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MrTruther -- A look into the Freedom Fest 2009

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
This is a little photo-to-video-with-music-thing (not sure what else to call it) I made in support of our time in 'Vegas for the FreedomFest. It was my 1st time attending this conference and I had a superior experience on so many levels that it's hard to count them all. Much 3V07-L0VE to all of you who made it so much darn fun!! Blessings to you who may want to become more active as a result of watching this~ CG 

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Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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 Dear Don,

What we are trying to say is that we put the freedom in the fest. Otherwise, all I seen was a bunch of neo-liberals (maybe you) running amuck trying to score on the Ron Paul movement. Final score = Epic Fail

Do try again next year if we still have a country! ohh and don't forget to take that flu shot....arrrrrrrr

Comment by Charles Gillespie
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Apologies in advance to those who posted comments on the other version of this same photo-to-video-thing I made, but I felt it necessary to add the LAST image that reads, "FREEDOM FEST: Because We CAN!!" (mostly for your benefit, Don) and once reposted (by 4409) moved the original somewhere away from the front page.

'MUCH OBLIGED' to 4409 for helping/educating me on this task and a GYNORMOUS 'Thanks, Buddy!' to 4409 for hooking up my YouTube account so that I get subscribers by the hour now, (you freeekin' ROCK, dude!!)

"High Fives" to Jet for calling it correctly. You always seem to have a keen eye on the trolls in the crowd.

There is no conspiracy goin' on here Don, but 'thank you's' for the compliment anyway!  ;)

Mebbe you should post YOUR PHOTOS from the Freedom Fest and show everyone what a great time you had?? (Jeeze Doot, I know it was only my first one and thereby possibly not so great but your lack of encouragement is astounding. Good thing that only makes me want to post more / try harder, heh heh!)

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Wow Don,

Put down the pitcher and step away from the Kool-Aid.  OH YEAH! 

Since Charles' video was erased, which I know happened for NON-nefarious and largely heart-breaking reasons; my comment to you was also erased. What I originally said was, "Don, who shit in your Froot Loops this morning?"  I continue to stand by this statement. 

That said, you don't see me running around braying like an ass and tossing blind, ridiculous, and, well, incorrect observations that have long since grown stale, so much so that they are frankly stinking up the place.

Yours in Jim Nabor's name, 



Comment by Don Wills
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So I make a comment a few hours ago about how a newly posted (today) article isn't much about Freedom Fest, but is more about pictures of folks drinking beer and smiling for the camera. I get ridiculed for that comment ... and then the article disappears completely from Freedom's Phoenix a couple of hours after it's posted, and then the same video reappears here using a similar tag about "Freedom Fest 2009". Hmm. Skullduggery at work here at FP? I believe so. Folks, don't waste your time watching the video. It's not about Freedom Fest 2009 (which I attended). It looks like some folks had a good time going to the bars and playing shuffleboard, but it certainly isn't newsworthy.

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