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Iran Training Militants for Possible War on Israel?

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Iran Training Militants for Possible War on Israel?

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

NYT disinformation disgracefully suggested it. Iran hasn't attacked another country in centuries.

America and Israel are always at war, both countries destructive of peace and stability. Iran supports peaceful coexistence with all nations.

Hostile claims about its agenda reflect malicious disinformation, the Times a leading proliferator.

It claimed Tehran "expand(ed) (an) axis of resistance" in Syria. It has military advisors in the country only, aiding Assad combat US-supported terrorists - what the Times and other media fail to explain.

The self-styled newspaper of record lied claiming "an Iranian drone flew into Israeli airspace earlier this month…" Israel lawlessly downed a Syrian drone in its own airspace. 

It's at war with the country without declaring it, conducting frequent terror-bombing raids against Syrian targets - naked aggression by any standard.

The Times: "Iran has built and continues to back powerful militias with thousands of fighters it has trained in Syria. And it has brought in new technologies, like drones, to spy on enemies and perhaps to attack them from the sky."

Fact: Iranian advisors aid Syria's military combat US-supported terrorists. Russia supplies Damascus with weapons, Iran likely as well - responsible actions to help defeat ISIS, al-Nusra and other cutthroat killer invaders, responsible for gruesome atrocities, including CW attacks.

The Times turned truth on its head, claiming "no clear threats to Mr. Assad's rule remain," having made significant progress against ISIS and other terrorists.

Throughout years of war, Washington's imperial agenda has been Syria's greatest threat, wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing its legitimate government and sovereign independence.

The threat is as grave today as when Obama launched naked aggression in March 2011.

The Times: "…Iran and its allies (in Syria) shift(ed) their focus to creating an infrastructure to threaten Israel…train(ing) and equip(ping) fighters while strengthening ties with allies in Iraq and Lebanon, in hopes of building a united front in the event of a new war."

Fact: Damascus, Tehran, Hezbollah, Hamas and Russia want conflict resolution in Syria, peace and stability restored, knowing Washington and Israel want Syria conquered, occupied, and Iran isolated, ahead of launching regime change against its legitimate government.

Days earlier, Trump's National Security Advisor NR McMaster belligerently said "the time is now…to act against Iran." Does he have US/Israeli aggression in mind?

The Times lied saying some Iranian military forces in Syria "directly participate in combat." It provided no proof, nor any showing Tehran controls "as many as 20,000 fighters (in Syria), giv(ing) (it) true muscle."

The Times cited a neocon Atlantic Council member, turning truth on its head claiming Iran has large and smaller military bases in Syria.

It has none. Its military advisors operate from Syrian facilities. It's involved in Syria to help defeat US-supported terrorists and restore peace and stability to the country.

US and Israeli aims represent the region's greatest threat - waging naked aggression on Syria, wanting the Middle East's map redrawn to serve their imperial aims.

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