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The Constitution Is Dead- To Arms!

Written by David McElroy Subject: Gun Rights
They openly war against our Bill of Rights…and Us!
By David A. McElroy
Jan. 3, 2013
It is no longer confined to “conspiracy” coffee clatches and scorned websites, government IS openly speaking of disposing of our God-given Bill of Rights. Fascist pundits are boldly attacking the First and Second Amendments, openly screaming in the mainstream media for confiscation of our firearms and jailing dissenters. Some of the “progressives” brazenly urge Obama to use presidential powers to act as dictator!
It is not just Senator Diane Feinstein and New York City’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, stumping for legislation to outlaw our guns and ammo with no grandfather rights.
The New York Times ran an Op-Ed Dec. 30th, by Georgetown constitutional law professor Louis Michael Seidman, saying it was time to “Scrap the Constitution”! Seidman said the US Constitution was “archaic, idiosyncratic, and downright evil,” and responsible for a “dysfunctional” government. He urged “disobedience” as a revolutionary American way to bring about a new, unspecified, legal foundation for government. He said America’s Founding Fathers were behind the times and increasingly irrelevant to today’s needs.
Donald Kaul, in the Des Moines Register, in another screed Dec. 30th, urged the “repeal of the Second Amendment”! Kaul even suggested the National Rifle Association should be outlawed and gun owners objecting to gun confiscation should be killed! Kaul also said legislators dissenting against such draconian measures should “be dragged behind a pickup truck”! He said he was “all for prying the guns from their cold, dead, fingers.”
Major publishers and broadcasters are spreading this shrill, lethal, hatred! These are only two examples among many. They play upon emotions rather than logic to whip unwitting dupes into a frenzy of mobocracy! The elitists are hell-bent-for-leather on denying us any means of defending ourselves against deranged lunatics, common criminals, the coming tyranny of a fascist empire’s iron-fisted dictator!
When evil crashes through your door, a gun in hand is always better than a cop on the phone! Especially if the evil is in a state-issued uniform, as it was in Nazi Germany, in Stalin’s USSR, Mao’s Red China, or Pol Pot’s Cambodia. If you are paying attention, you know the same socialist evil is brewing here in the USA. Whether it is the national socialism of the fascists, or the international socialism of the communists, it is all bad. The two constitute a pincers movement driving us into the enslaving New World Order in which our constitution and our Christian American Heritage of Truth, Justice, and Liberty for All is stone cold dead! Most Democrats and Republicans are socialists of one kind or another, which is why libertarian Congressman Ron Paul was stonewalled at every turn.
Professor Seidman is correct in citing the American heritage of disobedience and revolution to chart a new political course, but he is urging a leftist takeover that Vladimir Lenin would approve. I look more to Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible, and to Thomas Jefferson’s writings, such as the Declaration of Independence.
I thank evangelist Ted R. Weiland for his pamphlet, Firearms Scripturally Defended, in which he cites our God-given rights to defend ourselves individually and collectively. He cites I Samuel 13:19-22 recording how the Philistines had destroyed and banned all the blacksmithing in Israel in order that the Israelites might not be armed with any swords or spears to stand with King Saul against the giants. You can find Weiland’s works at his website, Mission to Israel.
Jesus Christ told his disciples to purchase swords in Luke 22:36, despite the Roman law prohibiting civilian possession of swords! What would Jesus do in our circumstances?
We are reminded in Matthew 24:43 and Luke 11:21, that we should be watchful and a “strong man armed keepeth his goods.” Of course, Revelation 13:10 warns us that “he that killeth (murder) with the sword must be killed with the sword.” It is a scriptural teaching that offense is prohibited, defense is a duty. Yes, “Thou shalt not kill” is one of God’s Ten Commandments, but that implies a right not to be killed, a right to defense.
We who serve as a “watchman on the wall” have sounded the alarm. Obama’s minions are coming for our guns. Read Senator Diane Feinstein’s proposed anti-gun bill if you have not yet done so. The Illinois legislature is now presented a bill proposing to outlaw all semi-automatic firearms and pump shotguns also… with no grandfather rights and gun confiscation being mandatory! Our cries of Second Amendment, First Amendment, or ANY constitutional rights will fall on deaf ears. Recall the presidency claims the right to arrest, detain, torture, or kill anyone, anytime, anyplace, with no due process and not even a need to ever explain what happened. Congress signed off on this tyranny!
It is time to bar the door with a gun at the ready, a time to be praying and watchful, a time of great danger, treason and brutality. Some in police and military environs report troops are being trained to “put down” American people! Why? Be warned! Be ready. Be armed. Something evil this way comes!

