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Overpopulation: The Making of a Myth

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Comment by Annie Oakley
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Those advocating overpopulation, advocate depopulation. A rather dismal and disgusting mindset, Frosty. Fact is, weather manipulation -- 300+ companies illegally screwing with our weather daily, which includes drought inducement using thousands of tons of aluminum via chemtrails. Daily chemtrailing is precisely what is causing crop devastation, river, lake, watershed and ocean pollution, forest tree death, bee colony disappearance, death of sea life, animal life and human life. You are quite uninformed, Frosty, by choice I believe to advance your agenda. of this illegal program going on (soon to be made legal via geo-engineering - Climate Change Bill) which is killing our earth's resources. Instead, your mantra is to make human beings feel guilty they're alive! Shameful! Moreover, you accuse others of being factually challenged when you, as an educator, should have researched the truth and exposed it instead of misleading people with fear in order to satisfy some sinister agenda like depopulation.

Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
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This writer doesn't know what he's talking about but he talks anyway.  Overpopulation is THE single greatest predicament facing America and humanity in the 21st century.  Yet, innumerates and other mathematically challenged people cannot and do not understand 'exponential growth'  factor in a finite world.  With over 18 million humans starving to death annually, year in and year out, we might enjoy that Malthus is right on the money and the more we overshoot the earth's ability to feed, water and house ourselves in the 21st century as our numbers grow, it won't be so cute any way you cut it. FW