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THE COMMON SENSE SHOW with DAVE HODGES SUNDAY October 4, 2009, 9-11pm Central

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 In the first half hour of the show, Under the Radar correspondent, Annie DeRiso, will be discussing a variety topics including the imminent meltdown of the dollar, a bank holiday and coming martial law. Also being discussed will be the health risks, to people living in urban areas, posed by the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and an analysis of trend in local newspapers to be in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens, approval of the fascist relationship between government and its corporations, being anti-personal property rights, being anti-Christian, vehemently opposed to discussions which favor the Constitution as the final arbitrator of all legal disputes and rabidly supporting the homosexual agenda, population control, abortion and eugenics.

  At the bottom of the first hour, Dave will be joined by highly decorated Kansas state Trooper, Greg Evensen (Ret) as they discuss the militarization of the police in preparation for coming martial law, mandatory swine flu vaccinations, quarantine camps and FEMA’s search for mass grave sites. Tune in as Greg provides his tips to survive what is coming in the near term.






SUNDAY October 4, 2009


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