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Deconstructing John Kerry's Big Lies

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Deconstructing John Kerry's Big Lies

by Stephen Lendman

Kerry disgraces the office he holds. He's an unindicted war criminal. He represents America's dark side. Its consummate evil.

Big Lies infest his rhetoric. He's been caught red-handed numerous times.

He disdains rule of law principles. He supports war. He deplores peace. He's indifferent to human suffering.

He's a monument to wrong over right. He mocks legitimacy. He's a world-class thug.

He's Washington's foreign policy front man. Its imperial lawlessness representative. Its evil agenda. Its war on humanity. Its contempt for democratic values.

"Has any country, anywhere on the face of the earth, at any period of history been so totally misruled as the United States," asked Paul Craig Roberts?

Has any been more lawless? Ruthless. Morally indefensible. Evil beyond equal. "(D)evoid of moral conscience," said Roberts.

"There is no evil of which Washington is not incapable," he added. It exceeds the worst of history's tyrannies.

None match its ruthlessness. Perhaps none ever will. On October 14, Kerry met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in Paris.

His comments followed, saying:

"So today, it is clear that France and America are really facing up to and shouldering responsibilities together on challenge after challenge: from the fight against ISIL, to the challenges of Libya, to work on Iran's nuclear program as partners in the P5+1, to the challenges of Syria, Ebola, and of course, Ukraine."

Fact: France irresponsibly partners with Washington's lawlessness.

Fact: Its imperial war on humanity.

Fact: Its serving monied interests at the expense of popular ones.

Fact: ISIL is a US creation.

Fact: They're US foot soldiers. Shock troops. Boots on the ground.

Fact: Enlisted, armed, funded, trained and directed by US special forces and CIA operatives.

Fact: Used against America's adversaries lawlessly.

Fact: For regime change.

Fact: To replace independent governments with pro-Western stooge ones.

Fact: US-led NATO's Libya war destroyed North Africa's most developed country.

Fact: Turned it into a dystopian wasteland.

Fact: A cauldron of violence.

Fact: Nightmarish for most Libyans.

Fact: Iran's nuclear program is peaceful.

Fact: Entirely legitimate.

Fact: Claims otherwise are false.

Fact: Ebola's emergence may reflect Washington aim to develop a population destroying bioweapon.

Fact: Potentially a Big Pharma profit bonanza.

Fact: Genocide is a longstanding US tradition.

Fact: Predating the republic's creation.

Fact: Repeated throughout its history.

Fact: In 1974, Henry Kissinger secretly proposed his own scheme.

Fact: His National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM) 200.

Fact: A global population reduction model to eliminate unwanted "useless eaters."

Fact: Hundreds of millions, he advocated.

Fact: NSSM 200 was never abandoned.

Fact: Perhaps Ebola's emergence is its modern day incarnation.

Fact: Maybe untold numbers of deaths will follow.

Kerry: "…(W)e're very mindful always of the fundamental mission that we are engaged in, which is to stand by a Europe that is whole and free and in peace."

"And together with our partners in the European Union, the United States and France are deeply committed to Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity."

Fact: US and rogue European states invent nonexistent threats.

Fact: None exist.

Fact: For sure, no Russian threat.

Fact: Western freedom and peace are convenient illusions.

Fact: Washington prioritizes violence, permanent wars, instability and unconscionable human misery.

Kerry: "I want to emphasize that Foreign Minister Lavrov and I came together here to discuss a broad array of issues and to try to find a way to recognize that where there are difference we try to manage those differences, but that we have major responsibilities together and that our countries have an ability to be able to cooperate and work together."

Fact: Irresponsible Russia bashing is official US policy.

Fact: Outrageous anti-Russian propaganda persists.

Fact: It exceeds the worst of Soviet era levels.

Fact: It's over-the-top. Maliciously out-of-control.

Fact: Welcome to Cold War 2.0.

Fact: Putin and Obama are geopolitical opposites.

Fact: World's apart.

Fact: Representing conflicting values.

Fact: Good v. pure evil.

Fact: Rule of law/sovereign independence inviolability v. smashing one country after another for unchallenged global dominance.

Fact: Revealing America's dark side.

Fact: Unmatched in world history.

Fact: Advancing its imperium recklessly.

Facct: Risking global war in the process.

Fact: Potential humanity destroying armageddon.

Kerry: "We discussed Ukraine and the need for the full implementation of all of the 12 points of the September 5th Minsk Agreement."

"And the discussions also centered around those things that we need to do to try to continue to make progress on Ukraine."

"And sovereignty has to be restored along the Ukrainian-Russian international border, and that border needs to be closed and held accountable."

Fact: Washington covertly sabotages peaceful conflict resolution efforts.

Fact: So-called "progress on Ukraine" is illusory.

Fact: It's a hotbed of radicalized extremism.

Fact: Fascists operate this way.

Fact: Washington provides support and encouragement.

Fact: Restoring "sovereignty along the Ukrainian-Russian international border" is code language for eliminating Southeastern Ukrainian freedom fighters.

