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Labeling non-GMO food; why it’s a bad idea

Written by Goshe King Subject: Food
It is a criminal offense to label one’s products organic without prior approval of the USDA/FDA. Rumor has it that it costs ten thousand dollars in application fees to apply for a license in order to label food items organic, commonly seen as USDA Certified Organic on the shelves. This is just the initial cost and may not include any other renewal fees where applicable. During the application process, you are at the mercy of USDA specialists who will determine how organic your product is based on the definitions and guidelines of their arbitrary standards. Here, take into account the plethora of over and behind the counter drugs with horrific side effects which are approved by these same so-called experts and specialists. Industrial byproduct toxins such as fluoride and aspartame are two of the most controversial items among food freedom activists. Countless examples can be presented but let’s look at an example to demonstrate how these regulatory entities work.

Say you were to sell organic bison meat. The USDA will force you to mix your bison meat with at least 5% cow beef else they will not only shut you down but will sentence you to jail and fine you simply for selling pure bison meat. How often do these kind of violations result in the coercive confiscation of one’s property? I’ll leave that to your imagination. How is it that the beef (quantity totaling up to 5% of total mass) when mixed with bison meat (now 95% of its total weight) will be enough to save the life of the person eating it? Who came up with this 95 to 5 ratio? Does it sound as arbitrary a number to you as it does to me?

These outrageous fees and regulations result in an unfair market where the small farmer is incapable of providing so much money upfront and complying with the forced regulations. And who gets to call their food organic? Well you guessed it, the big, “evil” corporations such as Monsanto. The average farmer can’t call his food organic, even though his product may be purely organic and far superior. Unfortunately if you were to pick up some random product which was USDA certified organic and read the ingredients, you might find it surprising that some of these products would still have not so organic ingredients such as ethylene, tetra-sodium pyrophosphate, acidified sodium chloride, synthetic DHA, neotame, food color, preservatives and more. You may not be aware that tetra sodium pyrophosphate is a combination of phosphoric acid and sodium carbonate while ethylene is derived from fossil fuel. You’re eating that! Neotame, the artificial, chemically engineered sweetener and flavor enhancer doesn’t even have to be labeled according to the USDA. In simple words, the definition of what’s organic to you and I is a lot different than what’s organic according to the USDA/FDA. They can call whatever they please “organic”, even when it’s a synthetic or chemical byproduct. Let’s see, coal and iron come from the earth. Should we be eating those too? You see, there is a difference between the naturally occurring soluble iron and the shaved metal iron fillings. One conspiracy is that cereal companies fill cereals with iron fillings. This is one conspiracy theory worth researching on YouTube. There is a difference between naturally occurring fluoride in water and the chemical byproduct of sodium fluoride (the rat poison). Pretty soon, the government will have a monopoly over the word natural too just as they already have a monopoly over word organic. I am afraid that the definition of natural will change, just as the definition of organic has changed. But what difference does it make? They own it, they own it all.

Most recently Mike Adams published a well researched article “Organic from China Exposed” on From reading Mike’s article, it will only confirm that these government agencies are not our friends. You can read Mike’s article here.

Do you really want these people to own the label GMO? If you still do, I have no case. If you have begun to see the picture of this monopoly in the name of public safety, then stop asking the government to force corporations to label their foods GMO. It only empowers the government to have additional monopolies. Stop asking the masters at all, be free instead. You can do this by creating awareness among friends and family. Educate yourself and others around you and encourage small farmers to label their clean, natural food non-GMO. If and when the USDA will take the monopoly over these free words, the big, evil corporations will win again. What do these big corporations have to loose? They already have money, they have influence, power and the whole political system in their pockets. What is stopping them from adding a few letters to their product labels which they already produce? They will find loop holes to cheat the system. They will hire lobbyists to influence politicians with money and gifts. They will have some politician sketch a “law” and bring it to the floor and fool us all over again. Regulations only work in favor of those who want illegitimate profit. And with the help of corrupt government agencies they will succeed as they have in the past.

In conclusion, for as long as we keep relying on more and more regulations, we will end up being controlled in every aspect of our lives. I believe the government and corporations already control our lives in many ways. We have to educate ourselves, create a healthy food culture, encourage local farms and grow our own food. We have to use moral methods and never the force or coercion of government. Ayn Ran had the right idea.

