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EU Collusion with the Trump Regime Against Iran and Venezuela

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EU Collusion with the Trump Regime Against Iran and Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

The EU is an appendage of Washington's geopolitical agenda, including its wars of aggression, color revolutions, old-fashioned coups, and other major rule of law breaches.

The bloc is slowing killing the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran by siding with hostile Trump regime policies against the country — while piously pretending otherwise.

Its member states are hostile to Bolivarian social democracy the same way, supporting Trump's illegal sanctions, imposing their own, and threatening more on the country and its leadership for serving the interests of the Venezuelan people over what the US-led West demands — namely, bending to their will.

On Wednesday, following orders from Washington, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini threatened more illegal bloc sanctions on Venezuela, for the phony pretext of human rights abuses — a US, EU/NATO, Israeli specialty, not how the Bolivarian republic operates.

She also warned that if no "concrete results" are achieved in talks between Venezuelan officials and representatives of US-designated puppet Guaido in Barbados (meaning surrender of Bolivarian sovereignty to Trump regime demands), more (illegal) EU sanctions are coming.

On Tuesday, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza slammed her arrogance, calling her warning an "unacceptable menace," adding: 

Operating as an imperial tool, she's illegally meddling in the country's internal affairs, a flagrant breach of international law, her actions mimicking the Trump regime's "aggressive positions."

"The EU seems committed to maintaining the conflict as a formula for making policy, even contradicting the peaceful spirit of the renewed negotiations led by special advisor (for Venezuela) Enrique Iglesias."

In May, Mogherini appointed him, a Spanish/Uruguayan economist, former Uruguayan foreign minister, to the post — on the phony pretext of "help(ing) to promote a peaceful, democratic solution to the (US-created) crisis in Venezuela" supported by EU member states and Mogherini.

Separately, the Trump regime shifted $42 million in alleged Central American humanitarian aid to Venezuela's anti-democratic fascist opposition.

Already well funded by the CIA, National Endowment for Democracy (mandated to eliminate it worldwide), and USAID, elements hostile to Bolivarian social democracy will get more cash for their anti-government activities.

Meanwhile on Monday, Venezuelan Communications and Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said government representatives and members of the US-supported fascist opposition arrived in Bardados for more talks.

Despite previous rounds going nowhere, they're at it again, likely to fail like earlier because of their unacceptable demands.

According to Venezuelan UN ambassador Samuel Moncada, an Organization of American States (OAS) press conference last Friday in Washington with Trump regime envoy for regime change in Venezuela Elliott Abrams was all about undermining Barbados talks.

Abrams is spearheading the White House effort to impose a "violent solution" in Venezuela, he stressed, adding:

"They are trying to tell the world that they are in charge of this dialogue process, that they do not agree with the dialogue process, that the dialogue process is bound to fail, and that the only solution to the situation in Venezuela is foreign military intervention."

That's what Bolton, Pompeo, and Abrams support if other tactics fail.

Flagrantly breaching the rule of law is what the scourge of US imperialism is all about.

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