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Phoenix Sky train bridge carries trains over planes

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Phoenix Arizona – Under construction is a $1.1 billion ($1,100,000,000) PHX sky Train that will “service” the passengers of Sky Harbor Airport.  This monumental misappropriation of tax money has reached a dramatic construction milestone.  Workers have built a bridge for the train that is 100 feet in the air and crosses a airport Taxi way.
When this incredibly wasteful spending portion of the project is complete, as early as October 2010 planes will roll underneath the bridge on the taxiway!  When the boondoggle is operational then passengers to sky harbor will have the privilege of viewing planes beneath them while riding the driverless choo-choo train.
The bridge won't affect takeoffs and landings because taxiways - unlike runways - are roads that pilots use to move aircraft around the airport while they are on the ground
The Sky Train is a white elephant the first of its kind in the US where a transportation system crosses over an active taxiway.
What is mind numbing about the onus is its cost for something that buses already exist for.  The project costs $229,166,666 per mile, $43,402 per foot and $3616 per inch.  In the metric system this works out to $142 per millimeter!  How in the world could have our wonderfully smart politicians able to justify such a colossal expense for something that already exists?
When complete the 4.8 mile the Sky Train transport passengers to the airport’s 3 terminals, rental car facility and the 44th street and Washington light rail station.  The Phoenix metro light rail is part of the valley metro mass transit system which incidentally bilked the taxpayers out of $1.4 Billion $1,400,000,000.
Other than that, supersized planes like the airbus 380 won’t be able to get under phoenix Sky Bridge to nowhere.  Supersized planes - like an Airbus 380 - won't fit under that part of the tracks, but there are other places at the airport where, theoretically, future Group 6 aircraft such as the Airbus could get around said Jane Morris, an assistant aviation director at Sky Harbor.
“The airport is building the train to help with traffic and future growth”, said Deborah Ostreicher, a deputy aviation director.  So the economy is in the soup, people are doing less flying and that is the excuse to build this monstrosity, is so can prepare for future growth?  Where do these people come up with this load of excrement?
The other interesting feature of the Sky Train hokum is how the nothing was being done on the project for a long time; a bridge was built across Washington Rd with the construction of the light rail.  Nothing had been done with it since the train opened up in December 2009.  The construction was stopped.  Then after the Phoenix food tax was implemented May 01, 2010 the construction was started again.  I thought the food tax was for police and fire not a bridge to nowhere.

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Comment by John Morgan
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Hahaha! "Service" indeed!

Comment by McElchap
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 The term "boondoggle" does not seem to be nearly strong enough to describe this monstrous rip-off,  a totally frivolous project designed to fatten big contractors' wallets and inflate vainglorious egos with delusions of grandeur. It is this sort of "modernization" that is destroying America in her greatest time of need. A time when airlines are going broke for lack of business as the TSA goons are intimidating prospects for flying with anal probes and scanners photographing them nude, humiliating gropes and insulting questions. I won't even try to fly anymore!