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Adam Kokesh Launches The American Campfire Freedom Tour Indiegogo Campaign

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As you may know, I've done more than my share of civil disobedience. From dancing at the Jefferson Memorial to loading a shotgun two blocks from the White House and being arrested over three dozen times, at least when it comes to the flashy, headline-grabbing type of performance art civil disobedience, I've got a very entertaining track record. But that's not enough.

In fact, it has almost zero tangible relevance to government! The most important kind of civil disobedience is that which actually disempowers the state right now. Governments don't exist in order to take away our rights. They take away our rights in order to exist so that they can rip us off. The most effective way to disempower the state is to keep it from ripping you off. The most important way to do that is to stop using the dollar as much as you can.

Here's where to start:



PS Please check out for books and FREEDOM! gear.

PPS Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Indiegogo campaign for The American Campfire Freedom Tour, we are on track to make our goal of $30,000. What we need now is for everyone who wants to guarantee that their city is on the tour get the $100 "Direct Delivery" perk. Please contribute here today. Thanks so much for helping make FREEDOM! possible.

Adam Kokesh Launches The American Campfire Freedom Tour Indiegogo Campaign:

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