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Now Is The Time! "Armor Yourself Against the Predator State!"

Written by Subject: Charles Goyette Show Archive
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Lew Rockwell:  "Against the destitution at our doorstep, governing classes will set wage and price controls, ration goods and services, institute death panels, militarize everything, remove the last little privacy people have, confiscate gold and silver, suppress alternatives to their worthless fiat, escalate their programs of identity theft and blackmail, further dumb us down by mainstream state propaganda media and public education warehouses, and torture ordinary citizens while they pretend that America is still God-chosen. This will be history repeating itself. Thus, in the face of these horrific crises, a remnant will have protected themselves and will survive by arranging to hold and hide physical gold and silver and by arming themselves through studies of Goyette's book, The Dollar Meltdown, and Murray Rothbard's works, with deeper understanding of this grim pattern."