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Obama Faces O.K. Coral Shootout With Trigger-Happy Activists

Written by Edwin Sumcad Subject: Politics: General Activism

     The shootout could start with the likes of Bill Ayers, the American bomber-murderer, a notorious Vietnam War dissenter and now with his legion of anti-Iraqwarniks whose itchy fingers are at the trigger ready to shoot down the Obama administration if American troops are not sent home immediately!

      With Obama in power, the Weather Underground and peacenik movements would grab a lifetime opportunity to renew their anti-government campaign with vigor and bloody determination to win. Ayers himself said so. “[T]the revolution against war … must win!”

   There is no doubt about it … President-elect Barack Obama is about to face a serious problem with irrational activism that elected him president.

      I join the ranks of trackers of events outside of the Obama mania that are hate-proof, more particularly the world of the academe that is scholarly insulated from pity politics and therefore not subservient to the whims and caprices of the incoming administration.

       Most of us in the world of the quill and the ink are part of this neighborhood lookout – perhaps a few of today’s  journalists that are not politically corrupted who are volunteering to be the failing Media’s only remaining watchdog! That Obama’s honeymoon with the Left is going to sour anytime from now is one of the major coming events to watch.

       We will observe with that kind of curiosity that kills a cat, how president-elect Obama is going to react to the impatient demand of the activists and the radical left who elected him president, to immediately pull the troops out of Iraq.

       During the heat of the campaign, we have it on record that he would withdraw immediately within six months following his election to the presidency. Then little later, this was followed by an Obama oxymoron – just one of the many self-contradictions – that this time it was withdrawal within a time frame recommended by the commanders on the ground. That could take years, which obviously is contrary to “immediate withdrawal within six months”.

       So much evidence at this point in time is sufficient to form a reasonable conclusion as to what imprudent activism can do to the cause of leftwing liberals now in control of the beltway.

       For example, after I have seen enough, I now subscribe to the proposition that irresponsible activists would as usual dig their own political grave by proving their own madness and bring down with them Obama caught in his own horns of dilemma.

       Other sentinels of unfolding events are not far from having similar conclusions and just waiting for this fall out to happen.

       Because the undeniable truth is that improvident activism is proving its own madness, the bickering it would create is expected to be the banner story of the day. It would introduce the Obama administration to millions of Americans that would begin to notice the early marks of his decline.

       Radical activists that supported Obama, are as blind as the proverbial bat when they strongly disagreed with the war in Iraq.  They premised their protest on the belief that we could live in peace without war – a wistful thinking in cloud nine.

       Their peace movement thirsts for a legitimate reason for a tenuous cause. No wonder they live in the illusory world of political somnambulists. We know that the real world is just the opposite of this fantasy.

       Peaceniks are actually violent when they rally for peace without war. 

      The January 27, 2007 Washington March [1] sponsored by the United for Peace and Justice and other activist groups that claimed their cause was for peace and justice, was one of the most unjust and violent rallies ever yet recorded in the history of anti-war protests in the streets of Washington, D.C., the Mecca of radical dissenters.

     In this anti-war rally for “peace”, young warlike radicals rushed to the capital building, stood off and momentarily clashed frontally with police, and left anarchist graffiti” [Ibid] while elsewhere their anarchist comrade-in-arms were spitting on and burning the American flag in their version of freedom of expression!

     On top of that hooliganism and disorderly behavior, the angry anti-war protestors for peace literally spat at Joshua Sparling, Iraq war veteran who was on the scene counter-protesting the anti-war protest, after they attacked a roving Fox News satellite truck that scampered away for dear life. [2]     

       Terrorist Bill Ayers, Obama’s civic associate in Chicago’s many educational campaign programs, a notorious American bomber and murderer, is a model exemplar of the madness of today’s radical activism.  In the height of the anti-war Vietnam protest he was the leader of the deadly Weather Underground who with his fugitive wife Bernadine Dohm and other radical terrorists bombed buildings and killed Americans.

        In his trial for murder, he got off the hook by sheer legal technicality, then became a university professor of education in Chicago where he met an enthralled Obama, and reportedly helped him launched his political career.  Political sleuths believed that had it not for Ayers, Obama would not have become president of the United States.

        What does this madness of radical, even violent, activism tell us? Like terrorist Bill Ayers, anyone can get away with murder, can go to Chicago and become a professor of education and get a community award as a model citizen of the year!

      What Obama does not understand is that this terrorist is “educating” the youth of the land to become like him – an anti-government terrorist.  He justifies violence and murder against a government he does not like – he is a cold-blooded radical that has no remorse at all of what he did!

