Imprisoning Palestinian Women Girls

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Imprisoning Palestinian Women and Girls

by Stephen Lendman

Since Israel's June 1967 occupation began, about 10,000 Palestinian women and girls were imprisoned.

Currently, 60 are incarcerated, including 10 children, three held administratively uncharged. In 2015, 106 Palestinian women and girls were arrested, 60% more than in 2014.

According to the Addameer prisoner support group, "intensified (Israeli) human rights violations against Palestinians includ(e) mass arrests" - increasing numbers of women and girls arrested and detained, 26 since January.

Addameer describes Israeli viciousness as follows:

"Palestinian women and girls are regularly arrested from the streets, Israeli checkpoints, and during violent night raids on their homes during military incursions, accompanied with the presence of Israeli soldiers, intelligence officers, and police dogs, during which destruction of household items and property damage takes place." 

"They are subsequently forcibly taken to a military jeep, where they are blindfolded and their hands are tied behind their backs, and where they are subjected to torture and ill-treatment."

Arrested in October 2015, Jureen Qadah described her ordeal as follows:

"On Thursday, 29/10/2015, a large number of IOF forces raided the home of Qadah family in Shuqba at 2:00 AM."  

"After identifying Jureen (19 years old), the soldiers shackled her hands, blindfolded her and arrested her. Jureen stated that a female soldier pushed her to the ground causing a painful leg injury." 

"Jureen told Addameer's lawyer during a visit in Ramleh prison that the IOF detained her for about 18 hours in a military jeep, taking her from one place to another, in inhumane conditions before taking her to HaSharon." 

"On the next day, she was taken to Ramleh prison again and then to Ofer where she was interrogated. The interrogation lasted for half an hour, and it revolved around her posts on Facebook." 

"Afterwards, she was transferred back to HaSharon prison. On 1 November 2015, a three-month administrative detention order was issued against her."

She committed no crime! Palestinians are ruthlessly targeted, women and children treated as brutally as adult males.

They're denied all international law guaranteed rights, isolated for days or weeks under appalling conditions without access to counsel or family members, tortured and abused, denied food, water and sleep for extended periods, medical treatment if needed, forced to sign confessions in Hebrew for offenses they didn't commit.

Guilt by accusation is automatic. Innocence is no defense. Addameer documented cases of women and girls routinely confined under unsanitary conditions, punitively strip-searched, sexually assaulted and forced to endure other dehumanizing and degrading experiences.

Brutalizing longterm solitary confinement in small filthy, vermin-infested cells is commonplace, traumatizing victims from the ordeal.

Former Palestinian prisoners recounting their torment highlight extreme brutality inflicted by soldiers, interrogators and prison guards.

The world community turns a blind eye to these horrific high crimes.

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