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ARE YOU OBSOLETE? Secede to Succeed!

Written by David McElroy Subject: Science, Medicine and Technology
By David A. McElroy
Sept. 21, 2010
We are in great danger. Not just as patriotic Americans wanting to restore the republic or secede to establish a free state. Not just our goals of prosperity, health and happiness in a land of liberty. Our very existence is at stake, not just as individuals, but as a species. Humanity itself now hangs in the balance. Technology is at our throats, getting in our heads, leading us like ignorant lambs to the slaughter in what is a class warfare.

Evil’s end game is upon us, and the ruling houses of the Illuminati see us working class people as not only a troublesome management problem, but unnecessary and obsolete. In the age of computers and automation, quantum physics and biosciences, millions of laborers, soldiers, sailors, etc., are simply not needed. This is why population control is a thinly veiled threat of genocide! Google the “Georgia Guidestones“, which is a huge monument calling for allowing no more than 500,000 living people on Earth.

Thomas Horn, and his wife Nita, have a new book coming out, Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, & Human Enhancement Herald the Dawn of Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare. Horn says “Astonishing technological developments have pushed the frontiers of humanity toward far-reaching morphological transformation that promises in the very near future to redefine what it means to be human.” He writes of human DNA mingled with that of animals, and efforts to conceive “super soldiers” in DARPA funded labs in an Aug. 7, 2010 item at This is known as Transhumanism, the planned replacement of humanity with genetically engineered people designed for various functions like ants, expendable servants in a “hive mind” controlled by the royalty.

The history of tyranny has progressed steadily at our expense, deceitfully leading us to think our taxes provide a better, safer, world for us. Our taxes pay for our enslavement and death. From ancient times, the forced collective strengths of people made to labor for the state has produced higher orders of technology ever more complex in expanding imperial quests. The Illuminati have an occult, or hidden, agenda for global government which considers us humans obsolete and a risk. This is why we are bombarded with propaganda warning of the need for reduced population, abortion, euthanasia, the fear of food shortages, unemployment, and skyrocketing costs of scarce resources, even water. Billions of us have labored long and hard to put advanced technology in the hands of the governing elite, and now that computerized automation makes us unwanted overhead, we are being conditioned to accept the idea it is time we see our deaths as appropriate for the good of the planet. I don’t buy it! Do you?

Modern sciences, born of the Enlightenment, with quantitative analysis, made micro-management possible. Elitists were enabled to whittle down our base environment economically, physically, and socially to sculpt the sort of subservient society profitable to them. The Machiavellians deployed the Hegelian Dialectic and cognitive dissonance successfully, with the “straw man”, false flag atrocities, fake evidence, outright lies, etc. Statistics define the state of affairs, and are often deceitfully skewed once the elite have reviewed the honest data. Some scientists have complained of deliberately corrupted and dishonest reports, and some dissident scientists are ostracized or even killed. Look at the “Global Warming” scandal foisted upon us.

Radio, cinema, and television brought subliminal influences that sowed the seeds of thought leading the nations together deceitfully to a New World Order. They, like newspapers, were purchased for just that purpose. Millions of us in the industrialized world live happily in gilded cages under the illusion we are a free people. Walter Cronkite was touted as “the most trusted man in America”. He gave voice to the pagan god Molech at Bohemian Grove, a fiend demanding the fiery sacrifice of babies, as Alex Jones reported.

Technology, however, is a two-edged sword. Which side are you on? Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all the time and you can fool all the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.” Many are no longer fooled. With the growth of the Internet, many people have lately been awakened to the matrix of deceits that have been practiced to their detriment for centuries. That body of information is now widely disseminated among the public, and moving thru ever larger circles of people who want truth, justice, and liberty for all. Pandora’s box has been opened and the demons released to public view. The elite are afraid of the awful knowledge flowing freely among the public worldwide. The natives are restless and they are making demands for justice and freedom, talking revolution.

What can the oligarchs do? Their vast array of surveillance assets tell them rebellion is afoot. They issue disinformation and censor blogs. You have probably heard of Pentagon efforts to exercise “full spectrum dominance” in cyberspace, Obama having power to simply shut down the internet or any computer network at his discretion. Look for it soon. But that is only part of a more sinister purge, as his propaganda fails.

Historical and contemporary observations show they want to shut down our brains, limit our perceptions and range of thought. First, they have long been fluoridating our water supplies, and fluoride is a known neurotoxin. German doctors first used it to make prisoners docile in the Nazi prison camps where people went meekly to their deaths. Alcohol and aspartame kill brain cells. Our foods are adulterated with all kinds of toxins. Many neurological diseases were largely unknown before the mass production of our highly processed foods, like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathy, etc. Then there are the feared mercury-laden vaccines, and chemtrails too. Obamacare will “ration” healthcare to the mostly older patients who are suffering terrible diseases where poor outcomes are expected. These are people who are no longer profitable wage slaves, yet paid many years for Medicare and Social Security programs to provide for their needs in old age. Government has no use for the elderly, and has spent those funds elsewhere, like Vietnam, the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan, eliminating other people it finds undesirable. We are next!

