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Fascism's Willing Co-Conspirators

Written by Subject: MEDIA (MainStreamMedia - aka MSM)
Fascism's Willing Co-Conspirators

by Stephen Lendman

Western media scoundrels mock legitimacy. They march in lockstep with lawless US policy.

They misinform readers and viewers. They spurn truth and full disclosure. They proliferate Big Lies.

They violate core journalistic ethics doing so. They shame themselves in the process.

Ukraine is in the eye of the storm. Managed news misinformation persists daily. Irresponsible Russia bashing is featured.

Truth is twisted to fit US imperial policy. It's turned on its head. It's pure garbage. It doesn't matter. It's featured daily.

America's so-called newspaper of record matches the worst of irresponsible journalism. The New York Times fronts for monied interests, power and privilege.

Its reports, commentaries and editorials distort, misinform, suppress, and deny what readers most need to know. Bald-faced lies substitute.

Its Ukraine coverage is appalling. It reads like bad fiction. It makes ordinary propaganda look good by comparison.

Washington elevated illegitimate Kiev putschists to power. They represent fascism's reemergence in Europe writ large.

Obama bears full responsibility for Ukrainian crisis conditions. He's escalating conflict. He wants hardline rule institutionalized.

He wants democratic resistance crushed. He blames Putin irresponsibly for his crimes.

Russia's leader forthrightly supports peaceful conflict resolution. Not according to Times editors. In March, they headlined "Russia's Aggression."

They outrageously accused Putin of "exploit(ing) the Ukrainian crisis to seize control of Crimea (as well as) any other power grab he may be hatching."

They ludicrously claimed "an immediate threat to Ukrainian Russians is empty." Crimean self-defense volunteers put down attempts by Kiev infiltrators to seize government buildings.

Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters face merciless military assaults. Right Sector thugs murder them.

Times editors repeatedly lie. They support Kiev fascists. They twist truth irresponsibly. They're consistent.

They're on the wrong side of history. They ignore facts. They bury them.

They make stuff up. They lie for power. They defend the indefensible. They endorse the unthinkable.

So do Times columnists. Thomas Friedman matches the worst. His commentaries reflect hack journalism.

They're deplorable. They're superficial. They're shallow. They're dumbed-down rubbish. They're polar opposite truth. They're featured on Times pages.

On May 6, he headlined "Go Big, Get Crazy." He maliciously bashed Putin. He lied claiming he "unleashed" "separatist forces" (in) eastern Ukraine and dial(s) them up or down as he pleases."

He misinformed readers about ordinary Ukrainian activists. They're not "separatists." They're freedom fighters.

They're Ukraine's best and bravest. They want local autonomy. They want fundamental democratic rights everyone deserves.

Friedman wants them eliminated. "Get Crazy," he urged Obama.

"With one initiative he could simultaneously make America stronger, Putin weaker, the planet healthier and our grandchildren safer," he said.

He "should throw caution to the wind and go big." He wants Russian energy targeted. He wants US resources replacing it.

"…Putin thinks he knows the Europeans better, since so many are beneficiaries of his oil and gas," said Friedman.

He called Kiev fascist putschists "reformers."

"The last thing Putin wants is a fairly elected reformist government," Friedman claimed.

He turned truth on its head saying so. He lied claiming Kiev's coup-appointed government is legitimate.

He ludicrously said upcoming presidential elections will be free, fair and open. They'll be farcical when held.

They're illegitimate. Results are pre-determined. Institutionalized fascist rule is planned.

Washington fully endorses it. So does Friedman. He ignored malicious US Russia bashing.

He lied claiming Putin "Goebbels-scale propaganda in eastern Ukraine…"

His columns mock legitimacy. They lie for power. They support fascist extremism. They cheat readers. They represent hack journalism.

Neocon Washington Post editors match him. Their Ukraine opinions barely stop short of urging direct US intervention.

They crave war. They deplore peace. They support Kiev fascists. They do so irresponsibly.

An earlier editorial headlined "President Obama's foreign policy is based on fantasy." They bashed Syria's Assad, China's Xi Jinping and Putin.

They want Obama confronting them more aggressively. If he "doesn't make the case for global engagement, no one else" will, they said.

They claimed "the tide of democracy in the world" is "retrenching." They ignored Washington's direct role in subverting it at home and abroad.

WaPo columnist David Ignatius has longstanding US intelligence ties. He's one of many WaPo neocon contributors.

He twists truths to fit US policy. He fronts for power. He supports the worst of US imperial rampaging. On May 6, he headlined "Obama tends to create his own foreign policy headaches," saying:

"(H)e acts as if he's talking to a rational world, as opposed to one inhabited by leaders such as Russia's Vladimir Putin."