“There is no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” - Atlas Shrugged

PS: Here is a great short video clip to watch on the subject  

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Comment by Ed Price
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I don't know what you mean, DD. Ending Government in it's current form would be good. Certainly ending the current bureaucracy would be good. But consider. The major reason crooks and criminals who are NOT in Government do NOT do more damage than that which they do already is, FEAR OF GOVERNMENT.

Because of the kind of sheep the people have become, it is hard to understand what things would be like if the people were free... as Ernie says, "between their ears." Even if we knew what a non-sheeple-people-population would be like, and even if we wanted it that way, is there any way to "jump" the people into that kind of state of mind from the sheeple mentality they are in now? Wouldn't there be a lot of damage done among the sheeple in a sudden conversion from sheeple into people?

Throughout the whole time-period that non-Native Americans have been living on this continent, there have been times of mob action by them, acting on supposed bad guys. Many innocent people have been executed over the last 300 years because the mob-like vigilante groups - often made up of the whole local population - assumed that someone was guilty of something, and they executed him/her without properly gathering and weighing the evidence. Often the person was executed simply because of a difference in life-style or religion, rather than any harm or damage he/she had done. MOB-LIKE VIGILANTE ACTION IS GOVERNMENT.

THE BIG POINT IS, there is never really such a thing as NO GOVERNMENT. The idea of long term NO GOVERNMENT is an idealistic impossibility! The no-government state might exist for a short period, in some areas maybe for a few years, but government ALWAYS returns, naturally, sooner or later. Why?

Government ALWAYS comes into being, naturally, automatically, for at least one of these two reasons:
1. Crooks and robbers get together, forming a criminal government, so that they can plunder the people;
2. Good people form a government to defend themselves against a government of criminals, or they get together to do projects that they couldn't easily do individually - quilting bees, and barn raising bees are a form of government in action.

Personally, I would like the freedom of voluntary Government, where the only people included in the Governmental action were those who had FORMALLY WITH UNDERSTANDING volunteered to be within the Government's authority and activity. All the rest of the people would be outside the authority of that Government.

But if there were NO government, there wouldn't be any cars or trucks, no computers, no electricity or plumbing, none of the modern conveniences, etc. Why not? Because corporate operation is essentially GOVERNMENT.

Is there a way to make a Federal Government that has all the good points of the one we have now, without any of the bad points? If there is, it must include stiff punishments for Government officials who step outside their Oath of Office. If there is, it must include a constant, active intent to follow the spirit of the Constitution by Government Officials. If there is, it must include a built-in STRONG, method for Government dissolution by the people if it gets out of control. If there is, it must include "hands off the people" while including "hands on the Government" by the people.

If we had kept the Articles of Confederation, not allowing the Federal Government to become as strong as it has, would the whole of North America have become feudal States, more or less like Europe before the European Union?

Something needs to be done about the current situation. But the result will never be NO GOVERNMENT. And a straight-forward shutting down of the current Government will allow a whole bunch of folks who want to take control of whole areas of the nation, to be able to effectively do it overnight. The Mafia is a form of Government. There is a lot to think about with regard to getting rid of Government.
I'd be happy to hear or see the outline of a method of Government dissolution or repair that had a chance of working. If something isn't done soon, the coming Government implosion will hurt a lot of people.

Comment by Don Duncan
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"Twilight zone"? No, govt. zone. It will end when we end govt. Disagree? Want govt.? The onus of proof is on you. And ALL the evidence for ALL governments since recorded history is against you. Sooner of later, you have to concede that there is no government like no government. Of course, that would mean YOU have to step up and take responsibility for yourself. But you do anyway, even if you don't want to face it. When you face reality you can begin to plan realistically and act responsibly. And you will feel less anxiety, because YOU are building YOUR life, not hoping some bureaucrat will save you.  

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Ten thousand dollars in application fees by Text-Enhance" id="_GPLITA_0" href="/Article/138630-2013-07-23-labeling-non-gmo-food-why-its-a-bad-idea.htm#">to apply for a license in order to label food?

Is this for real? How do these criminals justify this????????????

Are we living in the Twilight Zone?

You have to have a license to label food? Do you have to have a license to eat it too? How about getting rid of it after eating it?

The the madness ever stop?

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