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Libertarian Primary Write-In Candidates

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Libertarian Primary Write-In Candidates -- Write Them In To Get Them on the Ballot! We have a number of Libertarian Candidates who will be on the General Election ballot in November IF they get enough write-in votes during our Primary.
If you can vote the Libertarian Primary ballot, you have at least two write-in candidates you should vote, and perhaps more.
With many ballots-by-mail already in the hands of voters, here is a comprehensive list of these candidates, by office or district, so that you may remember to write them in.

U.S. Congress, C.D. 1: Nicole Patti
U.S. Congress, C.D. 3: Clay Adair
U.S. Congress, C.D. 6: Darell Tapp

Arizona State Offices

State Treasurer: Thane Eichenauer
Corporation Commissioner: Rick Fowlkes

Arizona Legislature - Senate

State Senate, L.D. 7: Dennis G. Grenier
State Senate, L.D. 19: William Munsil
Arizona Legislature - House of Representatives
State Representative, L.D. 6: William Barker

How to Write-In a Candidate:
On your ballot, you will find a spot to write-in a candidate, and a method to indicate your vote for that candidate.
Using the types of ballots for Maricopa County, here is an example of how you would cast a write-in vote for the two Arizona Statewide Office candidates running as write-in's in the Libertarian primary election:
The names have been written in, legibly, and the black arrow has been completed to indicate a vote.

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Comment by G Cone
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I really don't feel like I can vote for a Republican.  Not a garden variety Republican or even a Tea Party Republican.  Perhaps a Ron Paul Republican, a libertarian masquerading as a Republican.  And I don't even feel like I can vote for a Libertarian unless I feel like they really, really mean it.  I am embarrassed that I voted for Bob Barr.  I guess there will be a lot of blank spots on my ballot.  Maybe I will just write in Ron Paul for everything, from President to Dog Catcher.

Comment by Dennis Andersen
Entered on:

 Don't do it! Get rid of the Commucrats first, then if Rep's fail AGAIN vote their butts out too!

Comment by G Cone
Entered on:

I looked through Damian's website and I really don't see anything there to indicate he is a libertarian.  He supported Jan Brewer's 'temporary' sales tax increase.  He says he is not against state programs.  He sounds like a bureaucrat that wants to make government more efficient and better.  Maybe he should be running as an independent if he wants to separate himself from the Rs and Ds but he hasn't convinced me he's particularly passionate about freedom.

Comment by Thane Eichenauer
Entered on:

G Cone, y'all keep on being an unreasonable American

Damien Trabel has a web site and what appears to be an active facebook page for his campaign.
Damien Trabel campaign on Facebook

Just in case you can't find my position on religion in government. I wouldn't mind a Druid government so long as it left me along to practice (or fail to practice) my personal belief system. My position on the War on Terror: I am anti-murder unless attacked. The War on Drugs and Drug users and drug producers and smugglers: Let's abolish that (this goes for all drugs). My position on gays in and out of government is that so long as they leave me alone in my bedroom I am more than happy if government leaves them alone in theirs. My position on porn is that so long as government isn't subsidizing it then I don't see a need to prosecute those who buy or produce it. My position on immigration is that so long as an immigrant pays his own way and is not a fugitive criminal (a real crime not a faux victimless crime) he and she is welcome to come on down (see Jason L. Riley's book Let Them In). I know there are plenty of owners of apartment complexes that would love to reduce their vacancy rate so long as the renters pay their bill promptly and don't cause a problem. As for marijuana, I think government needs to pardon all people convicted of marijuana offences and stop imprisoning those who want to import it, grow it or smoke it (so long as government doesn't subsidize it).

As for nullification, being a 2010 candidate for Arizona State Treasurer for the Libertarian Party (write-in) I am not sure how nullification applies to that office but I can say that after reading Meltdown by Thomas E. Woods and 33 Questions by Thomas E. Woods (which covered the topic) that I find the idea worthy of support.

Thane Eichenauer, Arizona resident
Comment by G Cone
Entered on:

Regarding Dumitrescu and Trabel:  I don't mean to harp on this, but criminetly, if someone is making the effort to run for office, why can't they sit down for 10 minutes and write an essay on their political philosophy?  What do you believe and why?  Where specifically do you stand on issues like the role of religion in government, the War On Terror, the War On Drugs, gays, porn, immigration, marijuana, NULLIFICATION, marijuana, etc.  Did I leave anything out?  Oh, yeah, marijuana.  Don't make me flip a flippin' coin for crissake.

Comment by G Cone
Entered on:

Oh, and I hope all of you dope smokin', gun totin' economists out there vote for Barry Hess for Governor!  Go Barry!

Comment by G Cone
Entered on:

My mail in ballot lists two Libertarian candidates for AZ State Representitive: Cristian Dumitrescu and Damian Trabel.  I cannot find any information on the web about either of these candidates positions.  I would like to know what they stand for because I have found there are a lot of LINO's running for office, people who are free market republicans but are pro war or support religious/socially conservative agendas.  

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