boomed this year
2008-09-04 Bush: $1 billion aid for Georgia--Reporter Amy Goodman Grills St. Paul Police Chief About Her Arrest
2008-09-03 Campaign for Liberty Big Success - by Ernie Hancock--Gonzales won't face charges for secret info
2008-09-02 Police, protesters clash near Republican convention --Gustav no Katrina, but exposes flaws in levees
2008-09-01 Massive police raids on suspected protesters in Minneapolis
2008-08-30 McCain picks a woman for VP
2008-08-29 Our own Shelton arrested for photo radar activities -- GOP considers delaying convention
2008-08-28 Obama nominated by Democrats -- Ron Paul NV Delegates Seated in St. Paul -- Denver Jackboots stomp
2008-08-27 White House cannot delay aides' testimony: judge -- Armed men were no "credible" threat to Obama
2008-08-26 Russian parliament recognizes breakaway Georgian enclaves -- Iraqi leader insists on troop pullout
2008-08-25 Imagine no Religion (Christian Backlash)
2008-08-25 VP Candidate Joe Biden No Friend to File Sharing, Net Neutrality Protection or Online Privacy
2008-08-23 Obama Taps Biden as Presidential Running Mate -- Appeals Court Upholds Sarbanes-Oxley Act
2008-08-22 US out of Iraq cities by June, 2009, out of Iraq by 2011--NIST Says Fire, Not Explosion, Felled WTC7
2008-08-21 Citizens' U.S. Border Crossings Tracked -- Taliban Escalate Afghan Fighting
2008-08-21 Russia sends aircraft carrier to Syria -- Rice signs missile defense deal with Poland (New Cold War)
2008-08-19 NATO won't let Russia succeed in Georgia: Rice -- Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf resigns
2008-08-18 Russia Says Pullout to Begin Monday -- Pledging to Leave Georgia, Russia Instead Tightens Grip
2008-08-16 US mint suspends gold coin sales -- Bush forgot to ask Turkey if the Navy could steam through
2008-08-15 Russia: Georgia can 'forget' regaining provinces--US halts Israeli plan to attack Iran nuke facili
2008-08-14 US Headed To Bankruptcy, Says Top Budget GOP -- Russia Ignores Ceasefire, Drives Deeper Into Georgia
2008-08-13 Russia halts 5-day invasion of Georgia -- NYC police propose massive public snooping system
2008-08-12 Ron Paul's wife in serious condition -- Georgia claims Russians have cut country in half
2008-08-11 Russians Push Past Separatist Area to Assault Central Georgia -- Foreigners buying up US houses
2008-08-09 Ron Paul: Iran Attack Plan ‘Green Light’ -- Russia, Georgia at war -- US Naval Armada Heads to Iran
2008-08-08 Judge: Denver can restrict protests at convention -- Pakistan's Musharraf faces impeachment
2008-08-07 500: Deadly US Milestone in Afghan War -- Military jury reaches guilty verdict at Gitmo
2008-08-06 Iraq's oil profits huge as US bears reconstruction -- Prosecutors Feel the Heat, Want Protection
2008-08-05 Jesse Ventura & Karen Johnson Arizona speaking event September 11th 2008
2008-08-05 GOP Drops in Voting Rolls -- Gitmo interrogations all taped -- Freddie Mac CEO Discarded Warnings
2008-08-04 Housing Lenders Fear Bigger Wave of Loan Defaults -- Scientists Question FBI Probe On Anthrax
2008-08-02 Defiant Chinese Harassed, Jailed Before Olympics -- Defense rests in trial of bin Laden's driver
2008-08-01 Anthrax Scientist Commits Suicide as FBI Closes In -- US accuses Pakistan of bombing Indian embassy
2008-07-31 Bush signs new rules, roles for spy agencies -- Minn. officers involved in botched raid get medals
2008-07-30 Marathon WTO talks collapse in U.S.-India farm row -- Court rejects Ramos/Compean appeal
2008-07-29 Bush approves soldier's execution -- U.S. Headed for 'Heightened Alert' Stage
2008-07-28 Congress' bailout opens eminent domain seizures -- Senate passes bailout of bad mortgage lenders
2008-07-26 Nancy Pelosi names Porter Goss to House ethics post -- Shocking CDO Loss Estimate - 90% Loss!
