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Transportation Safety Accessories - Assembly Tuesday Night at the Freedoms Phoenix Workshop

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Update 2:  Activists!  Stuffing will start early  afternoon (I will be there before noon-Powell).  Ch. 5 (CBS) will drop by around 4PM to grab some footage.  You are free to choose whether to be in such video or not but you may want to dress however you think best.  Other news stations may wish to stop by as well, and they are welcome as we don't keep secrets--we expose them.
(UPDATE: I talked to the Phoenix Police this morning and they understand that there will be individuals there passing out material WITHOUT PERMITS and they will go unmolested as long as they are not disruptive - Peace will reign at Sky Harbor "America's Friendliest Airport")

While the individual TSA agent may feel "safer" wearing the 'Blue Gloves of Tyranny', by not changing them between passenger pat-downs they are spreading contamination and may be the most responsible for any illnesses that might sweep the country.

As an educational outreach to Travelers and unaware Americans that have found employment with the TSA we will distribute Transportation Safety Awareness  Opt Out Kits  that will include a fresh pair of blue gloves so that pathogens are not passed from 'package' to 'package'.

We are also providing DVDs with information and...

Printed material and Radiation Dosimeters.

The US Government has protected Fmr. Homeland Security Director, Michael Chertoff's "Rapiscan" (the manufacturer of the scanning machines) protection from any liability for damage done to anyone from exposure to the radiation emitted by the machines.
While frequent fliers have a reason to be concerned, it is at least a point of information for the TSA employees that operate the machines.
With protection from any liability, the manufacturer has little incentive to protect the public or the employees that operate the scanners. Radiation Dosimeters should be issued immediately and the accumulative effect of radiation on fliers and TSA employees documented.

This is why the "T.S.A. Opt Out Kits" will include this information and supplies for Phoenix departing fliers to share with whomever they wish as they travel the world.
Please contact us with suggestions, supplies and/or money to fill the kits.
To contribute to the effort please use this link.

Email sent to the Phoenix Police contacts:

Now that everyone understands everyone’s perspective and possible scenarios for individual encounters, I’d like to share what FreedomsPhoenix Workshop volunteers have in mind for participation in Opt Out Day Weds. Nov. 24th 2010.

This is the project that I and the other volunteers will focus our attention on

While the passing out of this information may be considered relatively harmless by the Phoenix Police Department, this will not seem so benign by the powerful that are threatened by the sharing of this information using satire and free speech.

Peacefully sharing this information in a non-confrontational manner with humor and peace will help us all enjoy the holidays. Please feel welcome to stop by Tuesday evening to meet the volunteers. You can be certain of a warm holiday greeting.

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I love what you are doing, the problem with alternative travel methods is that if this is "made" legal for flying, all transit will probably follow. More thoughts