"In the realm of power politics, US presidents get points not for being right but for being (or appearing) strong."

"Say less…do more, Ignatius urged. "Stay the course (with) sanctions, diplomatic pressure, NATO resolve."

"The counter to Putin is strong, sustainable US policy…Suck if up," Ignatius urged Obama.

Fact: It bears repeating. Ignatius fronts for power.

Fact: He's a neocon favorite.

Fact: Putin represents responsible geopolitical leadership.

Fact: Obama is a war criminal multiple times over.

Fact: He elevated illegitimate Kiev fascist putschists to power.

Fact: He supports the worst of their crimes.

Fact: He bears full responsibility for Ukrainian crisis conditions.

Fact: He deplores democratic governance.

Fact: He tolerates none at home or abroad.

Fact: Don't expect scoundrel correspondents, columnists, contributors or editors to explain.

Wall Street Journal ones match the worst of others. Their editorials irresponsibly bash Russia.

They target Putin. They consider him public enemy number one. So do neocon WSJ contributors.

William Galston heads the Ezra Zilkha Brookings Institution Governance Studies Program. He's a former Bill Clinton advisor.

He participated in six presidential campaigns. He's a regular Wall Street Journal contributor. His views are hard right.

On May 6, he headlined "The Ukraine Speech Obama Should Give."

He claimed "recent events in Ukraine…threaten a sovereign nation. (T)hey pose a profound challenge to the entire post-Cold-War order."

Putin "yearns to undo what he regards as the heart of that tragedy - the separation of Russian speakers into multiple countries divided by national borders."

"He is not free to achieve that objective through subversion and force - the means he has employed in Ukraine and may well use elsewhere if he is not stopped now."

Ukraine can't "protect itself against aggression" on its own.

"Will we abandon a nation that wishes only to integrate into the world economy and live in peace with its neighbors, or will we offer meaningful help in its hour of need?"

"We all have a responsibility to act, and the United States must lead."

Galston urges "a common (US/EU) front" against Russia. He barely stopped short of recommending direct US intervention.

"Events in Ukraine are part of a larger pattern: Around the world, threats to order and peace are intensifying," he claimed.

He wants Washington acting more aggressively. Misinformation, distortion and Big Lies infested his commentary.

Fact: It bears repeating. Obama created Ukrainian crisis conditions.

Fact: He toppled Ukraine's democratically elected president.

Fact: He elevated fascist putschists to power.

Fact: They have no legitimacy whatever.

Fact: They're societal misfits.

Fact: They represent mob rule.

Fact: The only external threats Ukraine faces are ones they invent.

Fact: Putin represents the best of geopolitical leadership.

Fact: Obama is polar opposite.

Fact: He threatens world peace.

Fact: He menaces humanity.

Fact: He risks global war.

Fact: Don't expect scoundrel media contributors to explain.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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4 Comments in Response to

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Okay, okay. So how could Congress change things in 5 to 10 minutes? Here's how. It has to do with the fact that, since the U.S. bankruptcy of 1933 (if not before), nobody has to accept a "legal" presentment made by a court, or by a service provider, or even an "offer" in court when he is forcefully brought into court by law enforcement. See the court cases in the definition of "ACCEPTANCE" in the legal encyclopedia, Corpus Juris Secundum. Additional info can be found by searching the various legal dictionaries, and Am Jur 2d. (American Jurisprudence 2d - another legal encyclopedia). This means that THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT definitely doesn't need to accept any presentments made by anybody whatsoever, or whosoever.

Look up the word "appearance" in those same legal sources, and check out the court cases. These days (although it may have been different in the distant past), almost the only way that you can make an appearance (in court, for example) is by acceptance of some legal paperwork, documents, or happenstance. This means that THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT definitely doesn't need to make any appearance for judgment in any court of any law whatsoever.

The point is that THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT has no authority above itself... except the people, that is. It can do whatever it pleases... at least until someone stronger than it overcomes it by force (the people just might do this).

If Congress were to do what is written below to get rid of the fake debt, additional results would be: the Federal Reserve Bank would have to at least be disincoporated; the IRS taxes would become non-existent; we would have to go back onto the gold and silver standard for money; the world banking system that is causing most of the major turmoil in the world would collapse. All this in 5 or 10 minutes of Congressional action.

NOT: While it is this simple, there are also a lot of repercussions that would take place, some good and some not so good.

