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My take on Bill Bonner's new book

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Dear Reader,

I typically avoid reading economics books. The reason should be obvious to most of you reading this now: most so-called economists are no more than political hacks who write wishy-washy and incomprehensible gibberish that's made even more useless by the insertion of arcane mathematical formulae. The profession has justifiably made itself into the butt of numerous jokes.

That's a shame, because the academics who call themselves economists are not, in fact, economists. A real economist describes the way the world works - not just the way he wants it to work.

Having said that, I want to recommend Bill Bonner's Hormageddon as strongly as I can. Bill does what a real economist is supposed to do: he describes the way the world actually works. And in the process, debunks all manner of nonsense. This book is an education in history, philosophy, psychology, mythology, and anthropology... war and peace, slavery and entrepreneurialism. And it has lots of anecdotes from Bill's personal experiences. But don't read it for that. Read it because it's also a laugh riot. I like to be entertained while I'm informed, and it's full of wry wit. I read it straight through. It didn't linger on my nightstand for weeks as have so many books.

One more thing: I agree with Bill's view of what's been happening, and more importantly, what's going to happen. This book is a lot of fun to read, even though what it foresees won't be any fun at all. I promise you'll be happy you read it.

Doug Casey

Doug Casey
Casey Research

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