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THE COMMON SENSE SHOW – August 16, 2009

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On Sunday night, August 16, 2009,  THE COMMON SENSE WITH DAVE HODGES  will interview college professor, popular talk show guest and geopolitical researcher, Jim McCanney, who will join Dave to discuss the pending multiple financial calamities which will shut down the banks and bring the economy to standstill. Meanwhile, the false flag issue of the H1N1 virus, and the accompanying deadly vaccine, will be used to camouflage the global financial meltdown from which we will see the implementation of martial law, gun confiscation, and the use of foreign troops against United States citizens on American soil

In the second hour, author and researcher, Barbara Peterson will join Dave to discuss the agenda of the globalists’ whose unmistakable goal is population reduction for “environmental sustainability” under Agenda 21 instituted by the United Nations. Barbara will connect the dots on the swine flu false flag pandemic. She will also discuss the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act which is de facto Martial law through the declaration of a pandemic. Barbara will tie together all these issues along with GMO’s and CODEX.

This will prove to be a can’t miss show!

And of course, Annie DeRiso will continue bringing us timely unreported news events in her popular Under the Radar segment in which she and Dave are going to break a stunning story about the creation of a resistance group to oppose the New World Order planned demise of the United States. The group is backed Fox’s Rupert Murdock and the Alaskan North Shore moguls, Sarah Palin, recently resigned Senator Martinez (FL) and many other high ranking retired military and high profile politicians. The implications for such an alliance promises to make the sparks fly.

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