2008-07-25 Understanding How Screwed We All Are - "The Greatest Depression" – by Ernest Hancock
2008-07-24 Flight 93 was shot down on 9/11 -- House OKs taxpayer bailout for Freddie, Fannie mortgage lenders
2008-07-23 Wachovia loses $8.86 billion, slashes jobs, WaMu has $3.33 bln loss, may be cut to "junk"
2008-07-22 8,500 Banks may soon die -- AG Mukasey: Hold Detainees indefinitely
2008-07-21 ACLU details police infiltration -- Northcom chief: Homeland command is all grown up
2008-07-19 Ron Paul vs. Bob Barr on Fannie/Freddie -- Americans electrocuted in Iraq 'on an almost daily basis
2008-07-18 4 Cleared in Madrid Train Bombing -- US plans to station diplomats in Iran
2008-07-17 Sovereign funds cut exposure to weak dollar -- US faces global funding crisis, warns Merrill Lynch
2008-07-16 Judge: Bush can indefinitely detain Americans -- Gloomy day for economy, except at the White House
2008-07-15 IndyMac depositors line up for cash after seizure -- WaMu Bankrun Could See $26 billion in Losses
2008-07-15 Credit Fallout is Just Beginning - The Greatest Crime in History
2008-07-14 Treasury Acts to Save Mortgage Giants -- Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran
2008-07-12 Bank Failure: IndyMac financial troubles -- MISH: Fannie and Freddie Waterfalls Are Too Big to Bail
2008-07-11 Fed chief: Gov't needs more power when firms fail -- Iraq toughens stance on troop withdrawal
2008-07-10 Senate guts 4th Amendment & pardons lame duck Bush & Co. -- Iran test fires Shahab 3 missile
2008-07-09 Iraq reject US deal unless pullout timetable--Bernanke, Paulson Eye Taxpayer Bailouts, More Power
2008-07-08 US Contractor Leads Mexico Torture Training--Spying Started Before Sept. 11: That's The Whole Point
2008-07-07 US Approved Korean War Massacres -- Members of Congress saying "if we could only nuke Iran"
2008-07-05 World must brace for oil beyond $150 -- Senator proposes reinstating national speed limit
2008-07-04 Fourth of July Special Edition
2008-07-03 Judge tosses lawsuit against federal wiretapping -- China inspired Guantánamo torture
2008-07-02 FBI to descend on Denver for Dem event -- Ex-Agent Says CIA Ignored Iran Facts
2008-07-01 On the Impossibility of Limited Government and the Prospects for a Second American Revolution
2008-06-30 New US covert ops in Iran - by Seymour Hersh -- MISH: Fed's Trojan Horse Offering
2008-06-28 Senate Passes Broad War Funding Measure -- US Stocks continue to tumble on dollar weakness
2008-06-27 US Stocks Tumble to Worst June Since Depression -- Mayors: Gun ruling won't stop confiscation
2008-06-26 Domestic Spying bill clears test in US Senate 80-15 -- NV Paul Supporters Stage Rogue Convention
2008-06-26 We are adding more Editors and Reporters
2008-06-25 Neocons to Sacrifice 5th Fleet in Gulf -- Senate force taxpayers to bail out mortgage lenders
2008-06-24 Senate Dems won't stop telecom domestic spying bill
2008-06-23 Secret Pentagon Funding All-Time High -- Did the CIA leak blueprints to build small powerful nukes?
2008-06-21 How the major stock market indexes fared today -- House passes new surveillance law
2008-06-20 Online Stores to Report Your Transactions -- Phone Co. lawsuit protection from spying on you
2008-06-19 Bank: global stock & credit crash alert--Gov't. "Strike Teams" Invade Homes, Harass Flood Victims
2008-06-18 Half of Wall St. Bank Profits Gone -- Military Choppers Practice 'War on Terror' at DNC Convention
2008-06-17 Smugglers Had Design For Advanced Nuke -- Iowa flooded; crops destroyed; Where's Bush?
