Trump Regime Threatens to Terror-Bomb Iraqi Sites

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Trump Regime Threatens to Terror-Bomb Iraqi Sites

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Preemptive US war on Iraq by hot and other means has been ongoing — on and off directly and indirectly — since 1980.

Long-suffering Iraqis have endured some of the highest of US high crimes for the past 40 years — with no end of their hardships in prospect.

Iraq is unacceptably occupied by US forces. The vast majority of Iraqis want their country back, and end to US occupation.

Its so-called "diplomatic" Green Zone presence heavily includes CIA and related dark forces.

As long as US forces remain in the country, Iraqis will never be free or safe.

The same is true for all independent regional countries — threatened by the US imperial scourge.

Reportedly, US dark forces compiled a list of four score or more Iraqi sites linked to Popular Mobilization Units (PMUs) for terror-bombing.

They include sites controlled by the Badr Organisation, Asaib Ahl Al-Haq and Kataib Hezbollah with ties to Iran.

Their leadership and rank-and-file want hostile US forces out of the country. 

An unnamed senior Iraqi Shia official told Middle East Eye (MEE) the following:

"The Americans' message was clear. If you don't react, we will," adding:

"Allowing this to happen means an open war in Baghdad, and America's exit from Baghdad means that this war is imminent."

Another official said "signs indicate that we are heading into a perfect storm." 

"The Americans' withdrawal means an economic collapse within two weeks, followed by a political collapse in two or three months, then a security breakdown and the fall of the government."

Concern reflected in the above remarks is that if Washington pulls out diplomatically, most other nations will follow.

That may or may not happen. China, Russia, Iran, and nations they're allied with are much more reliable political, economic, and strategic partners than the West.

Whether justified or not, Trump regime officials reportedly are concerned about a pre-November election attack on the US embassy in Baghdad — to "embarrass" DJT.

One or more unnamed Iraqi officials "did not say that there was a plan or information confirming these concerns," adding: 

"The problem is that (the Americans) require guarantees to secure the embassy."

"This is very difficult in light of the current circumstances."

As long as unwanted US dark forces occupy Iraq, public hostility toward their presence won't change.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi discussed the situation on the ground with Iranian President Rouhani.

Reportedly, he asked Iranian authorities to reign in PMU forces for the next 40 days through US November elections and their aftermath that may be chaotic if Trump v. Biden results are close, and either candidate challenges the outcome.

PMU Shia commanders dismissed US threats, vowing to continue attacking unwanted Pentagon forces, MEE explained.

A senior PMU commander was quoted saying that no messages were received from Tehran on this issue.

"The Iranians will not interfere in this, nor will they control all the armed factions." 

"We would hear from them, but that doesn't mean we do everything they say," he said.

"The talk about closing the US embassy in Iraq is a clear lie, and no politician with any experience can believe it."

"We do not target diplomatic missions, except for the Americans, because they carry out security and intelligence activities." 

"As for the convoys, they are military forces that represent the occupation and all the armed factions participate in attacking it."

Another Shia PMU commander dismissed the Trump regime's threat as a "political game," adding:

"(T)he crisis is fabricated, and the aim is to place the greatest possible pressure on the anti-American forces to give (Washington) more space in Iraq."

"The talk about closing the US embassy in Iraq is a clear lie, and no politician with any experience can believe it."

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