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Comment by PureTrust
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There was a Middle East king who had 3 ambassadors. He wanted to make one of them his prime minister. But, he wanted to find the one who was the wisest of the three to hold that position. So he devised a little test to determine which one was the wisest.

The king had the 3 ambassadors sit in a "circle" facing each other. Then he showed them, in his hand, 5 little stones. Three of the stones were white, and two of them were black.

Next, the king walked around, behind the 3 ambassadors, placing a little white stone on the top-front of the turban of each ambassador. The stones were visible to the other two ambassadors, but none could see the stone on the top of his own turban. The two black stones the king tucked away in a secret pocket in the folds of his garment without revealing which stones he so hid.

Then the king said, "The one who can tell me the color of the stone in the top of his own turban can be the prime minister. But if you guess, and you guess wrong, or if anyone is found cheating, it's off with your head."

The three ambassadors sat there for a time thinking about the problem, but after a long time went by, one of the 3 said, "I give up. And it isn't worth guessing and losing my head over." Some time later, a second of the 3 declared something similar, thereby giving up.

The third ambassador said, "I have a white stone," and was promptly made prime minister.

The third ambassador (now prime minister) knew that he had a white stone. He was not guessing. There is a logical way to figure out how he knew. All the info is given above. It is entirely logical, without any guesswork whatsoever. See if you can figure it out. How did the third KNOW that he had a white stone?

Once you have figured it out, apply that kind of process-of-elimination thinking to the Constitution... especially to Article 1 Section 10 clause 1. What you will find is that the whole constitution talks in riddles. And it was meant to be that way, because no document or Constitution can detract from the freedom of the people. The closest that the document can come, is to maintain the freedom of the people to both, govern themselves while at the same time being free from government. And that is exactly what the Constitution does.

So, why do we need a Constitution? Because if we don't have a Constitution of freedom that the people can turn to as their crutch, the idiot people will accept some form of constitution of slavery... like a dictatorship, or a kingship, or something worse.

The point? Be very sure that you want to continue to misunderstand and misuse the Constitution, or that you want to totally get rid of it. Why? Because in all its riddles there is no greater document of freedom available anywhere, and it will take a complete breakdown of world society for people to stop demanding some form of written document among themselves.

Comment by PureTrust
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Have you ever been with a small group of people, at a sort-of informal meeting, or in a restaurant eating, or in the break-room at work, or at you-name-it? Suddenly somebody in the group tells a dumb joke, and it's so dumb that only one other person in the group gets it. And he notices that he was the only other one who got it. So he swings his hand through the air, backward over his head while he is says, "swoosh."

Nobody gets embarrassed that they didn't get the joke. They're not embarrassed because they don't know if there really is anything to be embarrassed about. After all, there probably is good reason for them not having gotten the joke. So, until it is pointed out clearly to them why they should have gotten the joke, and why they should be embarrassed, forget it. They are not going to demean their own character to themselves by being embarrassed.

The Constitution is the most serious of jokes. It is as close as you can get to pure freedom this side of Heaven. Yet, it goes right over the heads of 99.9999 percent of the people, including the well-meaning patriots.

Freedom has been equated in some ways with responsibility. If you want to be free, you need to take responsibility for you life and actions. The Power Elite know this. They have done it for themselves, or they were born into it and are maintaining it for themselves. And to maintain it for themselves, they need to hide it from everyone else. That's why we don't hear about the REAL freedom that the Constitution offers very often.

Wake up and realize that you don't want to get rid of the Constitution. Rather, you want to learn how to wield it.

Sure, Powell says "CONstitution" and Ernie suggests, sometimes, that the Constitution was set in place to bring down the freedom of the people. Yet, they both understand that it is the Constitution that maintains Governmental order as well as limited freedom. Don't be in such a hurry to get rid of the Constitution without investigating all the other options.

Now, let me say it again, this time very brief and to the point. The right to contract in Article 1 Section 8 Clause 1 is the right to contract yourself out from under all the laws. It is the right to contract yourself out from under the Constitution... except that you can't contract yourself out from under the Constitution, because it is the thing that maintains the right to contract.

Do you want to get to ground zero? Invoke the right to contract, properly, in concert with multitudes of other people, and contract yourselves out from under the unjust laws of the Power Elite.

The Social Security Application contract will not stand against a signed pact. Why not? Because it is a quasi-contract. It's a gray area contract. It is one-sided. Yours is the only signature on the application. There really is no contract at all. The fact that Governmental people of the past signed documents that set Social Security in place offers only a vague set of signatures on the other side of the SS quasi-contract.