     This is what he is teaching today’s young minds, urging them to engage in a bloody revolution like he did: “[A] revolution against war and racism and materialism, a revolution based on human solidarity and love, cooperation and the common good – must win.”[3] This is his running philosophy on radical activism which he believes today’s American youth should live by.

      His militant madness is stupendously contradictory to say the least – to bomb buildings and kill “based on human solidarity and love …” [underscored] Hate for love, and murder for anti-war activism! He is against war and wants peace without war, by engaging himself in a war of attrition and retribution, a talking oddball, a walking oxymoron. He is a wired ticking human bomb that should be taken off the street! 

      We can go deeper into analyzing this madness of peaceniks deeply engaged in radical activism.  

      In the biblical and scientific account of the nature of man, we know that the world’s changing civilization is by itself an indubitable proof that peace on earth can never be achieved -- and had never been achieved -- without war. This reality became the reason for creating the League of Nations, now the United Nations Organization. It is tasked to stop war and promote peace. Stone blind as cinema’s Shintaro the swordsman that chops off heads clean in a fight, radical extremists see only the hands of Lucifer running this world organization and ready to fight.

      What appears to be real in the activists’ expectation is nothing but hope – a hope for peace without the unnecessary killings of humans by humans to achieve amity and harmony, which is universally desired. Good examples are those godly principles written down in the canons of the Christian faith.

      In the Christian world, this divine hope is in the lyrics of Christmas carols – peace on earth and goodwill to men -- sang especially at this time of the year. Arguing atheist activists of course deny this in their world that starts from the center – their own self – and extending to nowhere.

      The relevant point I am driving at is that I don’t have to prove this written universal truth that mankind cannot have peace without war.  It is public knowledge among us who had strived to get educated so that ignorance would not make us blind when we look at and investigate this issue. 

       Relative to the war in Iraq, I have noted with keen interest that protesting peaceniks are also religious although most of them are atheists and Godless.  Anti-war activists from the religious left never learned a lesson from their own cutthroat competition to “love the enemy” and live in peace with terror. Their familiar catchphrase in the streets is “make love – not war!” They make the V-sign, and inhale.

      When we started bombing the murderous Talibans in Afghanistan who were hiding Osama bin Laden after we buried our dead following terror’s 9/11 attack, anti-war activists did not only protest in the streets to stop the bombing and save Osama bin Laden but also sent their emissaries to the terrorists’ lair in Afghanistan to prove to the world that peace with terror can be worked out by preaching Christian love.   

     Recall that in 2001, members of the German-based Christian organization called Shelter Now International sent American Dyna Curry and Heather Mercer with four others of different nationalities from their congregation, to Kabul.  Their peace mission with terror was to preach Christian love to Muslim terrorists and convert them to Christianity.  They have their pre-departure publicity drummed up to get the attention of the world to their “noble” crusade – to prove that the United States was wrong in declaring war on terror.

        I have this on record because the brainless stupidity displayed in this unforgettable incident was unparalleled in the history of anti-war activism in the United States. Curry and Mercer went to Afghanistan to preach Christianity. They knew that in the radical Muslim world, this is a serious offense punishable by death. This is on top of the international advisory issued by the President of the United States that terrorists were targeting Americans for hostage-taking and slaughter all over the world.

       When they arrived in Kabul, what else one would expect to happen other than what happened – they were all arrested, thrown to terror’s dungeon and subjected to torture and inhuman indignities. While imprisoned, they were treated like wild animals in captivity. 

        It hurts every time this incident comes back to mind because these two American activists were representing America to the Taliban terrorists in their self-proclaimed mission of peace and brotherhood out there in their adventure in the wild.

       Since these religious screwballs were representing us Americans out there in the world of savages, I saw you and myself in that dungeon being tortured; the humiliation and brutalities we absorbed just because we are Americans represented by those foolish missionaries of peace, make your stomach and mine curl with revulsion. Terrorists displayed them in television specifically addressing the American public -- swearing and calling Americans dirty names -- with a blood-curling announcement that the two American spies were on trial before their heads would be cut off for the whole world to see.

       If we recall this traumatic experience vividly, we also remember that the American public was enraged.  We just buried our dead then following the 9/11 terrorist attack, the same terrorists who would like to cut two more American heads off – empty heads notwithstanding. 

       The fact that these are the heads of Americans that protested our declaration of war on terror, the same American heads that cried out loud in the streets to stop the bombing of terrorists in Afghanistan and save Osama bin Laden, all in the name of peace and Christian love, was one of the most painful insulting moments of our lives.  But notwithstanding all these, anti-war activists Curry and Mercer must be saved.

       On November 14, 2001, a U.S. military helicopter flew Curry and Mercer and their rescued anti-war dissenters out of Afghanistan after languishing in a cell in Kabul fit for animals for almost three months.

