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Life on the Road with The Liberty Rider

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Life on the Road with The Liberty Rider
By Morpheus Titania
One day about 2 months back, when my very good friend and fellow patriot Psychic Taxi, informing me that he was going to accompany Michael Maresco, Liberty Rider,  as rode across Arizona, after the 4th of July.  I said to “You’re going?  I’m in”.  That was it, decision made, 400 miles on a bicycle, across Arizona in the summer, for liberty and freedom.  I mean how could I pass up this opportunity?  As it turns out, this was going to coincide exactly with the Phoenix Revolution going to Santa Fe.  A decision had been made as individuals working together, to show the patriots in that area just exactly how to jump start The R3volution in Santa Fe.  The Adam Kokesh’s congressional campaign was going to need to be augmented by working “underground” outside the Kokesh top down hierarchy and by using our own flavor of “marketing” to enhance it’s presence across the country. 
This was done, just like it was done back in 2007, with the Ron Paul R3volution.  The Phoenix R3volution was able to paint the town Kokesh using the banners that were designed in phoenix and transported to Santa Fe without any coordination from the campaign
Many people do not know that the Ron Paul “R3volution” was actually created by individuals in Phoenix as soon as it was confirmed that Ron Paul would run for president.   The “R3volution” logo was created by Ernie Hancock and I was there to help create the very first signs.  The very first Ron Paul music video was created in Phoenix, by Dave Gallagher, who also created the very first Ron Paul Meetup group as well.
The Phoenix Patriots have a long history of creativity and Big ACTION when it comes to exposing the FRAUD of the government, the Federal Reserve and jump starting the Ron Paul R3volution.  It was a natural for this group of tireless individuals to mount an assault on the town of Santa Fe and get the Kokesh R3volution up to speed so everyone in town would absolutely want to know more about Adam Kokesh.  And then to have the return trip coincide bicycling with Michael Maresco across the state of Arizona was not something to be missed.
 Psychic Taxi John Penrose leaving Phoenix Arizona
To make traveling more comfortable for the 10 day trip, Ed Vallejo volunteered to rent a motor home.  This vehicle turned out to be very beneficial to our trip by providing us shelter, place to eat and an easy way to transport the 3 bicycles and Michael’s trailer.  We left Phoenix on Thursday 7/2/09 with a bunch of Kokesh signs, great spirits and full tank of gas, to meet Michael in Albuquerque.  Michael was all for heading back to Santa Fe and helping out the R3volution with our project even though he just had visited with Adam Kokesh in Santa Fe just few days prior.
James Delcoure Michael Gaddy 
On the way out of town we met at Joan of Winslow where we met with other R3volutionaries at her house for a little mixer.  After that we headed out of town to our destination, New Mexico.   After some pictures at the state line, we put up signs in Gallup and then one over the freeway at the continental divide.
Morpheus Kokesh Revolution 
We got into Albuquerque and met with Michael at his motel.  We loaded up his Bike and Trailer in the motor home and put up our signs on the motor home for the Kokesh R3volution.  The motor home with its huge flat spaces was just screaming for some banners so we decorated it, and then heading off to Santa Fe.  When we got there we immediately got to work painting the town Kokesh.  We were determined inform the people of Santa Fe, they had within their midst a true statesman, some who could be trusted to lead and expose the lies of the federal government, FROM THE INSIDE!  We even recruited the efforts of “V” to assist us in hanging signs all over Santa Fe.
V presents Kokesh revolution Santa Fe 
After meeting up with the other Phoenix R3volutionaries we picked up more signs and banners to place around town to draw attention to the concert that Adam was planning for after the fireworks for the 4th of July “celebration”.   After a few hours all the signs were put up it and it now was Party time at Adams house.   The evening was climaxed with live entertainment with Jason Page singing on the roof of Adam’s house at the sunset.
Jordan Page singing roof sunset Santa Fe 
Next day was the final push to encourage the people of Santa Fe to come to the Kokesh Concert, so we hit “The Plaza” where there were mobs of people for a their annual pancake breakfast.  Afterwards we put up more signs in the outlying areas of the city.   Then we had to get ourselves ready to do the preparations for the concert.  The Concert was great, we had multiple performers and Adam Kokesh I-phone application was unveiled and ended with Jason Page playing several songs and did an encore performance with his rendition of “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd.
Psychic Taxi Kokesh Revolution 
Michael’s schedule involved him being in Las Vegas for the Freedom Fest, so after the concert ended at 2 am, we said our good byes and headed to Gallup New Mexico.  We wanted to be in Gallup, by the morning, so we would be able to have a full day of Bicycle riding from the Arizona Border to make it to our destination of Winslow, Arizona, by the end of the day.   We departed from the border after having someone give Michael a roadside donation, what a great sign that we are on schedule!
