UPDATED: Pat Schwind suffered a heart attack

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 Pat's wife Marie told me last night around 8:30 that
Pat Schwin's heart surgery was a success.

The surgery usually takes between 2 and 4 hours and
they started on Pat at about 5pm Friday. I think it
was finished slightly before 8:30 when Marie talked to

Pat is at the hospital in Mesa on Mesa Drive and
University in Mesa. I think it used to be called
Mesa General Hospital, but nobody knows what
the current name of it is. Somebody said Banner
Hospital bought it and changed the name.

I think Marie said Pat will be in the hospital for
about a week before he gets let out.

For more details call Pat's wife Marie.
-- Mike

Pat had a heart attack yesterday (Thursday).

He was feeling weak at home. A friend took
him to the doctors office. He collapsed in
the doctors office. I think they did some
minor surgery on him there or at the hospital
where he was later taken.

He spent the night in a hospital and he will
probably have some type of surgery today (Friday).
The words I have heard are bypass operation. They
were talking about the operation being after lunch
sometime in the afternoon. But that is all tentative.

If you want more info contact his wife Marie at
their home phone. If she isn't home leave a message.

Marie will either be at home today or at the hospital
in Mesa where the surgery will be done. I think the
hospital is in Mesa on University and Mesa Drive.


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Comment by Keith Cyrnek
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Thanks for the updates. Wishing Schwind well. KC

Comment by D. Alpha
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Have a speedy recovery Pat, you're a hell of an activist.