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Nick Sand the man who made Orange Sunshine.

Written by Subject: Drug War
Nick Sand served hard time for running a productive underground LSD operation - and he has no regrets.  Nick, your a hero in my book! [ED]
Nick Sand was one of the foremost LSD scientist in the world and was the creator of the famous "Orange Sunshine",  a 300 microgram dose said a special karma.  Over his 40 year career, he estimates he made over a quarter of a BILLION hits.
Profile of Nick Sand
Since the dawn of the age of psychedelics the imagination of hundreds of thousands of people, probably millions of inner explorers, has been sparked, illuminated and inspired. Of these, some have devoted their energy and lives to psychedelic research. The names of these early pioneers include William James, Hermann Hesse, Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, Ralph Metzner, Peter Stafford and many others. By book, lecture and interview they have endeavored to share their knowledge and to inform others about their journeys to the new frontier — the Interior Landscape.

The psychedelic journey within provides windows on the visions of the saints, buddhas and yogis. Formerly these visions were only obtainable by years of practice and austerity. In modern times the need for these visions, these ecstatic modes of thinking and feeling, has become a vital necessity for the survival of the planet. If we cannot on a large scale "see" that we are the stewards of the planet, and begin to care for our home, planet Earth, we will soon cease to exist.

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Comment by shoe core
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actually, for me it was the other way round. I never beleived in god, at all. I wasn't from a religious family, particularly, but the school I went to was institutionally monotheistic. we'd have to say a prayer every assembly; and we'd always hear a reading from the bible, and sing hymns. I did not beleive in god. I beleived in the big bang, and science. Then, toward the start of university I started dropping acid and it became so apparent to me, the connectedness of all things; the nature of myself. the nature of godliness. On a particuarly large journey, I experienced being in the holy trinity. As in, first everything was, then everything wasn't, then it neither was nor was not- but it was inbetween. And these three elements dissapeared into one; into one joyous point, a point which could not know itself without a reference. So first there was one, and then there was three. This is the holy trinity, and Neale Donald Walsch channel's gods (beautiful) description of it in 'conversations with god.' Obviously, each to his own, everyone to themselves - but for me, Jesus can't come as close to experiencing the real deal. Knowing yourself as the divine being that you are. Take care guys, don't drink yourself! ;)

Comment by SamFox
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LSD is a dangerous drug. I know. I ate a lot of OS & other 'brands', like Blue Oz. This was in the 60's. I would estimate my 'travels' numbered about 125 or more. Whenever the 'adventure' was over I was still the same self centered person who took the trips.I hit clear light so many times it became  normal..I got to the place where I would be stoned on acid but no more hallucinations. 

When I became a follower of Jesus Christ I finally was able to actually live out the ideals I had from taking acid but had no power later to carry out.. LSD left me in the same condition after coming down that I was in when I went up.

 I am for the RE-legalization of cannibis & hemp, but hallucigens like LSD, 'shrooms, peyote or what ever I can easily live without. Any oine using hallucigentic drugs does so at their own physical & spiritual risk.