US/NATO Aggression Against Russia: Prelude to WW III

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US/NATO Aggression Against Russia: Prelude to WW III

by Stephen Lendman

Arguably it already began.

WW I and II began years before they went global.

Things are proceeding in similar fashion today.

US war against Russia has been escalating incrementally for years.

The decision by US/NATO regimes to supply Ukrainian Nazis with tanks greatly increased the likelihood of global war by the empire of lies and its NATO vassals against nonthreatening Russia.

On Friday, Pentagon spokeswoman, Sabrina Singh, said US-dominated NATO regimes do not intend to exclude any weapon systems from supplies to Ukraine.

"We're not going to take anything off the table," she said — while maintaining the fiction that US/NATO "support for Ukrain(ian) (Nazis isn't an) escalation at all (sic)."

Sergey Lavrov explained that the empire of lies and its NATO vassals crossed the line from hybrid to direct war on Russia.

Separately, he stressed that US-dominated NATO is using Nazi-infested Ukraine as an "instrument" in pursuit of "domination in all regions."

And this reality check by Russia's Deputy UN envoy, Dmitry Polyansky, saying:

US/NATO is "wag(ing) war against our country."

"Reflections about red lines are now in the past."

"The (empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies) unequivocally declared its intention to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia."

"It is impossible not to notice this reality."

On Thursday, Russia's deputy OSCE representative, Maxim Buyakevich, said the following:

Hegemon USA and its "NATO client (regimes) deliberate(ly) escalate(d) military confrontation in Ukraine."

They "provok(ed) the regime into military action against the Russian population using Western heavy weapons and NATO intelligence."

What's been going on since 2014 "is a direct path to a full-blown military conflict in Europe" — what the US/West cannot win, but "definitely stands to lose."

While US/NATO tanks won't arrive in Ukraine for weeks or longer, "the decision marked a sharp reversal for the" empire of lies and its war-making alliance vassals.

"Their masks have long been thrown off."

"They are no longer embarrassed to say directly that this is not at all about the struggle for some kind of Ukrainian statehood, but about the promotion of the 'rules-based world order' being formed by the (US-dominated) West."

Russia's Defense Ministry vowed to destroy all US/NATO weapons sent to Ukrainian Nazis.

Moscow's envoy to Germany, Sergei Nechayev, warned that the hostile move to supply tanks "takes conflict to a new level of confrontation."

It escalates things toward global war, what most likely already began and with it the heightened risk of the world's dominant nuclear powers doing whatever it takes to win.

Ukrainian Nazis are pushing US/NATO regimes to supply them with warplanes and Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACAMS), what are able to target Russian sites deep into its territory.

They expect to get whatever weapons they ask US/NATO regimes to supply.

On Thursday, Politico reported the following:

"Discussions are underway (between Ukrainian Nazis and US/Western military officials) about supplying" the regime with warplanes.

Russia controls Ukrainian airspace.

If hostile aircraft enter it, Russia will target and destroy them.

That may not be reality enough to deter US/NATO regimes from sending and most likely operating them with their own pilots because Ukrainians aren't trained to do it on their own.

The empire of lies and its NATO vassals have been escalating things toward WW III by supplying Ukrainian Nazis with most all weapons requested.

The decision to supply tanks was the latest shoe to drop.

Will warplanes follow?

Is WW III inevitable?

Did it already begin?

Will it go nuclear?

Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

WW III with nukes would be the ultimate example of madness in high places.

Yet that's where things are heading.

And the madness of going this far most likely already began, a rubicon of no return crossed.

A Final Comment

Virtually defeated by superior Russian tactics and firepower, Ukrainian Nazis are desperate.

According to Southfront, "the situation (in Kiev) moved to a new level of irrationality."

Teenaged-adolescents, middle-aged men and others "of all ages are being kidnapped from streets of Ukrainian cities and villages" for frontline cannon fodder duty.

Any and all warm bodies are at risk of forced conscription — at a time when the US-installed regime and its military are close to collapse.

At the same time, US/NATO military personnel are orchestrating, directing and operating sophisticated weapons sent to the regime because Ukrainians aren't trained to do it on their own.

US/NATO tanks and forcibly recruited conscripts are to be part of a planned spring offensive by Ukrainian Nazis — what Russia will smash like all other attempted ones.

The chance of their ability to breach sophisticated Russian defenses is virtually zero.

Tens of thousands more Ukrainian troops will die or be maimed in vain.

Southfront stressed it, saying:

"(T)ens of thousands of Ukrainian men are doomed to die in the coming months in the interests of global capital."

"And then…the exchange of nuclear strikes is likely to follow…" 

"World War Three has begun. It is already an obvious fact."