Psychic Taxi Liberty Rider Michael Maresco roadside outreach 
We are pedaling great, however soon a headwind comes into play and we are faced with that for the next 4 days.  It gets blowing so hard that I find myself downshifting to head down a hill and my pace is about 7-10 miles per hour.  After going for 30 miles we get our first flat and Michael has to repair it. 
Michael Maresco Liberty Rider fixes flat 
After 50 miles or so I am starting to feel sick I am going slower and slower.  We get passed by the Publisher of, Ernie Hancock and his wife Donna.  They ask how we are doing and I am not looking too good.  I get some pretzels and I am only able to eat one.  However we press on.  We hit the first Truck stop outside Holbrook and I just lay on the concrete.  I am sure my travel buddies are taking bets on me not making it.  Then we go inside and have something to eat.  I start feeling better.  We proceed to Winslow and head to Joan’s house for a shower and some food.  One of the Phoenix R3volutionaries, Andrea, has prepared a delicious chicken and pasta dinner that was fantastic.  She knows the best way to a man’s heart is through the stomach!  Love you Andrea!  We relax with Joan and hit the bed for a welcomed rest.
Psychic Taxi Michael Maresco Liberty rider La Pasada Winslow Arizona 
We get up in the morning and head to La Posada Resort in Winslow.  A beautifully recreated old time resort there in Winslow.  What a beautiful place and the food Delicious.  I snap some pictures of the hotel.  There is a gorgeous 3 dimensional map of Arizona there in the gift shop.  These pictures do not give it justice.  As I roaming the grounds, train passes by.  I though about how 100 years ago, what a welcome it would be to traveling west by train and then to stop at this beautiful resort and how wonderful it must have been in its glory days.
Being we are in Winslow it is important that we take the time to have a photo op at the statute there in Winslow that commemorates the song “Take it Easy” by the Eagles.  We take a bunch of pictures and one woman wants to get her picture taken with 7 men.  A crowd is draw and she gets her wish!
Morpheus Joan of Winslow Psychic Taxi Michael Maresco liberty rider standing corner winslow arizona 
We go across the street and Psychic Taxi does some activism there at the shop there who is a also a friend of Joan’s.  We then proceed to the historic train station and do more picture taking and another friend Tom joins us.  We even coax our chauffeur, John to get in the picture.  Now it is hit the road destination Flagstaff.  Leaving Winslow I snap 2 pictures of the road ahead they are both in the same place only one is zoomed in as far as the camera will go.  I am not even sure I knew I got the entering Coconino County sign in the second picture.
Michael Marseco liberty rider into the wind flag arizona 
After a few hours of riding, we pass a rest area.  I marvel at the tenacity of the people who first came across this land with roads, water, only fueled by their hopes and dreams, looking for a new life.  There are some flags on the other side of the road and this give a idea about what the wind was like for 4 DAYS 15-20 miles per hour and blowing the wrong way!  I would come to the top of a hill and looking to go down only to have to shift down, to go down the hill because the wind was stronger on the down side of the hill.
Morpheus slim jim arizona break time 
Time to take a break and grab some energy and rest on the side of the embankment!
Michael Maresco liberty rider absolute bikes flagstaff arizona 
Ah Flagstaff.  I remark to myself why the sign entering Flagstaff is so far outside anywhere there are any houses.  The cities are so desperate for the power to STEAL money they are making them bigger and bigger.  Soon Psychic Taxi and I come across the biggest ant hill we have ever seen it’s like up to his knee.  I have got to get some pictures of this.  Of course we are both dancing around as not to get any of these big red ants on us.
Ride along for a little bit longer there are 2 cops shaking down what looks like two Mexican guys they have their stuff all over the road.  I feel sad because these cops think they are like the knights of old and will do whatever they want whenever they want because they guys broke some ‘rule”.  The Government violates the LAW, and because they own the corrupt courts and misinform the people, they are destroying our rights and liberties. They look at the Constitution, the law of the land as an inconvenience.  Well, that is what we are riding, to raise the awareness that you do own your body, and everything you produce is yours and ENTIRELY YOURS without lien.  The Government has no right to Steal the fruits of your labor.  NONE.   What a grand day it will be when the government had to go door to door asking people, to support it, presenting a case so that they could receive money like a business or a church.  No instead they go around STEALING money, always under the threat of violence or violence itself.  Think about it, tell the government NO long enough and they WILL commit violence on you.
Micheal Maresco outreach Flagstaff Arizona 
We head into Flagstaff and do some outreach.  Michael is always well received.  We stop downtown and grab some food.  I snap Michaels Picture in front of a bike store and then check out the Moon.  It is as low as I have ever seen.   We head out of town to a truck stop to rest for the night.
