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Ron Paul answers Reddit users questions

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Reddit, a news comment site, interviews the congressman, 2008 presidential candidate and doctor from the state of Texas, Ron Paul about the things reddit readers want to know.  The questions are diverse and as always Dr. Ron Paul gives his answers and I am sure they are nothing like the questioner had in mind they would be. Dr. Paul explains his answers in the light of liberty, Freedom and Property Rights.   It is so enjoyable to listen to Dr. Ron Paul fully explaining his positions.
Part1 of 5
What is your stand on Net Neutrality?
Are Scientists motivated politically with regards to global warming and evolution?
What can be don to tip the balance of power away from the lobbyists and towards the voters in regards to health care?

Part 2 of 5
How can one justify reducing the budget for science and technology in spite of the quality of life and national security afforded by the developments from government funded research?
Do you accept the theory of evolution?
Part 3 of 5
What would a return to sound money look like?
How do you reconcile the fact that you believe the Federal government has no place in gay marriage debate, with your support of DOMMA?
Part 4 of 5
Should the governmnet be able to keep secrects from the people at all and is ultimate freedom more important than ultimate security?
How do you feel about the Americans with Disabilities Act?
Part 5 of 5
How can I enjoy the benefits of light rail and still be a good libertarian?

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