Fact: Preventing democracy at all costs.

Fact: Institutionalizing hardline fascist rule.

Kerry: "I want to congratulate Ukraine's Rada (parliament) on passing the passage of anti-corruption legislation and on the judicial reform package that they passed today."

"These reforms actually speak very directly to the call of the Ukrainian people for real change and for an accountable government."

Fact: High-level public and private out-of-control Ukraine corruption is longstanding.

Fact: Legislation won't end it.

Fact: Nor did earlier efforts succeed.

Fact: In 2011, for example.

Fact: Political foes were targeted.

Fact: Expect nothing different this time.

Kerry: Ukraine "submitted a concrete proposal for the OSCE to border - to be able to manage and monitor the border."

"This proposal includes the restoration of the Ukrainian border and customs posts under OSCE monitoring and a pullback of heavy weapons, as outlined in the Minsk agreements…"

Fact: OSCE officials represent Western interests.

Fact: Impartiality isn't their long suit.

Fact: Kiev wants control over Southeastern areas self-defense force freedom fighters fought and died for.

Fact: For democratic rights Kiev spurns.

Fact: For freedom from fascist rule.

Fact: For what no one should tolerate.

Kerry: "I emphasized to Foreign Minister Lavrov that the only legitimate elections in Ukraine are the Rada elections on October 26th and the December 7th elections of local leaders in the Donbas special status zone, and in our judgment, any efforts to hold independence referenda in Luhansk and Donetsk at this time would be a violation of the Minsk agreements and the results will not be recognized by Ukraine or by the international community."

Fact: Self-determination is a fundamental human right.

Fact: It's inviolable. Universally recognized.

Article 1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) states:

"All peoples have the right of self-determination."

"By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development."

Kerry: "(I)t's no secret that the United States and Russia have had our differences over Ukraine."

"But I want to emphasize what I said at the beginning of these comments."

"We came together today in order to try to focus on those issues where we can find the capacity to be able to make a difference to other countries, to the world in general, and certainly to the relationship between Russia and the United States."

Fact: Washington wants regime change in Russia.

Fact: It wants unipolar/New World Order dominance.

Fact: It wants all rivals removed.

Fact: It wants governments it controls replacing them.

Fact: It tolerates nothing less.

Kerry: "(W)e talked about many other issues." Including Middle East "challenges."

"Particularly…ISIL. We both recognize the need to destroy and ultimately defeat ISIL, to degrade their efforts and ultimately to defeat" it.

Fact: It bears repeating. ISIL/ISIS/the Islamic State (IS) is a US creation.

Fact: Kerry claiming Washington wants it defeated is false.

Fact: One of his many Big Lies.

Kerry: "The United States and Russia also continue to work closely together on Iran, and this was a major topic of our conversation today."

"Both of our countries are deeply invested in the P5+1 discussions together with our EU colleagues, and we are deeply committed to the diplomatic effort to try to reach an agreement that assures the international community of the fact that the Iranian nuclear program is exclusively peaceful."

Fact: Annual US intelligence assessments affirm Iran's peaceful nuclear program.

Fact: No evidence suggests otherwise.

Fact: P5+1 talks are a convenient US deception.

Fact: Bashing Iran's legitimate nuclear program is red-herring cover for planned regime change.

Kerry: …"(M)y goal today - our goal today together - was to try to deepen our ability to be able to work together, to work with Russia where we can in the interest of both of our nations and of all those countries affected by the actions that we decide to take."

"We also agreed we have to tackle head-on those areas where we have a profound difference and find a way to try to work through those differences constructively."

"We know that when the United States and Russia do succeed in working together, the world can become a safer place…"

Fact: Washington deplores working with Russia.

Fact: It refuses to do so responsibly.

Fact: Irresponsible Russia bashing reflects official US policy.

Fact: Big Lies substitute for hard truths.

Fact: Lavrov debunks Western lies.

Fact: They're "wild guesses," he says. "Facts have never been presented so far."

Fact: Spurious accusations have no basis in fact, he stresses.

Fact: Kerry proliferates Big Lies with disturbing regularity.

Fact: So does Obama, other US officials and congressional members.

Fact: Even some senators and congressional representatives who know better.

Fact: Putin's statesmanship embarrasses Obama.

Fact: His good faith policies are mocked. His responsible agenda ridiculed.

Fact: Earlier he pointed fingers the right way on Ukraine.

Fact: He explained "who really (is) mastering (things there) from the beginning.

Fact: America "prefer(s) to remain in the shadow(s)," he said. Manipulating things covertly.

Putin deserves the last word. On October 16, he told Serbian newspaper Politika:

"How can we talk about de-escalation in Ukraine while the decisions on new sanctions are introduced almost simultaneously with the agreements on the peace process?"

"Together with the sanctions against entire sectors of our economy, this approach can be called nothing but hostile."

"We hope that our partners will realize the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia and remember what consequences discord between major nuclear powers could bring for strategic stability."

It bears repeating what previous articles stressed. Either we end wars or they'll end us. There's no in between!

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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