Michael Maresco Liberty Rider outreach Flagstaff Arizona  
Next day we get up and eat, Michael has a moment to do outreach to travelers in the area.  Then it’s hit the road.  Next stop Seligman!  At about 11:30am, before we get to Williams, Michael and Psychic Taxi pulled of the road for a break.  Little did I know, I would not be seeing them again for the next few hours.   I kept going mostly because I was the slowest of the group going up hill.  You see, Michael’s bike is electric assist and Psychic Taxi’s bike is gas assist.  When there was a steep hill, Psychic Taxi would push me up the hill.  This was done to keep on schedule and to stay together.  Consequently many times when Psychic Taxi or Mike would stop for a break I would keep going, always knowing they would soon catch me, but not this time.
So I keep riding and pass Williams, Arizona.  This is where the Grand Canyon Railway departs from.  A highly recommended attraction ever one comes to Arizona.  No Psychic Taxi or Michael, but I push on. 
Morpheus Ash Fork Seligman Arizona road 
Now I travel for 30 more miles and I am approaching Ash Fork running low on water, I head into town.  I stop at the convenience store.  I tell them what I am up to and ask for some water.  They graciously accept the flyer and say not a problem.  I am a little concerned because I have no money, cell phone, or phone numbers with me at all.  But I know they are going to catch me.
After departing from Ash Fork, the Flagstone capitol of the world, by the way, I am riding down the Highway and a small pickup truck pulls over.  Out of the truck is Oyate!  He is one of the other writers from  We chat for a while and he tells me he had talked to Michael and they are only 11 miles behind me.  We take a picture and he heads off to hang with Michael.  I keep going down the road.
I keep going all the way to Seligman and still no Michael or Psychic Taxi.  I stop at the first gas station I come to.  Again I go inside and get some water and pass out the Liberty Rider Flyer.  I get a weird feeling knowing that it is the afternoon, I have no money on me and I don’t know the cell phones for any of my crew and I am in a town in the middle of nowhere!   But, I know that no matter what my friends will meet me.  I wait patiently there at the gas station, and after an hour has passed, I see the RV with John driving.  Am I relieved!  I head over there and rap with John and he tells me how they went into the two towns doing outreach.  20 minutes later I see the rest of the group.  After they arrive we swap stories and we head into town to find a room.
Seligman Arizona Micheal Maresco Liberty rider Psychic Taxi route 66 Arizona 
We find lodging however, not before Psychic Taxi has the opportunity to get a long screw in his tire.  We stop at the Deluxe 66 motel.  How did we pick this motel?  It’s the only one with wireless internet in the whole town!  Shower time as Psychic Taxi grabs food at the restaurant.  Psychic Taxi fixes his tire not realizing the next morning the screw was so long it poked a hole on the inside of the tube as well so in the morning he has to re-fix it.
Next Morning we grab food and head out our destination is Kingman AZ, which is a good 70+ miles out of Seligman.  This is a nice down hill run for the most part however the worst road we have seen so far.  Somewhere in the mountains I head down a hill and I don’t see the team till we hit Kingman for a photo Op.  I can do this because I am not packing a trailer like Michael is and Psychic Taxi is staying with Michael.  However, I am not separated from them like I was the previous day.
Kingman Arizona Michael Maresco liberty rider psychic taxi 
We find a RV Park with again the requirement is wireless internet.   To me at this point it is amazing that any motel would not have this and still be in business.  I stay up till 4 am doing my music video only to find that in the morning that youtube has muted my video.  Very quickly I upload to 2 other sites: and, and when that is done I post the story to  Lucky for me the RV Park has a nice connection and by the way the night before, has a pool for us to take a welcomed swim.
Before we leave Kingman we head to the Sheriffs department to do some out reach there.  Interesting how they have the glass plate, when you come to talk to them.  What do they have to be afraid of?  The officer does explain she has seen the Sheriff Mack's book in the office so that is a plus
Michael Maresco Liberty Rider outreach to Mohave sheriffs officer 
Now we have a nice hill going out of Kingman and I am on it.  Hit the top and I want to build up as much speed as I can get.  My only problem is I don’t see the exit and I am now heading to Searchlight, Nevada and not the Hoover Dam.  Luckily I have been down this road before and things don’t look right.  I stop and head back up the hill and cross the median to get back on the right road.  But this time I am not going anywhere until I find my group.  This is a stretch of road without much services and I don’t want to get disconnected.  I have my phone this time but Kricket has no service in this area.  I wait for a while not wanting to leave where I am, because I can see much of the road behind me and up the road are some road workers.  I ride to them and ask to use the phone.  I call Michael and find they are just up the road.  I head out and before I get to where they are at John in the RV beeps at me.  Soon we are in the RV swapping stories.  We are all happy, because we acted correctly and haven’t lost much time.
