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Russell "National ID" Pearce: beyond national ids for citizens. More to the plan.....

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 Now that, under SB1070, all restrictions and prohibitions have been lifted and the state freely exchanges any and all license data of law abiding citizens with the feds, the feds - under Pearce's leadership within the state - can implement the next part of the plan: no one gets birth certificates unless/until they validate their national id.
Remember, national id is data, not physical.  Once the feds have the data, all other national id pieces of the puzzle can be rolled out until every normal societal interaction can no longer take place without prior government "clearance", in otherwords until your national id gets checked and cleared.
The next piece of the puzzle to rollout is to prohibit issuance of ANY birth certificate unless and until the parent(s) of the newborns get prior clearance (that they are citizenns) from the US Department of Homeland Security
IMPORTANT: This is NOT limited to illegals.
Noone's newborn will be able to obtain a birth certificate unless the US Department of Homeland Security pre-clears them to do so.
This plan puts the power of determining who is and who is not a citizen in the federal executive's (and their bureaucrats') hands.  There is no due process.  There is no judicial review.  If you are determined, rightly or wrongly, to be an illegal, then you fall under immigration law and will be treated as an alien - even if you were born in the US of lawful American citizen parent.
This is the underlying secret for all immigration "enforcement" that ignores border security, such as the birth certificate law (coming this legislative session) and SB1070 - that it builds out the total control matrix for american citizens and puts total power over their lives into the hands of the federal executive and the Ministry of State Security.... ooops US Department of Homeland Security.
As predicted, yes once again, here on and NO WHERE ELSE, the DAY that the SB1070 national id law was implemented, which is today, July 30th, 2010, the paper would break the story on the next piece in the national id picture to be implemented:
No birth certificates without Homeland Security approval (and by the way, SSA "Enumeration at Birth")
 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.   -Revelations 13:17

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In other breaking news... the sky is falling!

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 1984 here we come!