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OathKeepers in Quartzsite, AZ - Saturday August 27th

Written by Subject: Arizona Laws and Arizona Founding Documents
Jordan Page will be coming into Phoenix Friday afternoon (4ish). Donna or Ernest will pick him up and he will stay at their house Friday night. Donna and Ernest will host a party for all the activists to mingle with Jordan.
Freedom Musician JORDAN PAGE at Hancock's Friday night 6 p.m. Potluck

Ernest, Donna, Jordan and anyone they can fit in their car will be going up to Quartzsite Saturday morning. Since the march starts at 10am they will be there beforehand. The march is 1.8 miles each way. Afterwards starting at 1pm they will begin with all the speakers. Arizona State Legislator's Judy Burges and Carl Seel will be there and get to speak for 3 minutes each. 4pm the BBQ will start. Someone donated 80lbs of bbq ribs and some ground beef and other things. The bbq is a potluck so bring whatever you want and there will be plenty of food. Around 5pm the bands will start playing. Jordan Page will likely lead off the music and play for about an hour.

Ed Foster and
Vito’s RV Park put up a stage for the speakers and the bands. Their is some shade but not sure how much. Bring umbrellas, chairs, canopy, water etc...

Ernest, Donna and Jordan will be returning to Phoenix Saturday evening sometime. Jordan flies out early Sunday morning.

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Comment by MadJoker
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Oathkeepers? They are lead by a BAR(British Accredited Regency) Lawyer who is a first class wanker, and yes just let the chance for me to say it to his face.

Comment by trevor
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Anybody coming down from the North like from Vegas, please consider scooping me up for the ride, I got funds for gas.

I'm also a (former) EMT and I can bring my jump kit and a few cases of water to try and keep people hydrated.

And I'd owe you one deep. I'm in Prescott. Ed will put you in touch with me. I ask you for the honor to serve.

Comment by Andrea Garcia
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John Laurie, myself and some other volunteer EMS people will be there and hopefully not needed for anything. 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Carl Seel?  Why that name sounds familiar.  Let me see: