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The Oslo Attacks: More False Flag Evidence

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The Oslo Attacks: More False Flag Evidence - by Stephen Lendman

The memorable line from Gilbert & Sullivan's HMS Pinafore explains what's so often true, saying:

"Things are seldom as they seem. Skim milk masquerades as cream."

With considerable mass media help, especially America's, misinformation diverts public attention from vital truths, playing their usual gatekeeper role, providing fiction and irrelevancies, not fact.

For example, initial reports cited Islamic militants, naming Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami (aka Helpers of the Global Jihad), though no one knows if the group actually exists.

On July 22, New York Times writers Elisa Mala and J. David Goodman headlined, "At Least 80 Dead in Norway Shooting," claiming with no corroborating evidence:

"There was ample reason for concern that (Islamic) terrorists might be responsible. In 2004 and again in 2008, the No. 2 leader of Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahri, who took over after the death of Osama bin Laden, threatened Norway because of its support of the American-led NATO military operation in Afghanistan."

In fact, no verifiable evidence confirms it. The claim is based on an alleged April 2003 Al Qaeda tape, urging Muslims to strike US, UK, Australian and Norwegian embassies and commercial interests because of their Afghanistan and/or Iraq involvement.

However, past audio and video tapes were later proved fakes. Perhaps this one also. Nonetheless, America's media, including the New York Times, report them as fact, lying for the interests they represent.

The Times also avoided due diligence on why Norway was attacked, instead expressing surprise about an "assault on the ordinarily peaceful Scandinavian country."

Norway, of course, is a NATO member. It has token forces in Afghanistan, and agreed to be an anti-Gaddafi coalition partner for three months, saying in May it would scale down involvement and pull out entirely by August 1.

As a result, the State Department criticized its government's "lack of commitment," concerned it would influence other NATO states to drop out. On June 10, in fact, the Netherlands announced it would continue enforcing Libya's no-fly zone, but no longer engage in air strikes.

Since July 22, Western media, especially America's, highlighted the lone bomber/gunman story, focusing on right-wing Christian fundamentalist Anders Breivik, claiming he alone managed to do the near impossible - plan and engineer a sophisticated, possible multiple car bomb attack, then head off undetected to Utoeya Island, 19 miles away and singlehandedly kill dozens children.

On July 25, Norway's police revised the death toll down to 68, plus another eight bombing victims.

Breivik's alleged motive reflected his neocon right-wing sympathies, anti-Islamization views, and hostility to multiculturalism. Regardless of how many Breivik types agree, they don't bomb government buildings or mass murder children. On July 22, something entirely different happened. Two previous articles discussed it, accessed through the following links:

The first one asked who gains and loses from every terror incident, certainly not suspects charged, convicted and imprisoned. Geopolitical interests always are key.

The second article suggested an Israeli connection because of Norway's Palestinian sympathies, including its support for independence and de jure UN membership, as well as criticism of Israeli settlements and belligerence.

Notably, Eileen Fleming observed that Friday's attack occurred on the 65th King David Hotel (1946) bombing anniversary, carried out by (pre-Israeli) Irgun terrorists led by future prime minister Menachem Begin.

It massacred 92 Brits, Arabs and Jews, wounded 52 others, and Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion (then Jewish Agency head) approved it.

Preceding the incident to the present, Israel carried out numerous terror attacks, and committed or attempted many thousands of targeted killings. Perhaps Oslo on July 22 was its latest, alone or jointly with its CIA and/or other Western intelligence counterparts.

Analyst Bob Chapman, a frequent Progressive Radio News Hour guest, believes Friday's attack was a false flag, citing two reasons:

-- pulling out of NATO's Libya coalition entirely by August 1; and

-- withholding its $42 million contribution to Greece's bailout, calling it a waste of money, sensibly saying the Papandreou government should default.

As a result, Chapman said affected banks "are very unhappy with Norway, and I think that (and pulling out of Libya) was the basis for the attack," adding:

Breivik "at the island was probably there to kill (Labour Party) prime minister (Jens Stoltenberg) who (wasn't at Utoeya island) for some reason. The message to Norway is do what we tell you to do or we'll put a bomb in the middle of your city (as) payback from the banks...."

On July 25, Paul Joseph Watson's Prison article headlined, "Anders Behring Breivik: Manufacturing a Patsy?" noting two different Facebook profiles (before and after July 22) describing him, saying:

"The first one in Norwegian was deleted minutes after (his) identity became public." A doctored English version replaced it, changing his profile to fit the crime.

