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Imprisoned in the USA for "Obstruction of Justice"

Written by Subject: Homeland Security

Violent authoritarian thugs with guns and badges make up an excuse to assault a Canadian couple at the U.S. Border who were only here to spend their money.

Unfortunately, this is an ongoing trend with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials who are under the mistaken impression they can abuse whoever they want for whatever reason they want whenever they want (largely because they get away with it on a regular basis).

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Kudos to the Canadian for having the good sense to record the encounter. Otherwise, he and his wife would undoubtedly still be sitting in a jail cell facing trumped up charges from arrogant unaccountable federal agents.
More information from Disloyal Opposition is available here.

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Comment by Robert Rendahl (28089)
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My God. The sooner Islam is defeated, humiliated, and annihilated, the sooner we can abolish the growing police state and return to normalcy! The crap the visitor was subjected to sure isn't normal, and nobody should have to get used to it. Islam delenda est!

Comment by Lawrence Oshanek (15689)
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I for one, will never again travel to the US and I have invited a number of decent Americans to escape to Canada while they still can. I even invited Mr. Ron Paul to consider my home in Calgary as a safe haven before the shit hits the fan down there as I believe that Mr. Paul will just "disappear" when that time comes. The same invitation has been made to several others whom I know and respect and whose independent views will result in their being rounded up and held without any access to due process. When that day comes, your boarders will be sealed and I am very much aware of the Obama administration "pressuring" Canada to increase OUR security at our common border to keep escaping Americans out and/or to immediately return them to US custody. We are currently under great pressure from Obama to pass laws allowing for the pursuit of your citizens into my country by armed American agencies including the US Coast Guard. We have been asked to give those "police" authorities (including military police) the same arrest and detention powers as are held by our Royal Canadian Mounted Police "everywhere in Canada" - which in practical terms will mean that US authority named by the United States can then legally enter Canada and with a force of arms and the colour of right under law, take any person prisoner and into their lawful custody and (most likely) just take him back to the US. We all should be afraid! The proposed laws DO NOT require "hot pursuit". The proposed laws are reciprocal, our police will also have legal power to enter into the US but I suspect that local law enforcement there would resist armed Canadians from taking prisoners in the US from the US .... in my opinion, Canada will offer no such resistance to the US doing the same and will, in fact, offer armed assistance instead. What are you doing?