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Tucson's KOLD Investigates Internal Checkpoints

Written by Subject: Homeland Security

On Monday February 9, 2015, Channel 13 News in Tucson, AZ (KOLD) published the above video and an investigative report on internal CBP checkpoints:

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) –

"There's growing concern surrounding southern Arizona's Border Patrol checkpoints. An increasing number of complaints are now coming from United States citizens who believe they're wrongfully being questioned and sometimes detained by agents without probable cause…."

The complete report and video can be found on KOLD's website at:

Border Backlash: Concern over the border patrol's interior checkpoints

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Comment by Lucky Red
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Arizona: where all citizens are Palestinians now. Don't forget to thank Isreal and put a little something in their paycheck. PS: If you think that's bad now, wait till you're walled in and you find out that the wall was really to keep you in not to to keep them out. But, oh well... It's not as if you didn't ask for it and don't deserve it.

Comment by Keith Cyrnek
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thanks TB...the BP are still full of shit!

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