Morpheus Michael Maresco Arizona Road American Flag dont tread on me 
We take a break at Grasshopper Junction and there is an unmanned DPS photo radar vehicle at the top of the hill.  It’s great to know that this is how the government wants to “protect” its citizens by stealing money from those who are traveling too fast.  I feel so safe knowing that the people of Arizona have to have their money stolen to first purchase this vehicle and then to be RIPPED off , when they get a letter in the mail.
Riding to the Hoover dam is uneventful even though there isn’t much shoulder to ride on.  We stop for the RV before the point of no return, deciding that John would drive to a parking pack and then let us know to proceed.  After getting the call, we head out and ride to the lot.  We stop and take a few pictures and more groupies stop for us.  All of a sudden we have Joan of Winslow and Jeane from the Phoenix R3volution stopping for us and more pictures.  The girls are so sweet and they have DELICIOUS melon for us to snack on.  This is really great because the temperature is 110 degrees in the parking lot there at the dam.
John Penrose Morpheus Micheal Maresco liberty rider psychic taxi Joan of winslow hoover dam 
We head down to the dam we take some pictures at the marker where the imaginary line is separating Arizona from Nevada.  We also see some military guys and Michael tells them about what he is doing, they are very open the knowledge, that the government is completely out of control.  We get some photos with them.  We get back on our bikes and head up the other side of the dam this time going up.  We arrive to the sign that says welcome to Nevada, and take some more pictures.  Psychic Taxi says I am done.  “I have done my part and have escorted Michael across Arizona.  He takes his bike and puts it back in the RV.  For me though I am going all the way to Vegas.
We make a decision to head up boulder highway and on my suggestion we take the 5% grade instead of the 5 mile longer distance.  What was I thinking?  The road to Boulder City is a 3-5 miles of 5% going up.  I am stuck in 1st and 2nd gear the whole way, and it is HOT!  We make the corner there in Boulder and head to Vegas. On the way we go past the road that I would have come out on, had I kept on going when I made my wrong turn a little out of Kingman.
We are cruising into Henderson and we are now actively looking for a place to sleep.  We either have no motels, no first floors for the bikes, or no internet.  It is getting late about 8:00 the sun is going down.  However we find a place.  By the time we get the key Psychic Taxi has pulled up in the RV and he has a large bucket of quarters in it.  “I have been hitting every casino since we left you guys and I am on a roll” he says.  We hit the room and of course the shower.  Mike orders a pizza.  We are sitting in the RV and we have a cord going to the room to the RV.  The delivery guy is smart because he follows the cord from the room to find us in the RV.  Psychic Taxi says “I am going to head out after Michael has picked up his stuff in the RV.”  It’s about midnight when we finally hit the bed.
In the morning, it’s just Michael and me.  It feels different not to have Psychic Taxi and John with us.  I feel like we are all now brothers in arms and they have shipped out to the states for furlough.   Michael asks me to pick up some monster drinks and I can take his bike.  I get some instruction on how the battery assist works and I head out the door.    Now I know how Michael is kicking my ass up the mountains.  This works GREAT.  I love the power and it is almost silent.  That is the part that I do not like about the gas powered motor that Psychic Taxi is driving.  The noise from the gas powered motor wrecks the whole bicycling experience.
Micheal Maresco liberty rider morpheus tropicana las vegas nevada
I get back and we finish loading up, from our directions Michael will be heading one way at Tropicana and I will be turning at Sahara.  I am getting really choked up inside.  This journey for me has been a kind of a spiritual one of sorts.  I will never give up until I am free.  NEVER!  We ride to Tropicana and we take some pictures.  I feel blessed that God has given me the opportunity to be able to ride all this way with Michael.  I wonder, does Michael know how much he has inspired me?  I am getting all choked up, as we part.  What an adventure!  I thank God for the other freedom loving people in the world like Michael Maresco, Psychic Taxi, John Penrose, Joan of Winslow, Andrea, Jeane & Buck, Tesla, 4409, Ben, Drew, Renee, Chuck, Frodo & Donna, Jet, Powell and Dugger and all the people who’s lives have touched mine on this incredible trip!   We were all able to come together on this world wind trip, starting out in Phoenix, Arizona then heading to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We had the chance to meet all the people in the Kokesh Revolution and showing them how to take it to the next level, Phoenix style.   We traveled across Arizona by bicycle, as part of the liberty rider team.  Now I am in Vegas heading to the Freedom Fest and will be hanging out with my friends from Phoenix in Vegas.  It all seems so surreal now.  What will people do in the future to support the cause of Freedom, who knows?  One thing is for sure is, I’ll be there!
Morpheus Red hair las vegas Nevada