Think hard and well before being so happy to destroy the Constitution, either by direct destruction, or by lack of use.

Comment by Ed Martin
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 No "Constitution" = No elections = No "government". Works for me.

Comment by McElchap
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 Dear Pure Trust; I'll admit the death certificate has not been signed nor announced just yet for the US Constitution, but discerning people see the lifeless corpse, smell the stench of decay.  Rampant violation of the Constitution is obvious, as in the president's "right" to have us arrested, detained indefinitely, tortured, or killed, with no due process at all! Or the "Supercommittee" for finances Obama created with Boehner, despite the Constitution stating all bills for expenditures are to originate in the House. I could go on, and on, and on. You know it. Now the mainstream media lap dogs openly mock and condemn the Constitution, calling for it to be terminated, along with our Bill of Rights. Major politicians call for mandatory gun confiscation and jailing people for dissent against Obama's policies. The lefties are in hyperdrive to disarm us and push their agenda so hard and fast it may kill millions of us... and it is looking like that is just another infotainment for most Americans. Does anyone recall Hitler's rise?

Comment by PureTrust
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Oh, by the way. I think that a good lawyer could make a case for the word "State" in Clause 1 to mean the 50 States, the Federal Government State, or any foreign nation State.

Apply the meaning to my below comment and see what you get.

Comment by PureTrust
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The Constitution is NOT dead. What are almost dead are the OTHER ways that common people are using it.

I'll say the "for example" right out, direct and to the point.


If there is a foreign offshore company,

and the company is of the type that is not allowed to do business withing the jurisdiction of its origin because of the type of company it is,

yet the jurisdiction is one where there is no taxation on company activities for, say, the first 20 years,

and the company becomes first trustee for any number of pure trusts,

and the trusts are domiciled in Washington D.C., so stated in the trusts,

and the trustee company turns over complete operation of each trust to one or more trust managers,

and it is stated within the trust document that it is intended by all entities involved in the trust, and by the trust itself, that there be NO (ZERO, ZILCH) taxation to the trust,

and if upon being called to account for not paying taxes, the attorney for the trust invokes the U.S. Constitution,

if it is done properly, there will be no taxation to the trust, nor penalty to the offshore company, trust manager(s), or the trust itself.

Why? Because the Constitution allows for it in Article 1 Section 10.

This doesn't mean that the stupid IRS people won't attempt to hound the trust or its manager(s). But if the whole thing is done properly, they won't even do that.

It's the same for gun ownership. The strength of the Constitution for EVERYBODY is in Article 1 Section 10. The Bill of Rights are not necessary. What is necessary so that the people can get the strength out of the Constitution for themselves, is for people to stop focusing on the wrong part of the Constitution. The wealthy who can afford to support the high-IQ lawyers and researchers have known this for a long time. They have used it for a long time. Look at Ted Kennedy and Chapaquidik.

In fact, Article 1 Section 10 virtually nullifies all encroachment on rights by the State Governments, and essentially, the Federal Government.

If this were known and understood by the common American people, the people would use the Constitution to put Government into its place. Actually, the founding fathers gave us a tremendously terrific document in the Constitution. Without this hidden understanding that I am showing you here, Fed Gov will become ever stronger... as it has. With this info, Fed Gov can be made to be weaker than it was under the Articles of Confederation.

Article 1, Section 10

Clause 1. No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

Now, let's split this up.

Article 1, Section 10

Clause 1. No State shall

a. enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation;

b. grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal;

c. coin Money;

d. emit Bills of Credit;

e. make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;

f. pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts,

g. or grant any Title of Nobility.

See how it's hidden? No State Shall... pass any... Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts.

Domicile your trust contract in Washington D.C. so that the Constitution applies.

Make your trustee to be a foreign, offshore company without ties to its country of origin so that there is no country to prosecute through.

Operate the trust within one of the 50 States, or outside of the States altogether.

State everything in the trust. If it is to pay no taxes, say it. If it is to own guns, assault rifles, bazookas, and tanks, say it. If a state takes the trust to court, say the fee for attempting to make a court judgment law, that the State must pay to the trust... like an ounce of gold a day for litigation time plus all court costs, of course.

Does this work? YES.

Is the information herein complete? NO, far from it.

Are there court cases? YES. Though I don't have the sites, a good paralegal research team will be able to find them. If they have been sealed and vacated, you will still be able to find some, as well as some of the people who know all about this.