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Love Bus Liberty Tour - August 2021 - Jackalope Freedom Festival (AZ)

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Love Bus Liberty Tour - August 2021 - Jackalope Freedom Festival (AZ)

Leaving Maine at the end of July, we head towards northeast Arizona to make it in time for the Jackalope Freedom Festival, a freedom/anarchist camping festival in the woods of AZ.

Here are some pictures of the trip from Maine to AZ...

Hard to get a good picture since we were traveling fast on the freeway, but here is the base of the St Louis arch:

Another picture of the arch as we whiz by...

Fueling up in New Mexico:

Looks like we made it to the Jackalope Freedom Festival in Baca Meadows, AZ!:

Wild horses wandering thru camp:

Making some signs to post around camp:

Washing the LOVE Bus:

LOVE Bus parked outside of June's Cafe in Heber to do interviews with locals, Jackalope attendees, etc...

Shows with some folks from Jackalope Freedom Festival:

L to R: Thomas Freedman (Pirate Box; IPFS), Bob Anderson, Danny Sessoms (Manure0, The Crypto Show), Kristie Austin - refurbished an old MCI bus, Doug Hodges (Phoenix Crypto):

Monthly Public Meeting of Heber-Overgaard Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, August 10th, at 5 pm at the Senior Citizens Center in Overgaard; 2171 B St, Overgaard, AZ 85933 ( - across the highway from the Overgaard Market. Ernest, Donna and Doug Hodges (Phoenix Crypto) attend and give presentations:

Ernest doing a show from a local park in Heber - only place with decent enough internet that we could stream the show!

Colin Gibson brings his bus to Jackalope (from Maine):

Matt Lunati (Physicist; Radio/Television RF Engineer) and Rachel Vallone (White Mountain Alliance) on ham radio, shortwave radio, communications, amateur radio operations, equipment, etc...

Ernest interviews Colin from New Hampshire:

Home Grown Food