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09.12.09 March on Washington - March to Capitol Hill

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Demonstrators from all over America march up Pennsylvania Avenue to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on September 12. 2009. Their objective is to defend freedom and the US Constitution and to protest the government's plans for massive spending and oppressive policies.

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Comment by Found Zero
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It was big. No doubt it was big. I still can't believe this. 

To me this simply represents the power of the FoxNews/GOP conglomerate. After how many years of building these guys come in and just smoke us.

Maybe it couldn't have happened any other way. We were not able to get the message out far enough and it left this vaccume.

Ernie explains in a previous post that this will hold the Republican politicians who are jumping on board to account, he implies that their demise is inevitable as their followers see they can't/don't deliver.

I disagree. They don't have to deliver. All they have to do is blame Obama/Dems for a few years. And honestly, when has the GOP actually delivered much of anything? Abortion still exists, government is getting larger, fiscal irresponsiblity is the norm, the rule of law doesn't exist to Wall Street or the Fed, on and on.

And in no fundamental way have these folks repudiated the global US corporate-military empire. Which, all other arguments aside, is fundamentally contrary to the core values of this republic.

Comment by Charzhome S.
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Indeed.  That is a looong story :)

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Powell Gammill
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"We Are John Galt!"  


"We Are John Galt!" 


Lucy.  I think we are in trouble.  Who is John Galt? 

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