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RON PAUL 4409 -- Why VOTE for Russell Pearce? Why don't you click this video to find out!

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I never have endorsed anyone but I have to say I respect this man because he shows up to every legislative District 18 meeting wanting to here from the people.

Whether he listens now that's a different story. (Just kidding)

He is no Ron Paul but I believe he truly cares about the people and this country.

You will have to decide this election but I think it's a no brainer. Choose the man that shows up to hear you voice your opinion

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I know what he says,... now what is his record?

I know Russell. Many conversations and several radio interviews have made it clear to me that he needs close watching and can not be counted on to make the freedom choice when the pressure is on from above,... no matter how much pressure comes from the people below.

I'd be interested in his support of the process that brought about Camera surveillance in Arizona.

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