His stated "interest in Winston Churchill and (anti-Nazi resistance) leader Max Manus" was deleted. In addition, his Internet postings "characterize himself not as a populist Christian conservative, but as a neo-con" pro-Israeli supporter.

Moreover, the Council of Conservative Citizens said none of his postings "are extreme or hint at a desire to commit violence." He did say he supported "Hans Rustad, a former Jewish left-winger turned neo-conservative."

The doctored Facebook profile turned a "socially liberal, pro-Israeli neo-con (into) a Christian conservative, white supremacist." Friends also contradict the new Breivik characterization, Ulav Andersson telling Russia Today it's not at all the man he knows, saying his racial antipathies were expressed in "mundane" mild terms, adding:

He wasn't opinionated, and "never came across as some kind of religious fanatic or anything." In fact, he had no defined ideology.

As the old US "To Tell the Truth" TV show used to ask: "Will the real Anders Breivik please stand up?" In fact, he did, but the tape showing it was deleted, replaced by a doctored one, conforming to how Western powers wish to portray him. Perhaps his manifesto was then altered.

Webster Tarpley also claimed a false flag in his July 24 article, accessed through the following link:

He cites the following:

On Friday, a "special (anti-terrorist) police unit had conducted drills or exercises near" Oslo's opera house downtown when the bombing occurred. Advance information about it was concealed.

In 2010, the same unit carried out live bomb detonation drills, similar to what happened on July 22. Notably, similar coincidental or earlier practice exercises often precede or coincide with real attacks, raising obvious false flag suspicions.

US intelligence agencies recruited Norwegian police, (including Oslo's former anti-terror head) for SIMAS Surveillance Detection Units (SDU), "operating outside of" Norwegian government control.

In fact, run out of US embassies, SIMAS surveillance and spying occurs worldwide. According to Norway's Justice Minister Knut Storberget and Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store, "We never knew about it." Secretary of State Clinton lied, saying they were told.

Washington wants to derail Palestinian independence and de jure UN membership, complicit with Israel, perhaps by any means, including intimidation and mass murder.

Also as payback for Norway's planned ending its anti-Gaddafi coalition participation, a warning perhaps not to do it.

Notably, several eyewitnesses saw two shooters. As in similar past cases, "there is credible to overwhelming evidence that (alleged suspects) could not have acted alone."

The Norwegian newpaper Verdens Gang (VG) said:

"Several of the youths who were at (Utoeya) told VG that they are convinced that there must have been more than one perpetrator. Marius Helander Roset believes the same thing," saying:

"I am sure that there was shooting from two different places on the island at the same time."

"Young people interviewed by VG describe an additional perpetrator - who was not wearing a police uniform. (He) had thick dark hair and a Nordic appearance. He had a pistol in his right hand and a rifle on his back. I believe that there were two people who were shooting, says Alexander Stavdal."

On July 23, Oslo police said several shooters could have been involved. An investigation into both incidents is ongoing.

On July 25, The Views and News from Norway web site ( reported that "(s)urvivors of the massacre (said) the shooting went on for nearly two hours," police taking 90 minutes to arrive.

On July 25, the Pakistan News Service (Pak Tribune) headlined, "Analyzing the Oslo attacks: terrorist event or false flag distraction?" saying:

The timing may not be coincidental, occurring "(a)s the sociopolitical tensions in Europe rise, the euro falls, and the debt crisis looms. (It's) another reminder of the ever-present al Qaeda (or in this case neocon Christian fundamentalist) bogeymen (able) to unite the people against an outside enemy."

The Friday attack also occurred after Israeli spies were found operating covertly in New Zealand, stealing identities for "sensitive" missions "like assassinations." In fact, Mossad operates throughout the Middle East, as well as in much of Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia, spying and engaging in other covert activities.

Pak Tribune speculated whether foreign intelligence was involved in Friday's attack "to draw attention away from the Israeli operations abroad, the looming financial crisis, the (planned and imposed) austerity measures, massive swindling of public funds, and the crumbling support for" America's multiple imperial wars.

Whatever final conclusions are drawn, Friday's attacks provide "an apt distraction and talking point for those seeking to continue the farcical war on terror."