That having been said, here's all that the people in authority in Congress need to do get rid of the fake United States debt. Every time a request for payment comes across their desk, all they need to do is write the following across the paperwork, and return it as payment to whomever sent it:

(written in blue ink in an area of the document that would make the appearance match a money order format)
Seventeen Trillion and Zero Cents


(signature and date written in blue ink)
EXEMPT # 000000000 (D.C. corporate number simplified into a simple number)
# 000-00-0000 (D.C. corporate number)


The below video is a more-or-less redneck version of the whole process. Yet, it is simple and informative. For more info, Google or Youtube search the words: "Accepted For Value." "Accepted" means that you accept something that you are not required to (See the first and second paragraph, above.). "Value" means that you are accepting it as the value of whatever it represents - otherwise you wouldn't accept it.

NOTE: The reason Congress doesn't do it like this is, they are doing something similar, but slightly different, and a lot more complicated, to extend the fake debt.

"If you can't PAY for anything Accept it "For Value" and DISCHARGE your DEBTS!"

Also, take a look at a short Winston Shrout video. Some words from

Accepted for Value (AFV) is one of the most important primary building blocks of the Commercial Redemption Process. Unfortunately, it's often poorly understood, and as a result, it is frequently misused or even totally ignored. In addition, it is often applied by those seeking a quick fix to their monetary issues without a complete understanding of how the technology works, therefore further complicating their current situation. As Winston repeatedly mentions in his lectures, only those with a concrete understanding of this information should apply it in their lives.

In these lectures, you will learn the concept that when someone requests funds from you, and you Accept for Value, your signature creates the funds to pay the liability. Why? Because in commerce, whoever creates the liability also has to bring the remedy.

Acceptance for Value

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

What's interesting about DEBT is, there doesn't necessarily need to be any for there to be some. For example, suppose that you and I are friends. And one day at the restaurant we frequent, out of the blue I say something like, "You know? I owe you $100." And you say, "Would you be willing to sign paperwork regarding that?" And I say, "Sure. Go ahead and write it up." And you say, "I was thinking that you might want paperwork like that, so I have it written up right here in my brief case." And I say, "Okay. Let's get the waitress and the chef over here to witness my signing."

Anyway, you get the picture. No debt, but something that certainly looks like a debt simply because you and I have the authority to do stuff like this in our lives.

It was the same in the United States, only a little more difficult. The whole idea of the 1933 U.S. bankruptcy was essentially little more than very clever, behind the scenes worked, announcements and paperwork, done by those in authority, stating that there was a debt, with some cleverly done calculations and back-up paperwork, so that it looked real, and so that almost nobody could discover that there IS NO DEBT.

What there is, is, tons of paperwork containing lies upon lies, couched in lies upon lies, stating that there is some humongous debt when there really is none. And the one group of people who could straighten the whole thing out in 5 to 10 minutes is Congress... if they were on the side of truth and the people, that is.

Comment by Anon Commenter
Entered on:

What "they" (the 1%) want is total control over everyone, and every resource on the entire planet.  They seek to do this, by enslaving everyone, and every country on the planet via DEBT.  Once everyone "owes" them, via the IMF, they can dictate the terms of repayment - ie, gain control over everyone, via global governance, or a global, one-world government.  Their second major objective is global depopulation.  This may be where WWIII enters the picture.  It's the greatest con-job ever perpetrated on humanity.  For thousands of years, only gold and silver were considered real MONEY.  Now, we have QE to infinity, practically, and are over $17 Trillion in "debt", to the International Central Bankers.  They shipped our manufacturing base overseas, mostly to China, and now China is the biggest holder of U.S. Treasuries.  America is about to default, if it hasn't already.  We are over 20 percent real unemployment, yet, government jobs abound - which means more national "debt".  More socialism.  More corporatism.  More FASCISM.

Comment by Anon Commenter
Entered on:

The Mainstream Media outlets in the U.S. are fronts for the Council on Foreign Relations and the CIA, which, in turn, are fronts for the International Central Bankers, such as the Rockefellers, who are Rothschild-agents in the United States, who are behind the World Socialist Movement.

We are “progressing” toward SOCIALISM. The International Central Bankers are behind the World Socialist Movement. Ever-increasing DEBT, for individuals, the United States, and every country under the IMF. “They” are behind this “liberal” push toward SOCIALISM in America. If you want to know what is REALLY going on, in this country, and why things have steadily gone downhill, since Nov. 22, 1963 (really, since Dec. 22, 1913), you need to educate yourself. Read: NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, by Gary Allen (1972). (Read: TRAGEDY AND HOPE: A HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN OUR TIME, by Professor Carroll Quigley. Read: THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND: A SECOND LOOK AT THE FEDERAL RESERVE, by G. Edward Griffin). Read: Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years, by Russ Baker. Really, you could just read the Gary Allen book, and the Russ Baker book.

Apparently, we can fill in many blanks, with regard to our knowledge of the past 50 years of American History, by simply studying the past 50 years of the Bush Family.

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