        Who do you think saved them? The Commander-In-Chief  of the United States President George W. Bush, whom Curry and Mercer in their protest, together with their left-wing liberal marchers in the streets, called “a war criminal”.

       Who do you think rescued them? Our soldiers who are fighting terror, who gave their lives away so that we can be secured from terrorist attacks, fallen soldiers the likes of 24-year-old Casey that his mother, Cindy Sheehan and subalterns called “murderers” in the war against terror in Iraq.

        The United States military command responded quickly to public outrage.  To rescue the activist hostages and defeat the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan, President Bush and our military strategists burned the midnight candle in finding out the best option to take –- carpet bombing of pinpointed military targets with the barest minimum of non-combatant casualties. 

       It worked. The world witnessed the result.  Worldwide CBS television news reported on November 14, 2001 as follows: “When the Taliban pulled out, the opposition forces, [combined U.S.-led ground operatives] were able to rescue them [Curry, Mercer and the four other activists in the group].”

       It was unbelievable! We rescued American terrorist sympathizers and the enemy within, from their crazy adventure.  We rescued them from their madness: The very activists who wanted us to withdraw from Iraq and let terror take over; the activists who abused President Bush in their relentless protests that the president had rescued, without even thanking Bush … even just for his tenacity in resisting their persistent, and to a certain extent, violent demand that we should quit Iraq immediately and leave the door ajar to terrorist attacks against Americans here and abroad.

     Think about how anti-war activists themselves prove not only how wrong they are but also how serious their delusion of dissent had deteriorated in time.

     This delusional compassion of “loving our enemy” and stopping the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to have peace with terror, are spreading like a contagion. Proving this madness is a kind of stupidity beyond description! Admittedly, this may be a “strong” statement likely to offend anti-war activists, but proofs are showing as to why this statement cannot be otherwise but strong.

      Another proof on record shows that obtuse activists are gluttons for error.

      The Mercer-Curry incident was followed shortly thereafter by another hostage-taking in the case of the “Christian Peacemakers”. They compete in their campaign to “love the enemy” to prevent war. A group of rival peacenik activists went to Iraq to prove that the U.S. war in Iraq was wrong and that they want the U.S.-led coalition forces to pull out even as they were demonizing Bush, day in and day out. Well, as expected, terrorists captured those peacenik morons. Sunnis terrorists held them captives.

     Terrorists threatened to cut their heads off, unless our troops withdraw or unless we submit to the indignities of their other demands for our defeat in Iraq.

      The captives of terror threatened to be beheaded by the Swords of Righteousness Brigade, were British, Canadians and Americans: James Looney, Norman Kemper, Harmed Sigh Sodden and Tom Fox.  Like prize animals in captivity, they were publicly paraded in Arab media and television networks, notably al-Jazeera for the world to see and understand that terror can bend the will of the free world by making demands at gunpoint.

      The fate of those activists was similar to that of Mercer and Curry.  But imagine for a moment that in their respective places, are Cindy Sheehan and some of her vitriolic “anti-warniks” that call President Bush a “war criminal” and our soldiers in Iraq “murderers”.

        President-elect Obama would, like President Bush, succumb to a public outcry to rescue them. And most probably he would liberate them from terrorist captivity without any hesitation or second thought.

       On the other hand, not only reason but also poetic justice dictates that Obama should leave them to their own chosen fate – to let them die to prove that they “love” the enemy, or enjoy their version of “peace” with terror down to their grave, for which reason their lives may not be worth saving. Insanity is never a good reason for wasting the lives of others to save those with such anti-war disorder. 

       Certainly we value life but at the same time we do not want to risk the lives of our soldiers in liberating those activist hostages that in their protests had in fact attacked America and Washington, attacked our soldiers calling them “murderers” and attacked the U.S. Commander-In-Chief describing him as “a war criminal”. Leaving them to their fate as casualties of war would be not only a reasonable decision but also a justifiable action for president-elect Obama to take.

      Assume therefore that we allow terror to behead them one by one, shown in national television for the world to see -- would there be any stronger proof than the beheading itself showing that leftwing anti-war activists are not only dangerously wrong but also delusional whose protest is detached from reality? It cost them their lives to prove their own folly!

      It is out of this madness that president-elect Obama would start loading his gun in dealing with his leftist activist comrades in the early part of his disaster-prone administration.

      With radical activism looming as a formidable opponent, Obama prepares for what looks like an O.K. Coral showdown draw of the fastest guns alive – indeed, a jaw-dropping event to watch! #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. access November 17, 2008.

The writer is an award-winning journalist. Know more about the author by reading his published editorials and feature articles or you may e-mail your comment at

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