A Final Comment

A previous article discussed Operation GLADIO (Latin for double-edged sword), NATO's Secret Armies, accessed through the following link:

Run by European secret services, collaborating with NATO, the CIA, as well as Britain's MI6 and Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), it targeted the political left to prevent it from gaining power. Its clandestine missions included bombings, assassinations, and other belligerent acts, believed still ongoing.

Targeting Oslo on Friday resembled GLADIO, this time perhaps a CIA, Mossad, MI6 or joint operation, using Breivik for plausible deniability as a previous article noted.

It wasn't the first time stooges took a fall for others. Notable previous ones included Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, the alleged 9/11 perpetrators, and numerous other falsely charged victims - never the treacherous Machiavellian villains.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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Comment by TL Winslow
Entered on:

Uh, not that I'm ruling out that Breivik is indeed a false flag, not a front for Jews, but for Muslims, since after all he could have taken out an uber leftist politician and had a great courtroom platform for his views on the mistake of letting leftists throw open the gates of Europe to Muslim immigration, but after becoming a child killer a la Pharaoh, Herod, and Darth Vader, he's slimed himself, and by implication his cause. The way the leftist PC media including the NYT jumped on the bandwagon to trot out the idea that all speech against Islam should be criminalized, just the way the OIC does every year at the U.N., smacks of Saudi grease. The more near bankruptcy the news org., the more it jumped on that bandwagon, what a coincidence.

So as a historyscoper I say the jury is still out, and time will tell, but in the meantime free speech is alive and well on the Internet, so make hay while the sun still shines and find some time to visit my blog of blogs listing daily links to all important articles by anti-Islam bloggers like Robert Spencer, even articles from here, if I post a reply to an article guess what I do, you're only 29K posts behind, and there will still be enough time for The New Nanny:

Comment by TL Winslow
Entered on:

"It wasn't the first time stooges took a fall for others. Notable previous ones included Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, the alleged 9/11 perpetrators, and numerous other falsely charged victims - never the treacherous Machiavellian villains."

I think I finally got Lendman figured out. He's an INTERNET COMEDIAN :)

To scope what really happened with Oswald and JFK, get the real facts from the Historyscoper:

As to Anders Breivik, he's no patsy like Oswald, he's the real thing, a man of ideals who unfortunately put two and two together and got five. So what if he timed his massacre after Norway declared support for a Palestinian state that nobody even the Palestinians really want? There's the same 24 hours in each day for everybody.

Breivik did a lot of things right, starting with studying Islam's horrible history and how hard it was for Europe to throw it off, only to see the 20th cent. Commies decide that since the caliphate is kaput and they lost the Cold War all Muslims are now fellow worker droogs who will make fine Commie Party members and should move on in since they're preferable to the existing Euro Capitalists and Christians who beat them and kept flirting with Coca-Cola and MTV. Where he went wrong is in sinking to the level of the Commies and Muslims by becoming an anti-Commie jihadist bent on murdering young Communists in a summer camp, thinking it would wake up the masses and launch a Helter Skelter revolution leading to a new Fascist Europe using military means to expel all the pesky Muslims. Instead, he will likely end up a Charlie Mansion jailbird trying to sell book and film rights. Child murderers are scum. He's hardly a Lee Harvey Oswald or Mossad false flag.

No surprise, Lendman hates Israel so much that he wants to find any straw to launch at it, latching onto Breivik's laudable support for the Jewish state of Israel that languishes in a sea of mad Muslims, and trying to paint the Mossad as child murderers who are sending a message to the Norwegian govt. that they better get back in line. If this were true, they must be pretty dumb since it's more likely to harden their support of Palestine since Breivik is so pro-Israel. Actually, it's Muslims who do bad things to women and children, I'm sure he doesn't know about it.

Actually, if he hadn't turned mass murderer, Breivik wasn't such a bad dude. His tome is perhaps too romantic to be practical, but it's a good read and better than a lot of NYT bestsellers out now:

His video is also fun:

Regardless of Breivik or his crimes, mass murders of 60-100 take place in the Muslim world almost every week, and no longer even make front page news. The real issue that mass Muslim immigration is an existential threat to Europe and all Western civilization, however, won't go away, no matter how much the leftist PC media tries. Roger Cohen of the NYT used it to launch a tirade against "anti-Muslim racism", when Islam isn't a race any more than Christianity is. Any more than Judaism is?

Europe still needs to drop the left-right thang and unite to stop and reverse Muslim immigration by changing the laws not by people taking the law in their own hands. Geert Wilders should finally be listened to. Time will tell. Europe however isn't known for being smart, is it?

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