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Arizona State University Law School Debate - "Should Marijuana Be Legalized?" (Monday 9/12

Written by Subject: Drug War
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Monday, September 12 · 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Sandra Day O'Connor College Of Law
1100 S. McAllister Ave.

Sponsored by the Federalist Society at ASU Law.

The debate will be between Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and Marc Victor.

The format/order is as follows:

Mr. Victor- 10 minutes
Mr. Montgomery- 12 minutes
Mr. Victor- 10 minutes
Mr. Montgomery- 8
Mr. Victor- 5 minutes closing argument
Mr. Montgomery- 5 minutes closing
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Monday, September 12 · 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Sandra Day O'Connor College Of Law
1100 S. McAllister Ave.

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Comment by David Jackson
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   Arizona of all places!?

   I'd like to wish those who attend, my heart-felt appreciation for your very lives...In advance of you being gunned-down by some sheriff's department.

   As for the issue, it's hard to imagine that it is still an issue. Last I looked, this was the 21st century. I'm supposing that means that, as a species, we have grown or advanced intelligence-wise.

   I don't use the stuff. However, if I had a chronic disease that caused me severe pain, I probably would. In the meantime, it's nobadies damn business what I put in my body!!!!!!!! If I make a mistake and cause someone injuy, then "society" has every right to my head on a platter. And, I give my wholehearted permission to exact "revenge". Until that time, the whole damn bunch of you are welcome to KMA!!!!!!!

   The dead guys who wrote the asinine drug laws that made marijuana use a crime are mostly dead. They were wrong. They were a bunch of social-engineering politicos and mindless morons, who let their asses override what litle brain power they might have possessed. What adults do with their bodies, especially in conjunction with bonafied medical consultations, has nothing on earth to do with anyone who isn't a patient or a doctor. As for the recreational use, besides a bunch of pathetic a------- who couldn' find a real life or job with both hands, what free men and women in a free society do to or with each other is none of the business of the "state". (I realize that, if drugs aren't illegal, a whole bunch of people will have to get real jobs and won't be able to bully and abuse the rest of us...Tough! Join the real world.)

   In the meantime, stay the hell out of the private lives of our citizens. And, while you're at it, quit wasting billions of dollars on your self-serving, crime-causing and enhancing social programs. (To borrow a favored political subterfuge: If we can save on life of one citizen, cop, or agent by eliminating the contrived, phony "war on drugs", It will all be worth it!)


Comment by tittiger
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That is not the question..... The real question is where the hell does government think they  got the right to criminalize what I put in my body in the first place!  I smell treason.

Comment by PureTrust
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There were times in American history when the Federal Government had less influence in our lives. Legalizing the use of a naturally grown substance, plant, animal or food, is NOT about people using the substance. It is about the CONTROL!

If we must ask Government for permission to do something that we naturally have the right to do, who has the control? Legalizing marijuana has to do with formally taking the control; of the lives of the people. It is a way for Government to formally take away more of our freedoms.

The point that should be on debate is how to get Government out of our lives by removing the quasi-legal force they are using already to control our use of any natural substance. And if anybody is worried about damage done by substance users, then let the Government use the money they have been using in the war on drugs, let them use it in a massive training program to teach people about the dangers of excessive use.

As it is, punishing users for use of anything, before they have harmed anyone or damaged his property, is like punishing someone for a crime that they didn't commit... a crime that they could commit but probably never would.

If you want to lose your freedoms even more than you have already, continue with legalizing marijuana and everything else. This way Government has the right to arrest and punish anybody they want. Why? because they might harm someone or damage his property with the comb in their pocket, or with the chap stick in their purse, or with a look in their eye. And then we will have total DICTATORSHIP over our lives.