At RAW-WISDOM.COM you will find 50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Food documented. Our environment is polluted with heavy metals, poisoning us and causing brain damage. Rachel Carson’s work in Silent Spring warns of this, as does Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri. The Vitamin D-3 additive used to “fortify” milk is calciferol used as RAT POISON! Just ask Robert Cohen at not , or Dr. Unruh.


Dr. Andrew Moulden warns us that “Vaccinations are causing impaired flow (Ischemia - Strokes), chronic illness, disease and death”, at or Vastly increased mortality rates is the goal, even as abortion reduces birth rates. Population reduction is an openly stated goal of the elitists who desire 75% to 90% fewer people on Earth in the next few years! The billionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, David Rockefeller, Oprah Winfrey and others fund these vaccination programs globally with the intention of eradicating us like insects. They want us sterilized and dead!

If you think I exaggerate, consider Dr. Eric R. Pianka, who “advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the population through the airborne ebola virus”. He won a “distinguished scientist award” for his Malthusian proposal presented at the March 2006 meeting of the Texas Academy of Science, before hundreds of other scientists who applauded his genocidal scheme. Of course, do you suppose these men of science would have included themselves in the 90% to die? Of course not, the intelligencia arrogates far greater value to their own lives. They are necessary to the elitists who fund their research. Joseph Watson’s article is found on the April 3, 2006 edition of and details Pianka’s proposal to exterminate us. But it appears they have chosen to use variants of the flu germ/vaccine ruse. Scientists, recall, are almost all employed by government directly or indirectly within corporate cultures commanded by billionaires like Rockefeller.

Death has a way of eliminating the threat of a contentious educated population, a way elitists employed so many times primarily against growing middle classes that arose in various cultures going far back in history. It is the middle class that is well educated, more traveled, experienced in trades, arts, sciences, mercantile business and developing assets that might be employed against or by the ruling caste. The middle class teaches, leads, the impoverished lower classes. Pol Pot is a recent example of a tyrant who murdered all the educated people, in Cambodia, in order to remake a society. Now Obama’s Marxist regime is approaching with stealth because Americans are not only better educated, but much more heavily armed, and equipped, than the Cambodian people slaughtered by Marxist Pol Pot. Just look at the new legislation and logistics being laid in place to trap us! Faster than we can track them, the hurtful details are raining hard upon us!

Surviving people are enslaved in one fashion or another. Today, we are faced with invasive brain scans and implants, injected micro-chips. The “cashless society” is openly discussed, and look for a complete collapse of the dollar to usher it in. Full body scanners routinely do a virtual strip search of airline passengers and others, affording them no dignity, no privacy. Secret technology is waiting in the wings beyond our wildest imaginations. We are now moving well beyond Orwell’s 1984, and his “Panopticon” surveillance is fast becoming obsolete. Research into genetic engineering is well underway to implement Transhumanism and replace us with their version of “enhanced” people. See articles on this at Many scientists envision a catalog of people designed for various functions, with test tube conception to crematory totalitarian control, wireless point-and-click interfaces. This is like the hideous “Borg” of Star Trek the Next Generation, a cyborg society with a computerized hive mind devoid of individual personalities. The New World Order socialist collective finds individuality a problem, and seeks to robotize the non-elite.

Col. Thomas Bearden, retired, was an army scientist employed in advanced weaponry of the type seen on Star Trek. He has given valuable information to the public in continuing his science as a civilian. For a primer on quantum physics for the layman, and applications, read Bearden’s Excalibur Briefing. Bearden noted “Russia, whose energetic scientists reached the capability of directly producing a living human mind (or any desired version of one) circa 1990. Since then, they have used certain very sly experiments to ascertain the knowledge of other nations regarding this area. They have indeed built and inserted additional “minds” into living humans (often high ranking governmental people) in various capitols and nations.” In this letter to “Martin” found at Bearden’s website, , he says “Simply left in the body with no other change, that added mind “sees” everything the that the resident mind sees, hears everything that it hears, and also has pass through it every thought in that mind. And all this can be “seen” or “portrayed” back in the distant Russian laboratory.” See Bearden’s book entitled Oblivion: America at the Brink . Remote behavioral control is also a function of these implanted “minds”.

Bearden, who heads up the Association of Distinguished American Scientists, is also an expert on the “zero point energy”, or “free energy” issue, and relates how student scientists and engineers are deliberately and wrongly taught to preclude developing over-unity devices. “There has been a very deliberate suppression of over unity systems (free energy) since 1892, when J.P. Morgan elicited Lorentz to modify (cripple) the Heavyside equations, which were to be used in setting up the model for what was to be a new subject and technology, electrical engineering, which was then to be taught in all the universities.” You can find this statement in his correspondence to “John” dated 02/11/09. Bearden assisted in developing a patented free energy “Motionless Electromagnetic Generator”, which has been proven but suppressed. Solutions to the energy problem exist, but the elitist insist on keeping the choke chains of metered services on our necks!

Television really is Tell A Vision, an entrancing electronic device that in effect, hypnotizes us. The new HDTV technology has made great strides extending this subliminal mind control. See a patent issued to a Hendricus Loos entitled Nervous System Manipulation by EM Fields from Monitors. The “HuLu” tv system has many subliminal influences embedded in the video programming, as Dr. A. True Ott attests. You might refer to his work, The Sound of Silence: The Antithesis of Freedom , which details the processes for you.

Deanna Spingola wrote an excellent comprehensive expose’ of the unvarnished vision the elite have for us, at on 03/25/07: DISCLOSURES FROM AN INSIDER.

It is great because Spingola cites an unpublished 1969 address given by Dr. Richard Day. Day’s lecture was on the New Order of Barbarians, what we call the New World Order. He outlined a long list of ways and means by which human society will be degraded and reconfigured to suit the elite. The malignancies he spoke of as goals in 1969 have obviously been implemented across the whole spectrum of our society.

If you doubt the evil befalling us, that we would never face death at the hands of our government, do read

A History Timeline of Population Control by Robert Howard. This history of atrocities committed is at: Germ warfare, experiments on unwilling people, war crimes, genocide, you name it, Howard lists the facts and figures, dates and such.

What is the urgent need to “reduce the population”? Science and technology has many wondrous things kept covert in “black budget” items and secretive complexes, labs and such. Things like free energy generators, anti-gravitics, a whole new level of medical science, things the elite do not want to empower us with! A whole new world is their goal, a society where a few thousand Illuminati rule a few hundred thousand scientists and technicians controlling a few hundred million “enhanced” microchipped humans

lacking the education or inclination to question or challenge their masters. This is why we must be eliminated: We have enough education to figure out the science and technology and a spirit to resist!

It is not merely the American Constitutional Republic at stake, not merely our liberties and prosperity, but literally the fate of humanity around the world! We humans are considered as troublesome domestic livestock or feral risks. In the age of computerized automation, millions of serfs and slaves are no longer needed. The elite only need a few servants, and masses of unhappy, unemployed peasants are a management problem. We are deemed obsolete and have been slated for replacement by arrogant tyrants who want people who function like robots! They deny the sanctity of life. Our deaths are scheduled as we are seen as overhead to be written off! Class warfare is ongoing against us, and we did not start it! You may remember Margaret Sanger, founder of “Planned Parenthood”, planned to eliminate the births of “inferior” people like black people and handicapped people. She was racist, and Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg even said recently she understood that precluding “undesirables” was the purpose of abortion. This is racist!

We patriots are now being baited with growing prospects for a Constitutional Convention, as the elite are running scared of a potential revolution. Merely restoring the Constitution will not do, it has failed. I would rather go back to the Articles of Confederation…or The Ten Commandments! We must secede to succeed in slaying the beast now set upon us, a scheming demon called “Uncle Sam”! That beast will laughingly take us to our graves like Stalin or Mao, and a ConCon will only be a con job, the old “bait and switch” we’ve seen over and over. Don’t fall for it!

Our nation increasingly fits the Bible’s description of the latter day Babylon resurrected on the old pagan mystery religions, a nation aspiring to great heights and fallen to confusion and beset with aliens pouring in to an increasingly immoral and obviously corrupt society. Hedonism, perversion of sex, pornography, confusion of languages, abundance of luxuries in the face of starvation and disease, deceitful and arrogant leaders, truth having become a crime in a fearful world lacking privacy. We have it all, don’t we? America resembles the Revelation‘s “Beast” ridden by the “Harlot” of Israel, reborn by grace and yet still unfaithful to God, a socialist hegemony finding pleasure and profit in the blood of untold millions killed.

Zionism is only a tool of International Socialism that has infiltrated the highest levels of our government with many dual citizens like Rahm Immanuel. This Israeli-American even has ties to the Mossad. Zionism is warfare that our killers always tell us is sinful, a class warfare the banksters wage against increasingly impoverished billions every where, screaming “anti-Semitism” at the slightest criticism of their activities. Israel is simply a foil to revile all discussion of their crimes. They always show Orthodox Jews praying at the Wailing Wall to distract us from their Marxist pograms and claim to be “God’s Chosen People” while they continue to violate their Torah Covenant with Him by upholding the blasphemous Talmud. They look to write us off as “useless eaters”, overhead on the budgets of Rothschild, Rockefeller, Windsor, et al. Ezekiel Immanuel, Rahm’s brother, is Obama’s health “czar” looking to “ration” our fascist healthcare. The elite have rigged stock markets and currencies like a casino. Zionist banksters own the “house” and we the “marks”, the “suckers”, have been cleaned out. The banksters own it all now, and they want us off their planet! But they need to use stealth and get us to kill each other in wars, riots, abortion, euthanasia, or suicide, even mass starvation, bio-weapons or genocide, “for the good of the Earth”. They fear us!

Yes, we are living in Babylon, and the Lord commanded us to “come out of her” in Revelation 18:4. Did you know Obamacare requires microchips implanted in us? Reject all implanted microchips! We will be doomed if we accept the “Mark of the Beast” in a cashless society foretold in Revelation 14:9-11. We must secede to succeed, even survive! Reject the Beast! Declare your independence! Live free or die!

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