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IPFS - July 25th 2009

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
We Are in the Midst of a Disaster
Gary North on mass layoffs and the future of the economy.
Ron Paul's Rx
Obamacare is monstrous: scrap it.
The First Worldwide Bubble in Everything
Marc Faber on the Fed's unprecedented crime.
No Exit
Peter Schiff on Bernanke's claims about a Fed reversal.
Has the US Economy Hit Bottom?
Nope, says Frank Shostak.
Congress Finally Listens
To Ron Paul on the Fed.
The Economic Genius Advising Obama
And the wreckage he left at Harvard.
States Rights vs. Obama
Texas rediscovers the 10th amendment.
Politicizing Crime
Daniel Coleman on the TSA and totalitarian justice.
Obstructing and Manipulating
Bill Sardi on the Fed and the Treasury.
Licensed To Kill
The CIA wrote the book.
It's Not Who You Know
It's who knows you.