2008-06-17 Supreme Court to decide whether top officials can be sued
2008-06-16 Afghanistan threatening to invade Pakistan -- Deal on domestic spying phone co. immunity
2008-06-14 $300 Barrel Ahead: Is This the End of Oil? -- Iraq says talks with U.S. on pact reach "dead end"
2008-06-13 Ron Paul suspends campaign -- Supreme Court Sides With Gitmo Detainees
2008-06-12 Russians predicts $250 a barrel oil in 2009 -- Obama pushes National Fingerprint Registry
2008-06-11 Iran warns of "painful" response if attacked -- Kucinich introduces 35 count Bush impeachment
2008-06-10 Cops plans to seal off rough ’hoods -- Federal Reserve in no mood to save us from our debt
2008-06-09 Clinton suspends campaign, endorses Obama -- The r3VOLution...and Ron Paul's role in it
2008-06-07 Oil's biggest day yet drags down stocks -- Israel to attack Iran unless enrichment stops: minister
2008-06-06 Is Bush Gearing Up to Attack Iran? -- Alleged 9/11 mastermind asks court to become a martyr
2008-06-05 Clinton to end run, endorse Obama on Saturday -- Mercury teeth fillings may harm some: FDA
2008-06-04 Aussies Bolt Iraq Over Bush's Lies - by Ray McGovern -- Mexico isn't feeling the US economic slump
2008-06-03 400,000 Troops needed for Afghanistan -- Morgan Stanley, Merrill, Lehman Ratings Cut by S&P
2008-06-02 Martial Law: The Installment Plan-by Will Grigg--MISH: Bankruptcy Reform Act Finally Blows Sky High
2008-05-31 TX Judge defies Supreme Court over returning kidnapped children -- McCain & subprime crisis
2008-05-30 Texas Supreme Court: Sect children should be returned to parents -- US banks likely to fail
2008-05-29 Jim Rogers: More Pain for Greenback, & Failure of the Fed -- MISH: Charge-Offs Hammer Banks
2008-05-28 FBI Interviews McCain Staff--Bush 'plans Iran air strike by August'--Fingerprint Registry in Bill
2008-05-27 US residents in military brigs? Govt says it's war -- Fall in US house prices = problems for all
2008-05-26 Bob Barr Becomes Libertarian Nominee on Sixth Ballot
2008-05-24 Maxine Waters Calls for Nationalization of US Oil Companies
2008-05-23 Feeling a Draft? -- Court: Texas had no right to take polygamists' kids -- US Will Attack Iran
2008-05-22 Is Richard Viguerie Trying to Buy the LP? -- Israel Wants U.S. To Blockade Iran
2008-05-21 White House denies Iran attack report -- Houses for $10,000 -- AZ Governor extorts bribe
2008-05-20 McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare
2008-05-19 20th Hijacker Imprisoned for 6 Years, Tortured and Freed! -- LP: Please Don't Lower the Barr!
2008-05-17 US sees need for "tangible action" on Iran -- Florida, Michigan delegates can't save Clinton
2008-05-16 Pelosi chokes on the big one: Iraq War Funding -- US Military Cuts Ties with Chalabi
2008-05-15 Ex-officer covered up botched raid -- ICE Drugged Detainees Against Will for Deportation
2008-05-14 FOX: Ron Paul revolt 'disaster' for Republicans -- FLDS elder decries 'terrorist acts' to Bush
2008-05-13 If an Iranian Weapon Bust Turns Out Not To Be Iranian…Does Anyone Hear A Sound?
2008-05-12 Beijing and Riyadh will call shots on ailing dollar -- War with Iran closer than you think
2008-05-10 Private Space Station Hits Orbital Milestone -- U.S. Urged: Fight Terror On Web
2008-05-09 Raided counsel's office shut down Siegelman investigation -- Terrorizing the FBI
2008-05-08 Vallejo, CA Officials Vote for Bankruptcy -- Clinton lends herself $6.4M as Obama's lead grows
2008-05-07 The Criminalization of Raw Milk: Mennonite Farmer Hauled Away -- Sell Your Vote for $27 and Change?
2008-05-06 Troops use electronic insects 'by end of the year'--Bernanke: More action on home foreclosure cris
2008-05-05 Secret Bush "Finding" Widens War on Iran -- A letter to the editor an Act of "Sedition"?!
