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Matt Bruce - "The Captain's AMERICA Radio Show" - Will WikiLeaks Endanger our Military

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Steve C. - December 9 at 7:35am
I've been aware of your presence in the freedom movement for a few years....Favorable comments have been made about you by Scott Horton, Angela Keaton, Peter Eyre, and Marc Stevens among others. I heard your interview with Matt Bruce the other day. It was shameful. I was embarassed for you. This man advocates and participates in taking stolen money (taxation) and killing (many INNOCENT) foreigners through drone attacks... and you are DEFERENTIAL to this piece of garbage wrapped in skin? What's wrong with you?
Publisher: Their will be a time to invite him back on the show.

Matt Bruce is a Vietnam Veteran, a Retired Fire-Rescue Captain who was injured in the line of duty, a First Responder to the attacks of September 11th, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York City, a former Town Tax Assessor who helped roll back the taxes in his Hometown during the 80's which resulted in the growth of not only the Town but also increased the tax rolls through new building and development in the process. Matt Bruce is a no nonsense American, Conservative Independent Thinking Reagan Patriot who walks the walk and talks the talk. While others try to tear down America, he and "The Captain's AMERICA" radio show support America and stand behind the core principles that our Country was founded on...  

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Comment by Hawkeye
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Sure it will!! Just like having a Commander in Chief that isn`t even an American...Who in the hell are you trying to put on over on? 

In my 63 yrs as an American(Combat Vet),this is the first time I am afraid of our own Military.

You think it`s bad now just wait until it`s filled with Illegal Aliens,and section 8`s with high heals,and lip stick.