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"All I Want for Christmas" and/or "Voluntarist Philanthropy" - December's theme (High Res file of Dec. Cover) is the generosity of libertarians. Libertarians understand the personal benefits of being a good neighbor, friend and family member. Articles that demonstrate this trait are welcome.
DEADLINE - Noon PST on Monday November 28th
Scott Bieser's covers are always great and we'll have a full year's worth this May and will start the promotion of a large 2013 12 month calendar for 2012 Christmas Gifts featuring each cover. We have other ideas for his work as well.
Each cover is a collaboration between and I that depicts a libertarian future of peace and prosperity. The articles of each issue describe how that will happen and what hurdles we must overcome, but,...
   "In the End, Freedom Always Wins... it just gets really messy first".
We are doing what we can at FreedomsPhoenix to help our readers avoid as much of the mess as possible by understanding what is happening, how it's being done and who/what is responsible. provides a very wide 'Radar Screen View' from various philosophical perspectives on purpose. But the eZine is almost entirely from a libertarian/voluntarist/anarchist perspective.
Freedoms Phoenix Digital Magazine is an Enhanced PDF file that can be DOWNLOADED by subscribers and then easily shared as an attachment for FREE to as many people as they wish. This file is formatted to be seen on a computer, but is tailored for Tablet Platforms (iPad, Android Tablets, Smartphones etc.) This feature provides another outreach tool to promote our philosophy of Peace and Prosperity with real life examples of  how our community is having an effect on the planet by simply being living examples and sharing our experiences. These easily transferable files are also a method of direct communication that is almost impossible to censor (we're just thinking ahead :)
The Holiday Season (Christmas Time) is very enjoyable for our family, and with a third grandchild on the way we look forward to many more. But we know what is in store for this country and the world in the years to come. This also means that we understand the opportunity we each have for the greatest impact on the future.
December's Edition of FreedomsPhoenix Digital Magazine will feature the benefits of a voluntarist society and how our culture will evolve towards that philosophy (humanity marches on... hopefully with as little pain as possible).
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DEADLINE - Noon PST on Monday November 28th

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