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Chalk the Police day at 4th ave Jail.

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Arizona CopBlock, Phoenix Copwatch, and others, are planning on meeting up at the MCSO 4th Ave. Jail (on the west side) around 10am and heading over near the Phoenix PD headquarters a little later. Anyone is welcome to join us (as long as your not a cop).

Bring an anti-state, anti-police/prison industrial complex sign!

Bring cameras!
Bring chalk to voice your grievances in beautiful pastel colors!

MAP OF LOCATION: s?q=33.445684%2C-112.07886 7&ll=33.445706%2C-112.0786 3&spn=0.001715%2C0.002642& sll=33.477777%2C-112.09749 5&sspn=0.077374%2C0.056298 &num=1&t=h&vpsrc=6&gl=us&z =19


Or visit: HEPOLICE
See also this news brief Here or copied below.
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Joe Arpaio, Sheriff
News Brief

September 29th, 2011

Sheriff Arpaio to confront “Chalking the Police”

(Maricopa County) Sheriff’s intelligence indicates a planned protest in front of the
Fourth Avenue Jail on Saturday October 1st at 10:00am. Protestors will be
performing a “Chalk the Police” protest where they plan to write messages
regarding police abuse on the sidewalk.

Sheriff Arpaio will personally be on scene at Fourth Avenue Jail to confront the
activists and says, “Anyone breaking the law will be arrested and booked into jail”.

Sheriff Arpaio will also have his chain gang on site to clean up any damage caused
by the protestors.

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