2008-05-03 BOA May Not Guarantee Countrywide's Debt -- Fed joins with Euro banks to battle credit crisis
2008-05-02 Bernanke blames Congress for student lender failures -- Gulf States May Not Take Dollar
2008-05-01 US Military Coordinated Day of Prayer Events With Christian Right Group -- GM posts big loss
2008-05-01 LIVE FEED of Nevada Republicans addressing the Ron Paul Meetup in Clark County
2008-04-30 Ron Paul draws a line in the sand on Nevada
2008-04-30 Drone attacks hit high in Iraq -- 18.6 Million Vacant homes -- US Marines fight Taliban
2008-04-29 Is War With Iran Imminent? - by Justin Raimondo -- Japanese ready to bail on the dollar?
2008-04-28 Karzai Escapes Unharmed After Taliban Attack; 3 Killed -- McCain Used Wife’s Jet for Little Cost
2008-04-26 Report from Nevada GOP Caucus. (Ron Paul can not be allowed to win!!!... but he is :)
2008-04-26 Police cleared in 50-bullet wedding day killing -- US-contracted ship fires on Iranians
2008-04-25 FBI wants wide monitoring of Internet activity -- al-Sadr may restart full-scale fight against US
2008-04-24 Could we begin a wave of bank failures? -- Era of cheap food ends as prices surge
2008-04-23 Crude oil nears $120 a barrel, dollar slides to new low -- More forced to stay in Army
2008-04-22 What About the War, Benedict? - by Ray McGovern -- 3 States Subjected To "Martial Law Sweeps"
2008-04-21 US general ready to go to war with Iraqi cleric -- Pentagon hires media consultants to help MSM
2008-04-20 Anti-US Shiite cleric al-Sadr threatens uprising in Iraq -- Civil war breaks out among Iraqi Sunni
2008-04-19 House Dems fund war to appear 'supportive of troops' -- Authorities lose patience with dying dolla
2008-04-18 320,000 Iraq, Afghanistan vets have brain injuries -- German Banks: 'Under Threat of Collapse'
2008-04-17 Ron Paul: Bailout Writing on the Wall -- Paul O'Neill: US Strong Dollar Policy is 'Vacuous Notion
2008-04-16 Freedom Rally in Washington DC April 15th 2008 (Video) - Ernest Hancock
2008-04-16 World's new crisis: soaring food prices -- Foreclosures jump 57% and repossess 129% in last year
2008-04-15 Polygamist sect gets millions from government -- Military Personnel Account for 20% of Suicides
2008-04-14 Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S. -- Alaska Joins REAL ID Refuseniks
2008-04-12 'CIA Infiltration' Charges Prompt Shakeup in Ecuador's Armed Forces -- Chicago Gas $4/Gallon
2008-04-11 Cheney&Co. plan torture of detainees down to last detail -- McCain doesn't rule out preemptive war
2008-04-10 MISH: The Fed is Terrified -- Crude Oil, Gasoline Climb to Records on US Inventory Decline
2008-04-10 Cheney & Co planned torture of detainees to last detail -- McCain doesn't rule out preemptive war
2008-04-08 Fed: Severe U.S. downturn possible, prices worrying -- Secret U.S. plan for military future in Iraq
2008-04-08 US planning open-ended military commitment in Iraq -- Israel threatens Iran with destruction
2008-04-07 British fear Gen. Petraeus is beating the drum for Iran Strikes
2008-04-04 Al-Maliki vows crackdown in Baghdad -- General Odom: Rapid Withdrawal Is Only Solution
2008-04-04 Chinese paramilitary slaughters Tibetans -- Congressmen have $196 million invested in defense co's
2008-04-03 States quietly buy, mine your personal data including names of your associates
2008-04-02 IMF predicts US recession -- Fed approves JP Morgan purchase of Bear Stearns bank
2008-03-31 Brace for $1 Trillion Writedown of Debt -- Ray McGovern: Delusionary, Dancing Bush
2008-03-30 Russian intel: US military buildup on Iran border -- COUP ALERT: FED taking over Wall Street
2008-03-28 U.S. forces drawn deeper into Iraq crackdown -- Treasury’s Plan To Give Fed Wide New Powers
2008-03-28 FEMA preps for 'Nuclear attacks, invasions and suicide bombings in the United States'
2008-03-27 McCain proposes United Nations II -- Gas Prices: Tax Coffers Fill as Wallets Empty
2008-03-26 Pentagon: No evidence Saddam attempted to assassinate Bush Sr. -- Government: SocSec Unsustainable
2008-03-25 'Surge' falling apart -- Saudis Prepare for "Sudden Nuclear Fallout" After Cheney Visit
2008-03-24 4,000 US dead in Iraq -- Central banks around world float taxpayer funded rescue ideas
2008-03-22 Cheney tour sparks Iran war rumors -- Goldman, Lehman Rating Outlook Cut to Negative by S&P
2008-03-21 Why Eliot Spitzer Was Assassinated by the Media -- FOX NEWS gets BIT%H slapped
2008-03-20 Foreboding rises in Tibet as China gathers forces -- D.C. v. Heller Eyewitness - Postgame Highlights
2008-03-19 Fed cuts rate another 0.75%!!!! -- Whistleblower exposes insider trading program at JP Morgan
2008-03-18 Jim Rogers: The Bear Stearns bailout-- Joseph Granville: "We're in a Crash"-- Global Markets Tumb
2008-03-17 Gold Record High in Asia as US Dollar Falls -- Fed acts Sunday to prevent global bank run Monday
2008-03-15 Fed Aids Private Bear Stearns -- Harvard's Feldstein: Economy in Recession, 'Getting Worse'
2008-03-14 Ron Paul warns of Worldwide Economic Collapse -- Police Make Salvia Bust Because They Can
2008-03-13 Latest Insane Idea: Enticing People To Buy by MISH -- Identity Project Foments REAL ID Rebellion
2008-03-12 McCain defends MORE lobbying--Gulf War syndrome linked to chemicals--No link to Saddam and al-Qaida
2008-03-11 Ron Paul interview on CNN today -- MISH: Margin Selling Chain Reaction
2008-03-10 Fannie Mae needs taxpayer bailout -- British camera "sees" under clothes from 80 yards
2008-03-08 MT Gov Tells Feds to "Go to Hell" on Real ID -- MISH: Financial Markets Broken, 'Utterly Unhinged
2008-03-07 Homeowner Equity Is Lowest Since 1945 -- Carlyle Capital misses margin call on $21.7 billion
2008-03-06 Cyber-Rebels Defy Cuba 's Limits -- Bush plotted to overthrow democratically elected Hamas
2008-03-05 Paul kicks Peden's ass for win in Texas -- MISH: Bernanke Asks Taxpayers To Bail Out Banks
2008-03-04 Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador in tense standoff after raid -- US launch Somalia missile strike
2008-03-03 Troops Stay In Iraq if Democrat Wins -- Chavez Mobilizes Military, Closes Columbian Embassy
2008-03-02 SUNDAY'S Headlines
2008-03-01 Democratic Private Equity Firm Halts Ron Paul Revolution--Financial Firms Face $600 Billion Losses
2008-02-29 1 in 100 US Adults Behind Bars -- Bernanke's Bank Comment Rattles Stocks
2008-02-28 Ron Paul: Bernanke Deliberately Destroying Dollar -- US Terror List Now Exceeds 900,000 Names
2008-02-27 Greenspan tells Gulf States to drop dollar -- US to Give USS Kitty Hawk to India
2008-02-26 N American Army Created -- Mitt Romney to rejoin GOP race? -- Real ID: The Devil is in the Database

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Comment by Don Barletta
Entered on:
This is absolutely outstanding Mr. Hancock! This is an excellent tool that you put together for spreading the truth. Thank you for your outstanding patriot efforts.

A crash course it is. I will be sending your link to everyone I know, and I'll be posting it on my blog at as well.

I can only hope that every sheeple who gets your link takes the hours necessary to read through all of the material.

Because I believe that once anyone reads all of this information, they can not help but become "awakened".

And since a lot of my friends and relatives are still sheeple, I'll be sure that they all get it.

Finally, do you know how many news articles you have listed at this link, and do you have even a remote estimate as to how many hours it would take to read through all of them? I'm thinking of putting together a "read it" challenge, and this information will help, if available. TIA!